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- Hey what's up, y'all?
Coach Rock here, the official trainer
for I Love Basketball TV.
Today, we're gonna get into
my top five best one-on-one moves.
Let's get into it.
So I know this summer, everybody's
gonna wanna be playing one-on-one.
It was one of my favorite things to do
with my friends when I was growing up.
Play one-on-one, see who's the best
for bragging rights, whatever now.
In today's video, I'm gonna show you
five moves that you can use
that will destroy your friends, all right?
But, I want you to remember one thing.
Focus on what I'm saying and how to execute each move.
Now I saw some of the comments.
Every now and then, a player will say,
"Stop talking so much and just show me the move."
Well, I have to show you everything,
and I have to show you how to execute the move
and explain it so you know exactly how to do it.
Most of the time the players that are saying,
"Just show me the move,"
are the ones who are going out and doing it wrong.
So focus on actually what I'm saying
and what I'm showing you to do.
Because it might look simple, but I have key points
that'll make the moves much more effective.
Now the next note I want you to take for this video
or in the summer when you're playing
one-on-one with your friends
is focus on using as minimal dribbles as possible.
So, when I have my players play one-on-one,
I like them to focus on having
three dribbles or less to score.
If you use more than three dribbles, it's a turnover.
The other player gets the ball.
So utilize this rule when you're playing with your friends.
Now they might not wanna use this rule, that's fine.
But you can still use it for yourself.
Just say, "Hey man, if I take more than three dribbles,
"the ball's yours."
And this will help you pick up good habits
because in real games, you're not gonna have the chance
to dribble five, six times to get into your scoring move.
You're gonna have to do a hard jab or something,
take a quick one move on one dribble,
move, score, dribble, move, counter.
So focus on being quick, being effective,
and using as few dribbles as possible.
All right, the first move we're gonna get into
is a very simple move, but a lot of player do not do this,
and it's the low sweep.
It's one of my favorites because it's so simple,
but it's extremely effective.
So what we're doing here,
Coach Josh, no matter which way he's playing,
he could be playing me left, he could be playing me right,
he could be playing me straight up,
either way, when I'm making my move,
I want the ball low.
And that's gonna do a few things for you.
One, it's gonna prevent him from being able to steal it.
Now Coach Josh is a great defender.
He has quick hands, so if I sweep the ball like this,
he'll probably be able to take it without me even knowing.
If I just go like this, a good defender's
gonna be able to take that.
It's tough for a defender to get this low
and take the ball.
Two, notice how Coach Josh was right there.
Now, when I beat him, I'm already low.
The best way to beat a defender
is with your shoulder at his hip.
Well it's kinda hard to do that
if you're sweeping up here or like this.
But when you're low, it allows you
to get that shoulder and get by.
So that's the first move, the low sweep.
Again, there's not much to it.
You can practice this by just getting used to this.
All players can get better if they start playing low.
I see a lot of young players.
They play too tall.
This is one of the first things I go over
with my young players is get low when you play,
dribble low, stay low on your sweeps.
Move number two that we're gonna get into
is the heel tap out of the triple threat.
Now this is kind of a unique move,
and I really like to use this move.
All it is is you're heel-tapping here
before you do anything.
So you can heel-tap and go, you can heel-tap and jab,
you can heel-tap, double jab.
This move is great to catch your defender off guard.
Now you don't wanna do it every time.
But it's good because this sound right here,
player's gonna react to the sound.
Again, on defense when we're playing,
we don't know what the offensive player's gonna do.
So we react to everything.
We react to eye fakes, we react to sound with the feet.
That's why little moves like this work
because it's playing with the defender's mind.
That's kinda what this heel tap does.
So what I do here, I do this triple threat,
that quick heel is gonna engage the defender.
Now from there, you can go here.
I can beat him.
Then I can go here.
I can beat him that way.
I can go with a double tap.
I can go here.
I can go with the shimmy, there.
