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♪ Grams ♪
♪ Oh, Grams ♪
♪ Tonight Show Grams for me ♪
"Tonight Show Grams"
That's really good. I like that one.
♪ Grams, oh, grams ♪ Yeah.
Well, it's a fun new game we're doing here.
Where I give you a topic and you guys go on Instagram
and share your photos and videos based on that topic.
-Oh. -All right.
So, since National Pet Day is coming up,
I sent out a hashtag called #MyPetIsWeird.
And we got thousands of responses.
So, thank you for playing along.
And now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
#MyPetIsWeird Instagrams from you guys.
This first person says that this is how
her French Bulldog greets people.
Take a look at this.
That's good.
It's like a yoga pose.
That's literally downward dog.
Yeah, that is.
This next picture is from @mlv.
His dog has a unique place it likes to sit.
Hey, not bad.
It's also -- it's my favorite Kentucky Derby hat.
Oh, my gosh. Beautiful.
This one is from @Kendalld.
And he noticed that his dog
looks like one of his stuffed animals.
Look at this. Ooh, man.
Is that a gremlin?
And I'll never sleep again.
This next guy says that his dog
doesn't understand the concept of fetch.
Watch this.
Ready? Whoa!
Turn around, turn around, turn around.
Now he goes and gets it. Yeah, that's perfect.
That's exactly.Does it ?
-Hey! -Whoa!
He's getting the stick, too.
Next up, @Jasonb's pet got a "Star Wars" toy.
But I think he likes one part of it a little too much.
Take a look at this.
-Come here, boy. -Oh.
Come here, boy. Hey!
-Next up is @robomash. -Oh.
Posted a photo.
He says that his dog likes to sit like a human.
So, apparently, so does Alexa's dog.
And it turns out, so does Selena's dog.
Yeah, they all --
This next person uploaded a video of what her dog does
when he gets in trouble.
Aw, this is cute. Watch this.
-Come here, buddy. -Jay.
Stop it!
Ew. Stop it.
The last one here, Rocco the English Sheepdog
has over 100000 Instagram followers.
-Whoa. -Yeah.
Rocco the English Sheepdog.
But he still has some trouble getting on the couch.
Let's see it.
That's pretty good right there.
There you go. There you have it.
Those are our "Tonight Show Grams".
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Tonight Show Grams: #MyPetIsWeird

403 Folder Collection
餓犬 published on August 10, 2019    餓犬 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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