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Hello, everybody.
I'm Kalen Allen-- your trusted food critic.
And today, I'm going to try different food pairings
but with a little twist.
This wheel you see right here is going
to determine what food combination I'll be tasting
It's time for the Wheel of Fate, baby.
All right, so here we have the foods written out.
So we got barbecue sauce--
I like that-- Mac and cheese, pickles--
I do not like pickles.
Oh, I really gotten myself into something.
All righty then, let's spin.
Mayonnaise, OK.
OK, maybe if I spin it the opposite direction,
see what that goes to.
I'm not eating no soda and mayonnaise.
Do this, give me a soda but give me the side of mayonnaise.
Soda and mayonnaise, all righty, here we go.
I am disgusted.
Let me find the corner that got the least amount of mayonnaise.
Right there.
Right there.
Honestly, but let's talk about this.
This may actually not be nasty because think about it.
If you eating a burger, and it's got mayonnaise on it,
you eat that burger, right, and then you take a drink.
You just never do them at the same time.
But you essentially do do this.
That's the way I'm going to have to think about this.
I'm nervous.
I don't want to do it.
Well, I just have a fear because I don't really like mayonnaise.
I was ready until I put it under my nose.
Um, it's not that bad.
There is a bit of a saltiness.
That isn't that peasant, not peasant.
That's tragic, pleasant.
Take it away.
It's got me all discombobulated.
I can't think straight.
I'm a little nervous.
Here we go.
I like burgers.
Apple sauce.
I could do that.
Oh, what's all on here?
Applesauce, burger, good.
OK, aw, y'all ain't give me no cheese, though.
It's OK.
Here we go.
That's good.
(SLOW MOTION VOICE) That's good.
And then the sweet an the salty, and it
makes a beautiful, wonderful, like colorful concoction.
It really took me into like a new universe, mm-hmm.
That's fine.
All right, so we got mac and cheese and chicken.
Now that, I can do.
Let me see it.
Oh, wait, this looks great.
Oh, look at this mac and cheese.
That is creamy.
Oh, look at the chicken.
It is crispy.
And the cheese on top, yes, God.
This what I like.
OK, look, extra seasoning.
You know I like seasoning, now.
And-- oh.
How many cheeses is that?
That is a three cheese topping.
What's better than one cheese?
Three cheeses.
This a cute bowl, too.
Now this new mac and cheese bowl is coming from KFC, baby.
And it is looking mighty delectable.
Let me try it.
You got to blow your food before you eat it, y'all.
That's real good.
Look, how creamy it is.
Can we get a close up on this?
Do you see how creamy this is?
This is everything.
Thank you, Colonel, for all that you have done and supplied
to us.
You will be thanked.
OK, pickles.
Don't like pickles.
What else we got?
Pickles and apple sauce?
I feel like I have to do that every time.
Now, why these damn pickles so damn big?
Is this dill?
What kind of pickle is this?
Two words, nasty.
Let me try and cut the smallest piece of the pickle.
That's big enough, right?
I'ma try and put as much applesauce on this pickle
to mask the flavor.
Here we go, everybody.
Buckle up.
It's about to be a crazy ride.
That was good.
And I don't like pickles.
But the pickle with the applesauce kind of like
balanced it out.
Am I going to eat some more?
Hell naw.
All right, next.
Time for the final spin.
Soda, orange juice.
Bring it to me.
Here we go.
Soda and orange juice.
A 1, 2, 3, boom.
That does not look good.
OK, wasn't that bad.
Thank you wheel.
That was a good choice.
Well, this game definitely took me for a spin.
But I want to thank you all for watching.
And I will see you all next week.
Comment below to tell me your favorite food combination.
But in the meantime, can somebody please bring me back
that mac and cheese bowl.
All right, I'll see you all next week.
A 1, 2, 3, huh!
Probably shouldn't have done this in a squat.
My legs hurt.
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Kalen Taste Tests Crazy Food Combinations

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 22, 2019
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