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Chances are, you know of someone or have a family member who requires long-term care because a chronic illness, accident, or other medical issue has made it impossible for them to manage day-to-day activities on their own.
Whether they're still living in their home or they've moved into a specialized care facility, costs can quickly add up.
Long-term care insurance provides financial protection for you and your family to help cover the cost of care if you are unable to care for yourself due to a decline in your mental or physical abilities.
It can help pay for assistance to manage your daily activities, such as bathing and dressing, or if your mental condition has deteriorated and you need supervision to protect your health and safety.
Generally speaking, plans can be set up to either reimburse specific expenses, such as homemaking or private nursing services.
Or they can provide an income-style benefit, which means you'd receive money on a regular basis that could be spent any way you choose.
Staying in a long-term care facility can cost thousands of dollars a month, and government health care programs may not cover all of the support services you need.
Long-term care insurance can help pay for stays in nursing homes and chronic care facilities, as well as for rehabilitation and therapy programs.
Caring for loved ones at home can be a strain emotionally, physically, and financially, especially when it means taking time off work or leaving full-time employment to provide that care.
Long-term care insurance can help relieve some of that stress.
It can even be used to compensate family caregivers for the help they provide.
Some plans offer unique features, such as the option to protect your benefits against inflation and the option to return premiums to your estate if you die before receiving benefits.
And some plans will help you locate long-term care resources in your area.
With long term care insurance, you and your family can focus on finding the best care for your needs, rather than worrying about how you will pay for it.
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What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

1564 Folder Collection
Estelle published on September 18, 2019    Estelle translated    Winnie Liao reviewed
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