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Don't let a flight delay ruin your holiday.
Get familiar with your consumer rights as you may be able to claim compensation if you find yourself stuck at departures.
If your flight is departing from an EU Airport or is on an EU based airline, the denied boarding regulation means you're entitled to free assistance if your flight is due to arrive at its destination more than two hours late.
This includes phone calls and free meals and drinks as appropriate to the delay.
You're also entitled to free accommodation and airport transfers if you have to wait overnight.
For delays of three hours, you'll get free assistance plus up to 400 euros in compensation, as long as the delay wasn't caused by extraordinary circumstances.
If you're four hours later or more, you could claim as much as 600 euros compensation plus free assistance.
If you reach the five hour mark, you're then entitled to be re-routed on a different flight or refunded.
We're asking the government to make sure these rights continue post-Brexit.
So, when the departures noticeboard gives you grief, take a deep breath and explore your options.
To find out how much you can claim, check out our flight delay calculator tool.
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How to claim compensation for flight delays

2190 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on October 30, 2019
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