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XpertSea provides shrimp hatchery managers with an innovative solution for
quickly and accurately assessing the quality of their post-larvae shipments.
Using cutting-edge vision technology the XperCount2 eliminates the need for
time-consuming manual counting operations
reduce post-larvae waste, minimize customer complaints, and maximize post-larvae
survival by always packing the right amount. To do so begin each shipment by
using the XperCount2 to calibrate the spoon or device used to fill the bags.
00:00:44,699 --> 00:00:49,320 Count larger samples of post-larvae from the holding tank to conduct a volumetric
analysis of the entire population.
For additional quality assurance, sample bags periodically and count them using
the XperCount2. Each count conducted will provide the average size, the size
distribution, and the coefficient of variation for your post-larvae sample. You
can access all this information from your online customer account
the results from each bag count can be average to summarize the quality of your
shipment if desired these quality reports can be shared with your
customers as a way of promoting transparency and improving business
relationships. XpertSea, empowering agriculture
through reliable data. Learn more about the XperCount2 at xpertsea.com.
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Improve Shrimp Hatchery Shipments with the XperCount

50 Folder Collection
吳澤育 published on September 16, 2019
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