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  • Hello! In this video, we'll be looking at 'a' and 'the', when we don't know what they're

  • referring to, like a book, a person or a planet, and when we do know, like the moon, or the

  • red mugs. Hope you find it useful!

  • We're looking at 'a' and 'the', and here's Brian with a cupboard full of mugs, and he's

  • got three friends with him, here they are - that's Sally, Peter and Max.

  • So what has Sally got to say? Sally's got something to say - she says, 'Can I have a

  • mug?' OK, which mug? That mug? This mug? That mug? Which mug? Any mug. A mug - it doesn't

  • say. So let's choose a mug - let's take that one for example, put it over there. So Sally,

  • there you are.

  • Now it's Peter's turn. What does Peter say? 'Can I have the big mug?' 'The' - notice he

  • says 'the' - 'the big mug'. So which one is the big mug? It looks like that one, that's

  • the big mug isn't it. Right, here we go, we'll give Peter the big mug.

  • And now we come to Max, what does Max say? 'Can I have the red mugs?' in the plural.

  • He says 'the' red mugs, there are only two, so it's going to have to be these two, so

  • we'll give him the two red mugs.

  • So, she said 'a mug', which doesn't specify which mug, he said 'the big mug' which is

  • specific in singular, and Max said 'the red mugs' - specific in the plural.

  • Now let's move onto the next picture - this is a picture you will recognise of our little

  • universe, and there's the sun in the middle, I'll just write 'the sun'. It's the only one

  • we know - I know there are other suns in the universe, but that is our sun, the only one

  • we have.

  • And I'll just put in there an extra planet, because there are only seven planets, there

  • should be eight. There are not nine planets by the way because Pluto is not a planet anymore.

  • Now we live on that one at the bottom there which we call 'the earth', the only one for

  • us, and next to it we have 'the moon', it's the only moon for us. I know there are other

  • moons in the universe but that's the one for us. Then up here we have 'a planet' - one

  • of eight planets - we don't know which one.

  • We've looked at 'a planet' and 'a mug' when we don't know which one we're talking about,

  • and we've looked at 'the sun', 'the moon', 'the earth', 'the big mug' and 'the red mugs'

  • - singular and plural - when we do know which one we're talking about.

  • I'm going to wipe the whole lot off now, because now is time to do

  • a little test.

Hello! In this video, we'll be looking at 'a' and 'the', when we don't know what they're

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Learn English - Noun Phrases: a, the

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