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Okay, how many of that girl are you seeing
How hammered are you I think these are Joey's sisters hydrolic sisters
Hey, what are we drinking over here? Well, I have a
Vodka and cranberry juice. No kidney. That's the exact same drink. I made myself right after I shot my husband
Wow, okay. I don't know how to talk to you
What you doing uncheck your last girlfriend off my speed dialer
No, no. No, it's good thing. Why must we die? So speedily anyway, why must we rush through life?
Why can't we savor the precious moments? Those are some huge best you have?
How's that coffee coming dear
I'm not supposed to drink coffee. It makes me gassy. I know
Now that you're thinking what's an intelligent girl who wants to be in fashion doing making coffee ah
Don't think I haven't noticed your potential. Well, I've got a project for you. That's a lot more related to fashion
How does that sound? Oh, that sounds great. Come on over here
I need these hangers separated ASAP
You're welcome
Well, my apartment isn't there anymore because I drank it
Where'd you get to we lost you after you opened up all the presents yeah
yeah, I ended up in the storage room and
Not alone
No, no Hui
Why what happened ah
I fooled around with Joey's sister
Well, that's not the worst part what is the worst part I can't remember which sister
You see what men do don't tell me men are nice this is man
Are you insane? I mean Joey's gonna kill you he's actually going to kill you dead. Okay. You don't think I thought of that
How can you not know which one is unbelievable? Was it Gina? Which one is Gina the dark big hair or the airplane earrings?
No, no, that's not. You know, that's Deena. Oh did she you can't tell which is which either?
We didn't fool around with any of them
Joey what wouldn't what are you doing here waiting for my grandma to finish my laundry. What about you?
I'm here to see Mary Angela. You are so the man
You gotta be cool cuz my grandma doesn't know about you two yet and you do not want to tick her off
She was like the six-person is spent on Mussolini's hanging body
Where's Mary Angela she's right in there
This tiramisu is is is excellent. Did you make it Mary Angela? No, I did
It's yummy
Mary Angela, do you like it?
So Mary Angela, what's your second favorite more grandmas tiramisu Oh, would you just please
Give me the recipe cuz this is great. It's top notch, but guys with me so I oh
Hey Rach, I was just coming over here to oh wait, I don't have to lie to you you don't live here anymore
I'm eating their food. What are you doing?
Ross is on a date with my sister. They shut the drapes two and a half hours ago
Whoa, I didn't know we could Dave your sister
Shall we we know you steal our food? Oh good
That's like that old saying have sex eat some cake
Hey, Mon, hey Jade, just getting a soda
Who the hell are you Joey? How are you doing?
How you doing, how you doing
Look I got to apologize on behalf a call who the hell is coral. Oh
Did I not mention?
Carl is a guy. I hired to be my identical twin for medical research project
When I was growing up I didn't have a normal mom and dad or a
Regular family like everybody else and and I always knew that something was missing
But now I'm standing here today knowing that I have everything I'm ever gonna need
You are my family
Baby you are so beautiful. You're so kind. You're so generous. So wonderfully weird
Every day with you is an adventure. I can't believe how lucky I am
And I can't wait to share my life with you forever, oh
Wait, I forgot and I love you
Okay, this is your Chum
For you I'm sure
You know, I don't know, you know, I don't
You mean the world to me
Oh, I know I know I've found
In you
Fatal you say you're sorry Oh your sweater gets it
Okay, my favourite Twitter. That is my third day Twitter
Say you're sorry. Okay you want to play? Okay. Let's play let's play
What are you gonna do you give me back my sweater or a tan bag marinara?
You don't have the guts. Oh, yeah, at least I wasn't too chicken to tell some guy I thought he was cute
Hey, do we do this too much I think so. Yeah. Yeah
Times when you get older when you'll want to sleep with people just to make them like you but don't
That you don't want to do everybody I
Don't know you don't know right you bald it my girlfriend. All right
Do you think it's easy for me to see you with somebody else you know? Hey you're the one who ended it remember
Yeah, because I was mad at you not because I stopped loving you
You still love me no
You still love me jobs? Yeah, so you you love me I
Got stuff don't bad
Couldn't mean anything I
couldn't walk
I've seen this thing on the Discovery Channel. Wait a minute. I saw that on the Discovery Channel. Yeah about jellyfish
Got stage fright I
Wanted to help but there's just too much pressure. So so I uh, I turned to Chandler
Hey guys take a look at this check this baby out dug me a hole
Excellent hole Joe
Don't worry this doesn't make you any less of a guy that does
Where's my makeup over here dad wait, how do you soon out?
Some girl ate Monica
Shut up the camera adds ten pounds, huh? So how many cameras are actually on?
Yes, Judy was right it has nothing
I lost it down for kiss me
Don't know if you heard about what happened between me and Phoebe the other day no
Well, we kissed III I didn't initiate the kiss, but but I also didn't stop it
I've been feeling guilty
Understand it's a way of giving the finger without actually having to give it
99 100 ready or not. Here I come
Alright, let's go over the concept one more time
And dad, you know that mailman that you got fired and steal your playboys
Hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing Monica dead
Loss hasn't work at the Museum for a year, Monica and Chandler are living together
Riju in Vegas and got divorced
I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle. I wanna go
That's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds
We got here twenty-year-old male got a severed toe on his right foot
Could you please that do that feet first, you know where his injury is severed toe you just sat it
Says here the knife went right through your shoe. Of course it did they're made of wicker
Did you bring the toe oh, yes, I have it right here on ice
Don't worry son. We'll just reattach it me what what is it you brought a carrot?
What this isn't your toe this is a small very cold piece of carrot
Carrot oh my god. There's a toe in my kitchen
It's too late all we can do now is sew up the wound without my trouble I need my toe
Kiss your pores. Oh, I'm not falling for that one
They're us
The Gunther could have a scone please
What are you some good news someone I know is getting married. Yeah, and weddings are happy occasions Oh by-the-by. It's my ex-wife Emily
Is your skull oh, thanks
Kathy Kathy hi. Hey, Kathy
What are you doing here? Oh, I just want to say hey
I'm so happy for you guys. Oh and you were both so lucky. I mean you both said the right names
And and nobody was drunk
Rach what's hugs he doing in the crib with Emma? Oh
She was just crawling around and she found him so I just let her sleep with him
That's all right
Innit. Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah, that's a stuffed animal. You know, it's for kids not for adults. I
You sure, I mean I know how much you love him Rachel it let's be clear on this okay. I did not love huggsy. I
Like him a normal amount
Yeah, well why wouldn't she's a wonderful person oh
She's pretty pretty pretty girl. They're pretty she's pretty
What's the worst thing that could happen I could die I'm gonna do it I'm gonna go get shot down
Any advice just be yourself but not too much
How could that that was a terrific
Really bitchin
It was so Wow
I mean really? Yeah, I mean you should play in public. Oh
Thank you guys. It's uh, uh-oh. I want to play you another piece
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friends - best of all seasons

275 Folder Collection
cc published on September 3, 2019
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