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the Australian swimmer Shayna jack has recently tested positive to the banned
substance ligandrol let's look at the allegations of a cover-up in relation to
this and let's also look at whether swimming Australia and Australian
swimmers are hypocrites in relation to their treatment of Sun Yang the Chinese
swimmer so the basic background towards Shayna jack is she tested positive to the
banned substance ligandrol. Ligandrol is a SARM, effectively you can think of
it as being kind of like a lighter version of a steroid it's illegal it has
some steroid like effects and has some fewer side effects than steroids that's
one way of thinking about it it's banned by all athletic associations including
the swimming organizations Shayna Jack's A sample tested positively to ligandrol
and then there was a B blood sample which also tested positive now
throughout this whole time period swimming Australia the governing body in
Australia had remained silent until after the World Championships this has
led to allegations that there was a cover-up and they should have revealed
the information they had as and a new earth now let's look at whether that's
really the case now the first thing to bear in mind is of course the Ligandrol
is banned now it appears that that came in to Shayna Jack's blood sample and into
her blood tests she's alleged that this wasn't her fault and she's insinuating
that perhaps it was due to contaminated supplements I use insinuating the SARM
somehow made it into other supplement she was taking and therefore it wasn't
her fault she's vowed that she will clear her name
now whether that obviously can occurs remains to be seen but that's what she
said will happen first let's have a look at the allegations of the cover-up the
basic allegation of the cover-up is a swimming Australia obviously knew that
she tested positive in her A sample and swimming Australian knew that she tested
positive in her B sample now assuming Australia remains silent until after the
World Championships is this a cover-up now it turns out that in reality it
probably isn't the reason it isn't is that basically they only have to reveal
the information of a positive sample after one of two things happens after
either a the athlete consents to the information being released to the public
or be some form of sanction is handed up now as at that time
Shayna Jack had not consented to the information being released publicly and
they had not been no sanction hand at the time instead there was a
preliminary suspension appears that would have prevented her from competing
that the final determination hadn't been meted out at that stage so therefore
under privacy obligations they weren't allowed to reveal the sanction so
effectively their hands were tied in relation to whether they could grilled
reveal information. Put differently there wasn't a cover-up because they simply
didn't have any ability to disclose the information under the regulations
because she hadn't consented at this time and no penalty had formally been
handed down at this time therefore they couldn't disclose her
therefore the cover-up idea can't really be maintained in this situation because
they didn't have the option to disclose the information now let's move on to the
next issue of does this make Australian swimmers and swimming Australia
hypocritical in relation to their treatment of sun yang now a brief recap
of the issue in relation to Sun Yang is he came into controversy around a
botched drug test basically what happened is testers showed up this
complex didn't have proper accreditation and they took a blood sample. Sun Yang
questioned the accreditation of the testers and he ultimately determined
that they weren't properly accredited and therefore he didn't want them to
remove his blood sample it appears they didn't collect a urine sample at this
time now what ultimately happened is Sun
Yang's entourage smashed the blood test vials this meant they couldn't live with
the blood samples now it's important to bear in mind here the Sun yang at this
stage is not tested positive to any banned substances so we can't state that
he's cheated because we don't have a positive test at this stage now the
anti-doping tribunal cleared him of any wrongdoing they cleared him of any
wrongdoing because they stated the testers should have proper accreditation
he's maintained their by refusing to submit to this blood test when the
testers didn't have proper accreditation he was in fact defending many other
swimmers from nefarious people who might simply show up and demand a blood test
without proper identification says the Sun yang situation now there
had been some controversy which ultimately culminated in a number of
Australian swimmers protesting against the Sun Yang and posting and protesting
against his involvements in developing ships for example Mack Horton refused to
take the podium with him when sun yang won the race that they were compete
and Mack Horton placed second this has led to claims that Australian swimmers
are being hypocritical particularly after the Shayna jack incident came out
now let's have a look at whether that's really the case and it turns out it
probably isn't the reason it isn't really hypocritical is Shayna Jack tested
positive firstly so the testing procedures were in place secondly she
didn't compete in the world championships and thirdly a penalty will
be handed out which will presumably prevent her from competing in future
Swimming Championships for a period of time put differently the testing
occurred and she was disqualified and removed from competing ie
the testing actually went as it should have what that effectively implies is
the testing occurred and was rigorous enough to catch her out from doing the
wrong thing it's not as if swimming Australia had enabled an athlete to
compete when they shouldn't have been I they didn't allow her to go ahead and
compete even though she tested positive if they had done that and that would
obviously be hypocritical but they haven't done that now obviously the two
situations between Shayna Jack and Sun yang are very different as well
Shayna jack has tested positive and then P she's not competing sun yang is not
tested positive and he did compete the two simply aren't very compatible
now this does beg the question of is the arc ray about Sun yang justified I've
made a separate video on this and in general terms it probably isn't because
in general terms he complied with the relevant regulations he was within his
justification to refuse to give up that blood test because they didn't have
proper accreditation doesn't matter for a different topic in a different time
but nevertheless it the situation for the shayna Jack and Sun yang doesn't
give rise to hypocrisy or Shayna Jack simply wasn't allowed to compete so
therefore the outcry is very different in the two situations so hope this has
given you some insight into the allegations of a cover-up in relation of
Shayna jack and whether it gives rise to hypocrisy in relation to Australian
swimmers and sun yang and the situation arising back so I hope the video has
been interesting too if it has would be great to see for future videos and will
be greatly click the like and subscribe buttons I hope you see you next time
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Shayna Jack | Failed drug test | Cover up | Hypocrisy

167 Folder Collection
Ji Yan published on August 2, 2019
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