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♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
- ""
- "Eat to grow longer." So is it like Snake,
but like an adorable snake, 'cause that thing in the corner
looks adorable.
I want to see a Pixar movie starring it.
- I think this is kinda like, but I think you're a snake.
- In, you weren't allowed to attack
the people who were bigger than you.
In, you can.
- Oh my god! I play this game so often!
My mom tries to keep me from playing it when I'm doing homework.
I'm supposed to be doing homework.
- (Megan) We're going to have you play a bunch of rounds
and see if you can make it onto the leaderboard.
- I'm just going to be confident and be like, "I'm gonna try."
I doubt I'll get on that leaderboard, but I'll try.
- I'm down. Okay. Let's play.
- I swear to god, I'll get on the leaderboard.
- (Megan) So to get started, just type in a nickname.
- A nickname, okay.
Like, any nickname? It could be anything?
Team Slytherin, so you know-- it's my house.
It's my Harry Potter house.
- "Salazar Slytherio."
- "Wilson" is back!
- "Anna the Destroyer," 'cause I'm gonna destroy you.
- "Toriiiiii" with multiple I's 'cause it's more excited.
It's like (excitedly) "Toriiiii!"
- All right, KANYE 2020 will be on the leaderboard.
- Aw, I'm such a cute little worm.
- Okay. Oh, dang, this is so cute!
- Okay, eat the dots.
I like this so far. It's pretty easy.
- It feels real simple. I haven't killed anyone yet.
- I'm just eatin'. (chuckles)
(gasps) He tried to attack me.
Oh! Well, that was a fail. (chuckles)
- I love how this looks like a worm and not a snake.
- Okay. No, no, no, no, no! Oh my god! How is he going fast?
- When you hold down on the mouse, you go FAST.
(pressing key)
- Okay, so spacebar makes you go faster.
I think that if you press spacebar you also lose points as well.
- Does that, like, take away my score? - (Megan) Yeah.
- Oh, well, then I don't know why people would speed boost.
- Shoot, I need to find an isolated one. (playfully) Come here, Congo.
I'm not gonna-- (gasps) NO!
Okay, so I can't touch them because I die.
So I need to somehow trap them without touching them?
Okay, we're gonna do this.
I want to see myself on at least number ten.
- I'm fast. I got fast reflexes.
Oh my gosh. No, no, no, no, no, no.
I died!
- You can find a place where there's a bunch of snakes.
Oh my gosh, that guy almost ran into me. I wish.
If he dies, then he'll burst and I can eat him.
Oh! Look at that!
I was too competitive.
I want to get at least 10,000.
I'm shooting for the stars here.
- Little boy, leave.
(sharp gasp) What?!
OH, YES! Thank you, my friend. They killed him.
It's okay. The person that killed me died, so...
- That thing has one eye. Jeez!
Am I froze? Did I break it?
What, no!
I took my hand off the mouse,
and you never take your hand off the mouse.
- Oh, someone just died. A bunch of free dots for me.
I think I'm doing pretty good, up to-- oh my god!
I look at my score and I didn't see him. That's so annoying!
- It's so simple.
You just eat and grow.
It's like what I do in real life though.
(pressing key)
- Let's go!
Let's gooooo!
Double kill! Fight me!
- Free dots.
(anxiously) Oh.
Ooh. OOOOH my god!
He tried to get me, so I snaked him right back.
I'm so happy about that.
Oh, okay. Well... (chuckles) I got a little excited there.
- Ooh! Okay. We found some. There's the glowy things.
Someone died here, so I'm gonna pick up all the remains now.
Yes. Yes. We're getting big.
- Oh, got you. You're out.
Got you. You're out.
Got you.
Let's... goooo!
- Look at all those dots.
(rapidly) No! No, no, no, no, no!
Go. (squealing) No, no!
Oh, wait. I killed him, yes.
I feel good. No. I killed it.
- Oh my god, he's so long! What?
(chuckles) I'm waiting until I can go past and get those.
Jesus Christ!
OH! Oh my god, there's so many!
(chuckles) Oh, and that guy too?
I'm getting too hyped right now.
Oh! Oh my god, no!
I think I'm screwed. I think I'm actually screwed.
No! No-ho! That's so cheap.
(groans) Okay.
Wow. There was no way out of that.
- I'm longer than them, but how can I use it as my advantage?
I'm wondering if you trap them,
and then they have no choice but to-- they're stuck there,
so maybe that's what gives me points.
Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah-ha-ha!
What are you gonna do? Yes, that's exactly what you're gonna do.
- When one comes, okay, run into me.
Yes, I did it, okay.
It feels bad to be a murderer, but not so bad 'cause I don't like snakes.
- ♪ Stayin' alive, stayin' alive ♪
♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm ♪
I'm killing everybody on this server right now.
