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Hi I'm peg from Sony and I'm going to take you through the steps
for setting up your Sony tv with built in Wi-Fi
to connect to your wireless network which features
this type of menu system
Your Sony television has the capability to connect to your wireless network and internet
This allows you to stream a wide selection of movies tv episodes music videos
live sporting events and more
Products can be slighlty different so be sure to check the owner's manual
or visit us at esupport.Sony.com for your specific features and menu options
To get started you will need to turn on your tv
Make sure you are using the remote that was supplied with your tv to perform this setup
Press the home button on the remote
Using the remote arrow keys scroll to the settings icon
Scroll to network
Press enter
Highlight network setup
Press enter
Highlight wireless setup
Press enter
Highlight scan
Press enter
You will see a screen showing searching for available wireless networks
Your tv is looking for all wireless connections within range
This screen shows a list of available wireless connections
Highlight your network
Press enter
If you have a password on your network you will need to enter it now
Use the right arrow to continue
You will see a screen that shows
please select how to set up the IP address and proxy server settings of the tv
Highlight auto
Press enter
You will now see a screen that shows you how your network is configured
This is just an overview of your network you do not need to take an action at this screen
Use the right arrow to continue
You will now see a screen that shows
to establish a connection save and connect
Highlight save and connect
Press enter
You will now see the message connecting to the network please wait
The connection to your wireless is now complete
For more tips tricks and how-to videos please visit us at esupport.Sony.com
or on our Sony Listens YouTube channel
Thank you
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How to Connect your Sony TV with Wi-Fi to a Wireless Network

102 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on August 10, 2019
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