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hi I'm Carl azuz for CNN 10 in the US
state of California students at mount
common one
they live near Los Angeles two they've
evacuated because of wildfires the one
mandatory evacuations were issued
immediately but this is just for one
fire two other major fires are burning
literally Fanning the flames ablaze
it was mostly contained meaning blocked
off as of last night but that wasn't the
San Francisco Bay Area that one forced
in California's largest utility company
Northern California it's trying to keep
Pacific Gas and Electric says another
California's fire season is often
across the state the Santa Ana winds
and can be at their worst in October the
worst in October the New York Times
the previous two years but that's little
flare up this is speed and which of
hour when we were talking this whole
engulfed in flames you see at this point
here it's moving west southwest you can
vegetation and again there are homes
as well one of the other things that
over the course of the past hour we
these fires and just within the past 20
this is a fire that started 4:30 a.m.
balloon to more than 500 acres and based
ten-second trivia a recession is said to
occur when gross domestic product
straits for two consecutive what years
monks quarters or weeks
generally a shrinking GDP for two
quarters in a row constitutes a
recession the one could be called for a
different time period doesn't seem like
ongoing protests in Hong Kong are gonna
stop anytime soon
but they have put the brakes on the
city's economy it's believed to be on
the brink of an official recession the
demonstrators have been calling for more
democracy and speaking out against the
government in this special
administrative region of China the local
government has met one of their demands
but they've made five of them and though
there's division in Hong Kong over
whether to support the ongoing protests
their effects are being felt throughout
the city Hong Kong is headed for
recession five months of mass
demonstrations sometimes in popular
tourist areas often ending in violence
are taking a toll on the city's economy
the government here saying it expects to
report negative growth for the third
quarter on Thursday that would be the
second consecutive quarter of economic
decline which means Hong Kong is in a
technical recession Hong Kong had
already been hit with a one-two punch of
the us-china trade war and China's
slowing economic growth a political
crisis that hurts tourism and retail
industries isn't helping scenes of
violence and tear gas have scared off
tourists the number of visitors to Hong
Kong fell nearly 40 percent in the third
quarter over the previous year and
hotels are on average only 2/3 full some
protesters have targeted shops and
restaurants they view as unsympathetic
to their cause smashing windows and
spraying graffiti storefronts leaving
employees to clean up the mess and some
shops have had to close early simply
because workers need to get home
Hong Kong subway has been operating on
reduced hours to repair damage caused by
protesters Hong Kong government expected
to report official estimates for GDP on
Thursday Charice Pham CNN Hong Kong well
events in Hong Kong are hurting tourism
there chinese planners are hoping a new
airport will help increase visits to the
mainland just before 8 o'clock on sunday
morning a flight took off from dachang
international near the Chinese capital
and it headed for Bangkok Thailand it
was the very first international flight
from the new airport dachang
International has been nicknamed the
starfish for its unique design it has
five concourses connected to a main hall
it was built because the city's other
international airport Beijing Capital is
the second busiest aviation hub on the
planet and it was hitting full capacity
the new hub will give travelers another
gateway in and out of China there's a
peaceful serenity to this space nice
little walkway that takes you over a koi
pond not will you think about when you
think about the chaos that often comes
with air travel this is one of five what
they're calling China gardens at the
brand-new Beijing Beijing Airport it's
just opened up to the public and it's
the high-tech features that everyone is
really talking about so let's take you
inside show you them this is the
international concourse it's one of five
concourse --is that they have here and
what really you feel as soon as you step
into dachang is the sleek modern design
this was done by the late architect Zaha
Hadid but what officials are really
touting about this Airport is the
technology as soon as you walk in right
when you're checking in you're back
facial recognition starts it continues
as you're walking through security
security that they say is a lot quicker
and more efficient because of
nology they didn't go to too much detail
about that but the facial recognition
technology continues as you're in ready
to bore it at your gait
they've got screens that are taking in
your image and they continue all the way
up until you go through and board your
plane one of the big takeaways of
dachang is the size it is massive they
estimate 97 soccer pitches or about a
hundred American football fields if you
will could fit inside so when you think
about the size of an airport you think
about getting around right that's always
a challenge especially if you have say
arrived here at e85 and you've got to
get to another concourse the argument is
that because it's this starfish shape
that essentially you can go from one
tentacle and get to the main center they
argue in about eight minutes time that's
what they say it'll take on average so
they they say this is really gonna be a
time saver ultimately but overall it's
this newness that you feel this
high-tech surrounding and that's
something that they say continues even
on the runway the officials here say
they have a sensor system that can
detect 2 centimeters of an object of
debris that might be on the runway and
they can then zoom in with multiple
cameras to see where exactly it's
located so high tech is all over this
place all of this coinciding with the
70th anniversary of the founding of
communist China in fact to inaugurate
this new airport President Xi Jinping
himself was here he had a crowd that was
gathered of dignitaries a lot of airport
officials as they began this new chapter
and air travel right here in Beijing
ultimately Beijing is expected to have
the most number of air travelers and
passengers coming through this city than
anywhere else in the world David Culver
CNN Beijing
sure there are a lot of satellites but
it's not like they just fall out of the
sky here's what a couple in Michigan
founded their yard last weekend it
appears to be Samsung's space selfie
satellite a stunt that was intended to
allow people to get their face in space
it was also intended to be up there
until the end of the month but Samsung
says weather conditions resulted in a
quote early soft landing the Michigan
couple was thankful their horses weren't
out and that it didn't hit their house
and they said the satellite smartphone
was still working so at least that's not
a total piece of space junk also it
survived the drop out of the sky test
after a not-so satellite landing it
could have been in orbits and pieces and
at least they know where it came from so
they didn't have to investigate them
selfies I'm Carl azuz and that CNN 10
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CNN 10 - October 29, 2019

371 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on October 31, 2019
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