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Who is the most sensible person here?
The Wise Old Elf!
The Wise Old Elf shall wave the wand.
Me? But I'm not a fairy!
I don't do magic!!
Exactly. The perfect person!
No. I don't think so!
Nooooooooo! I wouldn't be right!
Nonsense! We need a bit of fairy-dust.
You are now: MAGICAL!!!!!!
My body is tinkly! I don't like it!
Don't worry, you will be magical for very long. Just wave the wand and say "Jelly, jelly, but not a lot."
Uhh... Jelly, jelly, but not a lot.
Oh! It worked! (clapping) Can I turn Nanny Plum into a frog?
Pa! I'd like to see you try!
I say, it is fun!
Ahh...What happened?!?!?
Having fun!!
Magic is not meant to be fun!!!
What would happen if I ask for a lot of jelly?
Try it and see!
Jelly, jelly, jelly, and lots of it!!!
Nooo! Stop! We don't want a...
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Ben and Holly's

148 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on September 14, 2019
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