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Dan Riccio: Introducing iPhone 11 Pro.
Every detail has been used as an opportunity
to set new standards in design, quality, and engineering,
ensuring it will deliver uncompromising performance
in any situation.
At the core of the iPhone 11 Pro design
is a stainless steel structural band
and a three-dimensional glass back
made from the toughest glass in a smartphone.
It's sculpted from a single solid sheet,
reinforced down to the atomic level,
and then brought to life in one of four textured matte finishes.
♪ Music playing ♪
The enclosure is designed
to withstand what life can throw at it. 00:00:50.583 --> 00:00:52.685 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪
Rigorous testing and refining have helped create
a durable dust- and water-resistant iPhone. 00:00:59.358 --> 00:01:04.130 line:0% [WATER TRICKLING]
The Apple-designed A13 Bionic chip
is the most ambitious to date.
It's the fastest chip ever in a smartphone
yet more efficient than ever. 00:01:13.606 --> 00:01:15.208 line:0% And with new optimized batteries 00:01:15.241 --> 00:01:17.743 line:0% that give you up to five extra hours in your day,
you get more pro performance in an iPhone
for longer than ever. 00:01:21.180 --> 00:01:24.984 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪
The triple-camera system
combines cutting-edge technology
with the extraordinary ease of iPhone.
The redesigned camera interface complements the new hardware
with a more immersive and intuitive experience.
and new ultra wide cameras. 00:01:43.702 --> 00:01:44.904 line:0% [CAMERA SHUTTERS] 00:01:44.937 --> 00:01:47.406 line:0% You can now view four times more scene 00:01:47.439 --> 00:01:50.543 line:0% in your photos and videos with the ultra wide. 00:01:50.576 --> 00:01:52.345 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪ 00:01:52.378 --> 00:01:54.814 line:0% All-new Night Mode allows you to capture images 00:01:54.847 --> 00:01:57.116 line:0% never before possible on an iPhone 00:01:57.149 --> 00:01:59.585 line:0% in drastically lower light.
The highest-quality video in a smartphone is now even better.
With extended dynamic range now at 4K at 60 fps,
you can record pro-quality video
at twice as many frames per second.
Editing tools previously reserved for photos
now make editing your videos a pro-level experience.
Perfect and then play back your footage
on the new Super Retina XDR display
that has the highest pixel density of any Apple device.
Privacy is built into every iPhone from the ground up,
from iOS 13 to Face ID,
the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone,
which now works from greater angles and is even faster.
This new line of iPhone has been pushed to extremes
like never before,
ensuring that each part
is worthy of the name
iPhone 11 Pro. 00:02:50.536 --> 00:02:52.839 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪
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Introducing iPhone 11 Pro — Apple

92 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 11, 2019
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