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On September 20th, Kiribati became the seventh country to cut off diplomatic relations with Taiwan since president Tsai's election.
Four days prior, the Solomon Islands did the same.
These decisions to normalize relations with Beijing by Taiwan's largest Pacific partners may convince Taipei's three remaining Pacific allies to reconsider their positions.
Poaching Taiwan's allies helps China isolate the island, which could aid in its so-called reunification efforts.
China leverages trade and promises future investment to convince countries to switch their recognition.
China was the Solomon Islands biggest trade partner, and allegedly promised them five hundred million dollars in financial aid.
China also promised Kiribati full funding for its airplanes and commercial ferries.
Taiwan is at risk of losing more of their partners because they just can't compete with Chinese aid and trade.
Moreover, the United States is reducing aid to some of Taiwan's remaining allies.
Congress and the White House are considering a strategy that would punish countries for abandoning Taiwan, but it would be more effective to offer benefits to those that decided to support Taipei.
Do you think the United States should help Taiwan keep its allies?
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How China is isolating Taiwan | IN 60 SECONDS

3340 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on October 8, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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