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Teresa needs to go first
What are you doing?
Screwing this (tripod) on
Come on! Be prepared now!
Well I'm going!
I can't really film anything tbh lol
I'm just filming her getting her dress done up lol
You look lovely!
You look lovely~
I'll see you guys first
How are you? I'm good - And meeee
I see you've got your vlogging camera
You told me I should film!!! x2
Give us a little twirl!
Aw that's so lovely!
You look so nice!
Don't be nervous! Enjoy it!
See you in a bit!
Aah, see you in a bit *hug*
See you in a bit!
We are at Henna's engagement right now
And look how pretty it is
Look how pretty WE are!
We're at Henna's wedding
Not wedding
Wedding part 1
Cheers guys
Twist the lightbulb
Announcer: Very shortly within the next 5 minutes
Once again ladies and gentlemen
The bride and groom will be making the way into the venue
Within the next 5 minutes
Thank you
They just made an announcement that you're going to be walking in in 5 minutes
I am not ready for this!
And ladies and gentlemen, our bride will make her into the venue very very shortly
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Henna & Bobby - Punjabi Engagement Ceremony - Indian Wedding Vlog Part 1

49 Folder Collection
TT published on September 16, 2019
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