B2 High-Intermediate US 870 Folder Collection
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Callsign : "Air France 77 heavy"
4000 feet checked, we are above the safety altitude
I turn slowly, you ok with that?
No prob, he's just here
And we are close to the perfect path on descent
gear down flaps 20°
We're passing Lima, we can reduce speed, speed bug 20 to follow
"autopilot disconnected"
We have no visual references for a bit, Flaps 25° are going to help you
Flaps 30° now with speed bug vref+5 for the final approach
Flaps 30 to come, approach speed is set
Runway in sight, stabilized in a few seconds
You can put your FD back on
We are stabilized and cleared, landing checklist is completed
15.4 tons onboard, in case of missed approach, flaps 20 and 2000 feet is set
Preceding aircraft still on the runway
Vertical speed -650 feet per minute
Slightly left, yes, i correct it
Slightly low
Headwind 10 knots
Just a bit below
I let it decelerate slowly
Next to the right, sounds good?
yes perfect
positive thrust
We are on Hotel 8
Hotel Papa Crossing 25R 121.750
I look for that, yes, it's cleared right side
there is nobody
I switch frequency, there is traffic behind us
everyone has stopped, i continue taxiing on the left!
and then Sierra, it's close
Next on the right Sierra and i taxi slowly
Next right if you agree with that, yes exactly, where the lufthansa 380 is
The tractor is still connected, we are stuck
Turning to vacate this taxiway
Still flaps UP
Still starting the engines
You can told the cabin we are not at the stand yet
ok i stop the plane here
Ok they are performing flight controls checks before taxi
The rudder is as big as an apartment!
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870 Folder Collection
nelson published on August 3, 2019
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