NOOOO!, you know, if you're the biggest one,
you're basically gonna win automatically.
But when it comes to this, anyone can die, at any given moment,
and any time.
- And now I'm just-- ooh. That was really close.
I can't take my eyes away.
(gasps) Ooh!
I'm so slow.
- But everyone's bigger than me.
This is like elementary school all over again.
Also high school all over again.
- (deep gasp) YES! Okay, this guy just died.
Give me everything.
Shoot. Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh, yay! Oh my god! Two of them just died.
- Oof. Ooh, he died.
Oh my god! Everyone's dying.
This is Game of Thrones.
Ooh, ooh, OOH, I got him!
This is getting me-- wow, that was close.
This is getting-- NO! (slams desk)
Every time! I'm getting so into it.
(squealing) No, no, no, no, no!
No. Go, go, go.
(presses key) NO! Dang it.
Fricking red, white, and blue snake.
I need to stop being so nice, like, "Oh, let them play their game."
You know, I need to get on that leaderboard.
- Okay, so "I AM HUNGRY" has 25,000,
so I just need to do 25 times better than what I did last time.
- Hey, I'm playing with JackSepticEye!
I mean, if it is him.
- "I slither into her Dms." That's hilarious.
Props for that right there. That's funny.
- "1-800-Deez-Nuts." It's... it's a pretty good one.
- (gasps) YES! Oh my gosh.
No! These guys are good.
- It's funny to imagine though, every time you kill someone,
there's probably another kid on the other side cursing at you.
- Maybe I can trap all of these.
Oh, noooooo!
(prolonged gasp)
That's the least satisfying part of this game,
is that you start all over again because then it's like,
"Wow, I worked all that for nothing."
- All right, I'm determined.
I need to go kill some people. It'll help me grow faster.
- (gasps) Look at that.
Okay, where? I gotta go slow because they're gonna try to eat me.
- Ha! Ha!
All right, I just need to do that ten more times
and then I can get on the leaderboard.
- I think a big one just died because there's so--
oh my god, I'm in heaven right now.
(tapping key)
- Got 'em. Let's go. Wilson is back!
- Oh-- oh shoot! I killed two at once.
I'm such a player.
- Come here, come here, come here.
Yeah! I'm likin' it.
- Come on.
No, no, no, no, no! (grunts)
- I'm getting so big!
Okay, how much bigger do I have to get to get on the leaderboard
because I'm getting really big now.
- Okay, I'm at 6,000.
And, let's see, the leaderboard starts at 11,000,
So I just gotta be scared of all these really aggressive snakes.
- That's actually kind of difficult when you have
a bunch of erratic snakes everywhere, trying to kill you.
- I might stick up for the little guy right here.
I don't know if I'm long enough though.
Oh, I am!
Oh! Oh my god!
I thought I was-- there, I saved you. I saved you.
Now get outta here!
- Yes. Okay, 16. 15-- I'm 15 now.
(gasps) Okay.
- No! No. Oh, I was almost at 1,000.
- This is gonna end badly. NO!
(snaps fingers)
I just wanted to win.
(tapping key)
- Whoa! It was worth it.
- (squeaks) Okay, that scared me.
There was a small snake heading right at my face.
And I'm on the leaderboard! I'm number nine.
- Anything could happen now and I'm not even-- I'm 12.
I'm 12 now. All I want is top ten and I'll be super satisfied.
- Wilson is the best.
First, now
Oh, got my next victim.
NO! (sucks air through teeth)
- I'm already up to 4,000.
No, nooooo! Oh my god!
(laughing) This game! This game.
- I feel like all these people are targeting me now,
and they just need to leave me alone.
Damn, this is so stressful! No, stop! (gasps)
(shrilly) Oh my god! How do I go past him?!
Noooooo! Bastards! I am so mad. I was at 12.
I was at 12!
I was almost on the leaderboard!
- I have a red snake in there.
So the red snake, he's gonna try eating that, but that's okay.
Oh, shoot!
The fall of an empire. I deserved it.
I'm sure, for someone who's never played it, it's really good.
But I strive for excellence.
- I think that's definitely more fun than
- I actually prefered this one a little bit more over
There's more strategy and you're cool, colorful snakes
instead of colorful cells.
- It's even better when you're playing against other people
instead of just a computer generated villain.
- I have an addiction, man, and I want to get on the top ten!
If you guys ever see Salazar Slitherio in the top ten,
you'll know who it is.
- Thanks for watching us play here on the React channel.
- Want more Gaming episodes? Then hit that Like button.
- What other games are you hungry for? Put them in the comments.
- Subscribe! New gaming episodes every week.
- Bye, guys. I'm gonna slither away.
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
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587 Folder Collection
陳冠豪 published on September 24, 2019
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