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Come on Jake sorry buddy just want to cheer you up some
Mean here, you are chilling with history's coolest Friends building an actual pillow fort but you just sit there sulking. I'm like what kids oh?
I guess I'm just thinking about Flame Princess. I told her a joke the other day. She didn't even laugh or anything guess
It's over between us. That's it a joke
Maybe she just didn't get it yet Yeah
Right BMO more like she used up all her laughs and some other guys jokes probably man having a girlfriend is hard no
Being crazy is hard. You're getting all hung up oh hung up on imaginary problems
You got to focus on what's real man
You see this Cup. This is literally my favorite cup
Now it's gone forever, so it's not real, and I don't care about it anymore. Oh
My favorite. No. I don't even know what you guys are talking about I
Think I just need some a long time
Got to let my mind fester a bit. You know I'll be back in a little while finn festering's always bad, man
There's no good kind of festering
Man this looks smaller from the outside what's this now what the Jake? What's in here?
Jake build this part, too
That guy needs some more girlfriends or something
Hey, Jake any more girls. What the doors gone?
Maybe there's another door in yonder pillow town I
Don't get this at all
That's it
Am quilton son of pillowford, and you have saved our village
You and your Sharp pillow
It's nothing I kill things all the time well dog said this calls for a celepillobration
There you are Finn the human oh hey there
You can just call me Finn if you want
All right Finn my name is Rosalyn and daughter of quilting you have to call me the whole thing Oh
Just kidding Oh
Your dad seems fun
Yeah, um you want to dance, oh well I have a girlfriend
Tell me it's a dance not marriage yeah, okay?
This place is weird are you telling me that birds in your world don't two little pillow cases
Aha, just regular poo hey
like this
Yeah, it's really cool where I come from I live with my best friend who's my brother, and he's a dog we fight stuff
It's cool. It's really different than here. I mean where I'm from blankets and pillows for use for bedding
Well, they're used for that here, too
Oh, man, it's been nice rustling him, but I gotta get back to my home
Quilting I need your help to find the portal to my home world of course
We will do our best to help you thin the flesh pillow
But you're not making a fold of sense, please
Share our food you need nourishment
Huh cool, I'll give you a compliment to the pillow Oh
Your father your mom I don't do you say that you didn't care
Their mug is empty I wonder what Finn's up to
On the blanket dragon well, I'm daddy. Yep J, Barney
I bet your daddy is just about finished chopping wool. You guys want to bring him his lunch
Alphanumeric hello sheep your poor fluff since
They've brought you lunch well, they have have a tiny pillows hmm
Exactly itself
But I've come to speak with your father
what is it brother when you first arrived here you told us I'm a
Mysterious door that led you to our world
Yes, of course
archaeologists found this in the pillow catacombs the pillow
Nomicon Oh My glob there is no information about the door save for the fact
it shows up periodically and then
disappears quilting I need to find that door ah
I got a snag my mug from you. Oh really hey don't sweat it
I'll make us some hot chocolate Jake you drive a hard worker
Hello oh, yes, come in
Are these the great Abba Cadabra mountains and are you Rashida the great Oracle?
Dweller of said mountains yes, and you must be Finn the human man
Seeker of the wandering portal yes. Yes, I've searched for decades hard. You know I read it in the tea leaves
This newspaper I found from the future does it say how I get home the real question is
Are you sure you want to uh? Yeah?
Well, don't worry. You won't be here long
So there's another way, too
long now
Father what did the Oracle say father have we come to the right spot finally I think so, but the Oracle spoke in riddles
Gonna have to fester on this one for a pet. Oh Finn. I know you have to go all these years
I've known, but now that it's time
I'm just all messed up about it
Just promise me you'll remember us when you're back in your real life
That reminds me Ross linen of something Jake told me just before I came to this world
Imaginary problems
Stay with your new wife
You've known her longer now than any of us you're not even sure I ever really existed
And I'm pretty sure I didn't look like this
Man, how did he see it all coming so clearly come on everyone pack your things. We're going home
Why don't you do this we do your other babies well
Rainicorn baby's age rapidly they don't need their parents a couple hours after they're born that really stinks
Hmm hot chocolate is ready
Finn Finn
Are you comfortable, I'm all right um dad dad
we just wanted to say that we
That we love you dad I
Remember back when I was bad
Dad you are dad. I hate that yet. Oh
No way
Hey, buddy you feeling better already huh oh I don't know man
I I just had the number-one wildest dream really. Yeah, oh
Hello oh hey oh
Yeah, thanks. Yeah, okay, bye
That was flame princess. She said she didn't get my joke till just now and that it's really funny and awesome
Yeah, that's great man now. What about this dream? What dream the dream you were just talking about hmm
Just a second ago
The dream you just had in the pillow for
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143 Folder Collection
蔡俊利 published on August 18, 2019
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