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Political cartoonists have the arduous
task of packing a mountain of information
into a very small space.
So they have evolved over the decades
a visual vocabulary to help the reader
ingest and enjoy their work.
The most obvious example of these cartooning
tools is the iconic national symbol.
There's the Russian bear, the Chinese dragon,
and of course our old friend
Uncle Sam among others.
My drawing for this week's edition of
The Economist features two of these classic characters.
The first is the plucky persona for Canada,
the beaver. The Canadian beaver will have
a high profile this week because his country
will be only the second on the planet,
besides Uruguay, to legalize the use of marijuana.
This is a big deal for Canadian cannabis consumers,
a boon for government tax coffers,
and a public policy worth watching.
No doubt many, including Americans,
will be eyeing this with hope,
while many others will view it
with suspicion.
America's attitude to marijuana
has been erratic.
A spattering of local laws that offer
medicinal and recreational relief
for consumers, while federal laws
continue to ban it.
The Canadian experiment with legalization
will no doubt put a hot spotlight
on this incongruity.
But there's another burning issue
in the spotlight this week.
A comprehensive UN report was released
describing the perilous state
of the world's climate.
It states that urgent action is required
to reverse the calamitous effect
of climate change.
Trump's America is not heeding
the call to action.
Instead, our old friend Uncle Sam
seems more inclined to retire outside
and have a toke,
and not of marijuana.
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From cannabis to climate change: North America's burning issues | The Economist

70 Folder Collection
michelle published on August 18, 2019
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