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  • Dan Riccio: Introducing iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Every detail has been used as an opportunity

  • to set new standards in design, quality, and engineering,

  • ensuring it will deliver uncompromising performance

  • in any situation.

  • At the core of the iPhone 11 Pro design

  • is a stainless steel structural band

  • and a three-dimensional glass back

  • made from the toughest glass in a smartphone.

  • It's sculpted from a single solid sheet,

  • reinforced down to the atomic level,

  • and then brought to life in one of four textured matte finishes.

  • Music playing

  • The enclosure is designed

  • to withstand what life can throw at it. 00:00:50.583 --> 00:00:52.685 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪

  • Rigorous testing and refining have helped create

  • a durable dust- and water-resistant iPhone. 00:00:59.358 --> 00:01:04.130 line:0% [WATER TRICKLING]

  • The Apple-designed A13 Bionic chip

  • is the most ambitious to date.

  • It's the fastest chip ever in a smartphone

  • yet more efficient than ever. 00:01:13.606 --> 00:01:15.208 line:0% And with new optimized batteries 00:01:15.241 --> 00:01:17.743 line:0% that give you up to five extra hours in your day,

  • you get more pro performance in an iPhone

  • for longer than ever. 00:01:21.180 --> 00:01:24.984 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪

  • The triple-camera system

  • combines cutting-edge technology

  • with the extraordinary ease of iPhone.

  • The redesigned camera interface complements the new hardware

  • with a more immersive and intuitive experience.

  • Telephoto,

  • wide,

  • and new ultra wide cameras. 00:01:43.702 --> 00:01:44.904 line:0% [CAMERA SHUTTERS] 00:01:44.937 --> 00:01:47.406 line:0% You can now view four times more scene 00:01:47.439 --> 00:01:50.543 line:0% in your photos and videos with the ultra wide. 00:01:50.576 --> 00:01:52.345 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪ 00:01:52.378 --> 00:01:54.814 line:0% All-new Night Mode allows you to capture images 00:01:54.847 --> 00:01:57.116 line:0% never before possible on an iPhone 00:01:57.149 --> 00:01:59.585 line:0% in drastically lower light.

  • The highest-quality video in a smartphone is now even better.

  • With extended dynamic range now at 4K at 60 fps,

  • you can record pro-quality video

  • at twice as many frames per second.

  • Editing tools previously reserved for photos

  • now make editing your videos a pro-level experience.

  • Perfect and then play back your footage

  • on the new Super Retina XDR display

  • that has the highest pixel density of any Apple device.

  • Privacy is built into every iPhone from the ground up,

  • from iOS 13 to Face ID,

  • the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone,

  • which now works from greater angles and is even faster.

  • This new line of iPhone has been pushed to extremes

  • like never before,

  • ensuring that each part

  • is worthy of the name

  • iPhone 11 Pro. 00:02:50.536 --> 00:02:52.839 align:start size:3% position:97% line:0% ♪


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Introducing iPhone 11 Pro — Apple

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    林宜悉 posted on 2019/10/10
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