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Hi, my name's Lincoln Ward. I'm a USPTA certified tennis teaching pro here in Austin, Texas.
And we're going to talk about the forehand ground stroke. My assistant James will be
actually demonstrating in just a few moments. The most important part in hitting a forehand
ground stroke is preparation. You want to make the racket back before the ball actually
bounces on your side of the court. When you swing through the ball, you want to make contact
over your front foot, following through clear to your left shoulder, if you're right handed.
Now your grip is very important. Most tennis players tend to hold an Eastern or Semi-Western
grip, bevel number three or bevel number four, when they're hitting their forehand. It allows
them the most power and spin when they're actually hitting their shots. When you make
contact, you want to step through the ball with your opposite foot to counterbalance
yourself. This will allow you to put a little heat on that ball, and not have to use so
much elbow grease. It's a lot easier to put a little mustard on a hot dog in that way.
So drive through the ball with your body, not with your muscles in your arm. That's
how to hit a forehand ground stroke. I'm Lincoln Ward, thanks a lot.
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How to Play Tennis : How to Hit a Forehand Ground Stroke in Tennis

1697 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on March 20, 2013
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