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and welcome back to Speak English with Sarah. These lessons will help you to speak English
more naturally, more fluently, more quickly. So today I have a really special lesson for
you, I have my friend here with me, Hi Jack, how are you? I'm very well, how are you? Yeah
I'm very well thank you! So today we are going to have a conversation using present perfect
and we're going to talk about one of our favourite things, which is travelling. So Jack...
Do you like travelling? I absolutely love travelling it's my favourite thing to do and anytime
I get any money I spend it all on travelling! Really! Yeah what about you? Yeah .. it's
one of my passions travelling, I love discovering new places and learning about other cultures,
yeah I absolutely love it...which places have you visited in the world? I've been lucky,
I've visited quite a lot of favourites are Hong Kong and New Delhi.
Lovely! Have you ever been to Beijing? I've never been to Beijing but I'd love to go to China
because I'm really interested in the history of the country. Great. What about you, which
countries and cities have you visited? so I've visited a lot of places but I think the
most memorable cities I've been to are Tokyo, Wow! Yeah ..Rio de Jaineiro and Budapest.
Really?! Yeah all lovely and very different. When did you go to Tokyo? So I went to Tokyo
in March..yep.. And what did you do when you were there? So when I was in I saw a lot of
things but I think the best things that I saw were Shibuya crossing. Ah yeah I've seen that before
It's the famous pedestrian central's very busy but it's very
interesting, there's bright lights there, it's lovely and I also went to the fish market.
Oh really? Yeah and I ate really delicious sushi there. Really fresh? Yeah really fresh,
really smelly, but really good! The food in Japan is out of this world! It's amazing and
I think another special moment for me is when I went to Yoyogi park and I saw the cherry blossom...the
cherry blossom trees..because it was the cherry blossom was just the start of the season..and
we took the bullet train which was incredible, we took the bullet train to Kyoto and in Kyoto
we visited the old town, the orange gates, and yeah, it was also beautiful in a different way
to Tokyo. It sounds fantastic..I'd really love to go..yeah I recommend it! What about you
What places have you visited in India? umm I started in New Delhi and New Delhi is a huge city
...the food is amazing..the people are a little bit crazy but in a really really good way
..and I went to the Red Fort, which is a really interesting place, it's a huge
fort made out of red stone and the Indian Government I think used to be there and it
was really interesting to learn about some history of the country...and then I went on
a train down to Agra, which is very famous because that's where the Taj Mahal is...Amazing!
and the Taj's really full of tourists but it doesn't matter because it's so beautiful..yeah..and
it's perfectly symmetrical so from any side you see it, it's always the same. and it's
one of the best things I've ever seen. Is it worth visiting? It's definitely worth visiting!
Great, I'd love to go one day. Have you been to India at all? I've never been to India
but I would love to go. Have you ever been to Japan? I haven't but I would love to go
too. Great..let's go...let's book our tickets! Let's go! Let's do it! Well it was great chatting to you too thanks very much
and I hope you enjoyed the conversation..there will be another lesson
where we will look at some vocabulary and grammar from this conversation..see you later.
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Present Perfect Real English Conversation Practice: Travel

81 Folder Collection
Sophie published on September 20, 2019
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