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Improvement pill here we currently live in a society where the idea of
entrepreneurship is idolized we see all these Hot Shots in front of their fancy
cars and dream vacation homes getting up on stage giving motivational speeches
pushing us to just take the leap and start our own business
yay don't get me wrong I love the idea of entrepreneurship but I don't think
that everyone should go all-in and start a business because the large majority of
entrepreneurs do in fact fail and it's not because of the vehicle itself there
are tons of different business models that can work and countless courses out
there that show you exactly how to create that sort of business but even
then when they're given step-by-step guides on how to do it most people still
fail why is that well it's because they don't adhere to what I like to call the
one ton rule see there are two skills out there in the world today that have
significantly more weight than all of the other skills when it comes to
running a successful business each of these two skills have so much weight
that they are literally worth a ton in weight of gold as compared to everything
else these are what I like to call the 2-ton skills in order to run a
successful business well to be fair in order to run a business that can replace
your current job all you need to do is have at least one of these two skills
that's the definition of the one ton rule the first skill is all about
grabbing attention we currently live in a world where there are advertisements
everywhere you look you see ads in the subway station at the bus stop on
Billboard's when you're driving your car on the radio all over the internet and
of course on television the reason there are so many ads is
because the only way for any business to be successful is if they are able to
grab someone's attention because without people paying attention to you and your
business you can't do anything if someone isn't even listening to you or
your message how in the world are you going to get them to buy your
life-changing product or sign up for your life-changing service right the
first of the 2-ton skills is marketing or as I like to think of it the art of
grabbing attention if you take a look at this channel or any other social media
page out there there are many fine-tune components that got you here watching
this video the title of this video and the thumbnail are all crafted with a
specific goal in mind to pique your interest and to get you to open the
video and see what I gotten stored for you it
doesn't matter how good the product or service you have is because if you are
unable to grab my attention if you can't get me to sit down and say ok I'm gonna
give this a shot I'll give this guy a chance and see what
he has in store for me then it's pointless now getting attention nowadays
on the Internet isn't too hard it seems like any kid with an Instagram account
can get at least a couple hundred followers if he tried and over time with
a bit of research and testing he will most likely get a couple thousand which
is why in my opinion the second of the 2-ton skills is something that you
should be a bit more concerned about see once you've got in someone's attention
it's up to you to convince them that they need to do something now this
depends from business to business for some it might be to try to commit to a
new lifestyle for example this here is the best diet plan ever and it's going
to allow you to lose weight for others it might be it's a purchase of physical
product something like hey this chair is the best chair ever and it's gonna help
you fix your posture the point is once you've got in someone's attention it's
up to you to show them why what you got is so great and why they need to have it
now the second of the 2-ton skills is all about persuasion it's all about
using words properly to convey an idea and to get people to believe in your
solution which hopefully is actually a genuinely good solution the problem
nowadays is that the large majority of people don't know how to convey their
ideas properly we don't undergo any sort of training that teaches us how to say
things and what to say we don't undergo any sort of training that teaches us how
to be persuasive luckily for me this was something that I accidentally developed
back in the day when I was a door-to-door sales person after speaking
with over 10,000 different individuals I eventually started realizing certain
patterns I learned what to say to prevent someone from slamming the door
on my face and what to say to get people to like me as well as my message which
in most cases led to sales that benefited both of us and this is one of
the main reasons as to why I was able to find a lot of success in the world of
business see unlike most youtubers will take months to grow their audience my
very first video did fairly well and it was because I already knew how to convey
my ideas I already spent over a year learning how to be persuasive if you're
someone who is interested in learning more about the skill of persuasion then
I suggest you check out the link in the description box below over there you'll
find out more reasons why the art of persuasion is so powerful
also learn about how you can start developing that skill in your own life
today full disclosure this is an affiliate link so if you do decide to
purchase anything I will get compensated now the skill of persuasion isn't only
useful when it comes to financial success learning how to use your words
properly to convey your ideas will often lead to healthier relationships stronger
friendships and allow you to gain the respect of many people but if what you
want most is to one day be a successful entrepreneur then you must adhere to the
one ton rule you need to be at least somewhat decent at one of these two
skills before you start your business by working on your ability to grab more
people's attention you will have more eyes on your business which generally
means more customers and by working on your ability to use the right words you
will convince more people that your service or product will make their life
better which means more customers again if you want to learn more about the
skill of persuasion click on the link in the description box below remember the
reason most entrepreneurs fail is because they don't adhere to the one ton
rule they don't have any experience with either of the two most important skills
needed to run a business if you want to avoid failing that I suggest you spend
some time learning at least one of them besides that guys stay tuned
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The Secret To Becoming Rich - One Ton Rule

262 Folder Collection
洪瑩家 published on September 3, 2019
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