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  • The best female Idol faces, No.1

  • Is Irene of Red Velvet!

  • She even has a face for good fortune?

  • She debuted with eye catching pink hair

  • And became the 'pretty in pink' member of Red Velvet

  • And her beauty made her the center of attention all this time

  • Chinese fans often call her Taoist fairy unnie

  • Irene, thank you for visiting the land of mere mortals

  • Her beauty is out of this world

  • She's the Idol that most plastic surgery patients aspire to look like

  • Oppa!

  • What game are you gonna play with me?

  • We'll probably faint before the game even begins!

  • She's beautiful, of course

  • But she also has a face for good fortune

  • She has it all

  • She has very precious eyes

  • The front and the back of her eyes are pointed

  • But the center of her eyes are round, and she has long eyes

  • She has 'gongjak-an' which means the eye of a peacock

  • People with this type of eyes

  • Are always the center of attention, no matter where they go

  • They are beloved

  • And treasured

  • The class of the best female Idol face No.1

  • She has long and beautiful eyebrows

  • Which makes her popular, she's always surrounded by others

  • She has an oval shaped face

  • And has prominent facial features

  • She has a 'golden' face

  • And people with 'golden' faces

  • Always have someone to help them

  • She was meant to succeed

  • Her eyes, nose, lips and skin

  • Everything about her face is sophisticated

  • Everyone falls in love with her, she instantly becomes popular

  • She's so perfect like CGI

  • How is that even possible?

  • If beauty was a sin, she'll be locked up forever

  • A fan brought her a bunny hat

  • It looks amazing on her

  • After her photos were posted on the internet

  • Other Idol fans bought the same hat for their biases

  • She's powerful, don't you agree?!

  • She would've succeeded without any effort

  • That's why she's No.1

  • No one can compete with that

  • - Really? - Unrivaled!

  • She doesn't even have to try

  • Even if she doesn't do or say anything

  • She becomes the center of attention

  • The moment she stood in front of a camera

  • She was bound to succeed

  • She has the face for it

  • If she doesn't alter anything, she'll be a celebrity forever

  • (You can't do better than that) - The best!

  • She would've succeeded no matter what

  • What is it like to live with a face like that?

  • Exactly how successful will she be?

  • The best female Idol faces, No.1 was Irene!

The best female Idol faces, No.1

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