A lot of different things you can do
out of this simple heel tap
that'll make you much tougher to guard.
All right now you can see
the first two moves are out of the triple threat.
When you're playing one-on-one, it's extremely important
to have a good triple threat game
because it doesn't require you to dribble.
So if you can create space out of the triple threat,
it will allow you to score more points with fewer dribbles.
Now the next move we're gonna do is the step back.
Basic move.
All NBA players, all great scorers master the step back,
do it really well because it's so so effective.
I mean, you can't name a great scorer in the NBA
that doesn't do the step back.
The best thing with this move
is you don't need a lot of dribbles to set it up.
Because you can use it out of this triple threat.
So let's say, Coach Josh is guarding me or whatever.
Either way, let's say I beat him the first time.
This time, let's say I do a heel tap.
I go this way, he doesn't bite.
I go this way, he recovers,
but I can still step back and create the space needed.
That was just one dribble.
Let's say this time I go right,
Coach Josh tries to beat me there.
I step back, tough shot,
but still enough space to get that shot off.
So again, the step back, one of my favorite moves
to do in real games,
one of my favorite moves to do in one-on-one.
Next move, and you'll see this move
is similar to the step back,
but we call it the pull back.
Pull back again, this move has led to more players falling
than I think any move.
If you ever watch video clips
where players getting crossed and they fall,
a lot of times it's cuz of this pull back right here
or this pull back right here,
or this pull back right here.
Now you saw three different variations.
You can do across, you can do behind the leg,
you can do behind the back.
Doesn't matter which one you do,
but it works similar to the step back.
So again, I'll show you real quick.
If I'm going hard and Coach Josh tries to beat me,
then I can pull back.
Again, it's very similar to the step back,
and the reason why I like it
because you don't need a lot of dribbles to set it up.
So, that's why it works just like the step back.
And that's why it works extremely effective in one-on-one.
Last but definitely not least, we have the side step.
Now, the side step is a move James Harden does a lot.
Little guys do it, like Tyler Ulis does this move
a lot as well because it works so well to create space,
again, in not a lot of dribble.
So, this move here, you can do it out of,
you can't do it straight out of triple threat,
but all you need is one dribble to set it up.
So you can do here, dribble,
and then you take that side step.
You can be here, side step.
So again, this move doesn't need,
you don't need a lot of dribbles.
You could take two.
You could come here, here, and then step out like that.
There's a lot of different things
you can do to set that up,
but as you can see, it's pretty much impossible to guard.
I mean, no matter how tough Coach Josh is playing,
I can just set him up here,
and I can just step back whenever I want.
You'll be able to get this shot whenever you want.
Lonzo Ball, another player, does this move a lot.
Even in college, he did this move.
I went to see them play against Kentucky.
He did this move three or four times to get his step back.
So it's like a side step,
but also you can step back with it.
So it's a side step, but you could step back.
But it's a little different
from move number three that we did,
but it's just as effective.
I hope you enjoyed today's video.
I hope you see how you can use these moves
in real game situations.
Practice them.
Add them to your game.
Start destroying defenders,
and start being more effective in real game situations.
If you wanna be a real game threat,
I have a free, like I mentioned
at the beginning of the video,
I have a free game-specific scoring accelerator.
It's absolutely free.
All you have to do is
click the first link in the description.
From there, it's gonna take you
to a page where you can learn all about it,
and you can see what it's gonna do for you.
And then you just put in your email when you're ready,
and I'll instantly send you over
that free game-specific scoring accelerator.
It's gonna help you improve your scoring in real games,
help you actually become a threat in real game situations.
If you enjoyed the video, please do me a favor.
Hit that thumbs up.
Do not forget to hit that subscribe button under the video
so you can subscribe to our channel
so you never miss another video.
Until next time, I'll see you then.
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BEST 1 ON 1 BASKETBALL MOVES! [Simple Scoring Moves]

354 Folder Collection
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