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The People's Republic of China
is the latest stop on the world tour
Shanghai is where we hold the penultimate round
of the FIA World Endurance Championship
With a population of 23 million
the people in Shanghai are fairly new to motorsport
The circuit only opened here in 2004
and now embracing endurance racing
With a win at the washed-out Fuji event
Toyota are back this time to prove they can take have fair race this year
against the dominant Audi team
The underdogs are very much appreciated here in China
The Shanghai circuit is highly impressive
as indeed was the crowd here for the second last round of the season
In practice Toyota showed they could put on a strong show
with car #7 of Nicolas Lapierre taking pole position
ahead of the Audi #1 of Lotterer
followed by the #8 Toyota of Anthony Davidson
but no one thinks it's going to be easy
"We did a good Quali, especially car #7 in pole position"
"And it will be a very big fight with Audi"
"And a big battle in the forecast"
As the packs gets off to a clean start
Lapierre leads them through the first corners
and starts to dig a gap in the very first stages of the running
Before the end of the first lap
he's already several car lengths ahead of the Audi
Then, it's time for Davidson to go on the attack
as the Audis are taking their turn at being dominated by the Toyotas
for the first time this season
It's tooth-and-nail with Davidson looking for a chance to get through
and in an incredible fight he finally gets past on the inside
But it's not all clear sailing as getting through the traffic
He's elbowed off to the side by an LMP2 car
The abrasive track means the cars have to pit more often than usual
for tyre changes
meaning several changes of position in the early stages
The two Toyotas take more than a full laps lead
before disaster strikes the leading car #8
Davidson Team Radio "I have something wrong with the car"
"There's something... The suspension is broken"
"Something's broken on the car"
Davidson is forced to retire with a broken front suspension
"Yeah, I could feel just something was severely wrong with the car"
"way more than just a puncture"
"I wondered if it was a disc failure or something and it punctured the tyre"
"But it's moments like this when you're a racing driver"
"That it feels all for nothing..."
Louise: "Apparently #7's just had a spin"
Davidson: "Well they're on maximum attack now I guess"
"So sometimes it's not meant to be"
In the closing stages
the #1 Audi is able to catch back up lap by lap
And in a battle right to the end
it's the Audi that takes the race just 15 seconds ahead of the Toyota
a third place for the #2 Audi is enough to earn them
the Drivers Championship
Wurz: "Unfortunately in the end of the race"
"actually we ran out of tyres with the punctures we had"
"so we had to go to the 'wrong' compound"
"which still lasted acceptable but not fast enough"
"So we were losing too much time"
"Um... and it makes me a bit grumpy"
In a highly contested race
Toyota proved to be very tough contenders
highly worthy of their place on the podium
as congratulations go to the Championship winners
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TOYOTA Racing - 6 Hours of Shanghai Highlights, FIA WEC 2013

2344 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on November 17, 2013
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