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- What were you saying earlier about your buddy
Martin Freeman being the only good part of "Black Panther"?
- What?
- It's just a weird thing to say to someone you just met.
- But I didn't say that.
- Good, hi, welcome to another edition
of "Between Two Ferns."
I'm your host Zach Galifianakis, and my guest today is
Benedick Cumberbutt, batch.
Benedict, Benedict Cumberbun, yep.
Benedict Hem, Benefit Lumberjacks.
Cumber, Cumber, ah.
- Benedict Cumberbatch.
- That's what it is. - Yep.
- You once said you're your own worst critic.
So you haven't read any of your reviews?
- No, I never, try not to.
- Has there ever been anything negative written about you?
- Oh yeah, "a horse-faced, wooden..."
- I see that, now that you say that, yes,
that I do see. - Yeah.
- You got your start doing theater and independent films.
- I did.
- And now you're acting in Marvel movies.
How good does it feel to sell out?
- I don't think it's a sellout.
I think they're pretty cool films.
There's a lot for an actor to do in them,
so-- - Do you wear a cape?
- No, I wear a cloak.
- Do you think you play smart characters
like Sherlock Holmes because you have a,
well you have one of these, you know, these faces.
Can we, is there a, let's just get a close-up here.
It's a face that can go either way.
It can use inductive reasoning to solve mysteries,
or it's the type of face
that masturbates all day wearing a helmet; it's a fine line.
You played Vincent van Gogh in a movie.
- I did, yes.
- This is Vincent van Gogh answering his cell phone.
"Hello, (sighs) hello?"
- That's funny, isn't it, yeah, I get it, yeah.
It's anachronistic and couldn't have happened
and it's hilarious.
- If you didn't have an accent,
do you think people would be able to tell
that you're not a very good actor?
- Yeah, no, I think my accent probably does help
that's, that's true. - No shit, Sherlock.
(Benedict grumbles)
You've never heard that, right?
(Benedict grumbles)
You do get it? - Yeah, yeah,
I think I got it.
- Could you repeat it and laugh?
- No.
- Can you do an American accent?
- Yes, I can.
- Um, okay, maybe I'll give you a few words?
- Sure. - That's a nice bicycle
you have there, my young son.
- Well, that's a nice bicycle you have there, my young son.
- Pervert, get away from me.
- Pervert, get away from me.
- No, that's me responding. - No, that's me responding.
- Why do Brits love the word (bleep) cunt so much?
I'm supposed to push that during cunt.
Why do you think that Brits (bleep)
love the word (bleep) cunt so much?
I was trying to, why do, why do they?
It doesn't have the same um...
- Meaning? - Yeah, that.
Here it means elevator.
- Right, I'm gonna get a cunt to the top floor?
- Yeah. - Right.
Can you hold the door of the cunt for me?
- Yeah.
- You going down in that cunt or?
- I think I'm right about that.
You have a rabid fan base and it's--
- A what? - You have a rabid--
- I thought you said rabbit, sorry.
- What, I said rabid. - It's just vowels with you.
So I can't sometimes understand what you're saying.
- All right, I'll say rabbit, you have a rabbit fan base.
Is that what you want me to say?
- Deh, deh, deh. - You have a fan base
full of rabbits. - Rabid.
- Do they fuck a lot while they come see your plays?
Are the rabbits always having sex in the audience
while, while, like-- - Unbelievable.
- Are you good friends with the Easter bunny?
Do you know Bugs?
This went, it went off the rails, quick,
because I don't know if there's a cultural thing here.
- I don't think so, I have friends
who are Americans-- - The fact that you people
keep coming over to our country
and acting like you can control us
and tell us what kind of country we should be
and to obey the Queen, we're tired of it.
- Where, what century are you coming from?
What is this? (Zach sighs)
You've got some really deep-seated
rage in you. - It's not rage!
- It's historical, it's not even now.
What do you, the Queen-- - It's generational--
- Generational. - It's generational,
and you can ask any American here.
They feel the same way that I do.
We left your country to form this country.
And this country's doin' really well now.
- [Benadryl] Yeah, you're on fire.
- I gotta tell you, sometimes I get a little bit miffed
by the types of people that I have to interview,
uh, come in with an attitude as if they're better than.
- I have come in here with no attitude at all.
You told me I'm a colonial bastard--
- You're a colonist! - Yeah, no, I'm like--
- Look at your mustache, I mean,
you look like a colonist.
- Coming from the Yeti, what the fuck?
- Now you're calling me a Yeti.
- Your face is covered in hair.
- Now you're insulting the Greeks.
- Get off your fucking trip. - I don't have a trip.
You walked-- - You do,
you're saying my facial hair means I'm a fascist.
- I said colonist, you're the one that's saying fascist.
If you wanna go that way,
if you'd rather be called a fascist, fine.
- No.
- If you wanna be a fascist, your mustache could be,
use a little trimming. - Yeah, you're, yeah.
- You know what I mean?
On this side and this side.
Right here. - Sure, man, sure.
- I'd like to thank my guest uh,
Beneditch Cabbage, Bene ditch Cabba, Cumberbatch.
- Take this off. - Thank you for coming out.
Wait, I'm not, I'm not done.
Hey, hey!
What a cunt (bleep) shit.
"Between Two Ferns: The Movie,"
it's streaming now on Netflix.
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Benedict Cumberbatch: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis | Netflix Is A Joke

44 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 28, 2019
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