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Hi my name is Sarah and this is Halibut, and I am one of the exotic technicians here at
Extra Care Animal Hospital, and on behalf of Expert Village.com, I am going to provide
you with some helpful information on owning a rabbit. After acquiring a rabbit, it is
an important decision to decide where you are going to keep your rabbit. It is not in
the best interest of your rabbit to keep your rabbit outdoors, as there are a number of
dangers that they can encounter when living outdoors, such as predators, weather, etc.
It is advisable to keep your rabbit indoors. You can either keep your rabbit in a cage,
or some people choose to give their rabbits their own room. My two rabbits live in a small
bathroom, and they have a baby gate, they have their litter box, their food and water,
they have some small rugs in there, and I find a lot of rabbit owners find that is a
very good setup for them. You can also get dog pens to keep your rabbit in a tiled area
in your house. You can also keep them in a cage in the house, but they do need some time
out running around. You want to make sure any areas they have access to have been thoroughly
rabbit-proofed. That is that the rabbit can’t get into any areas that you can’t get them
out of, such as under a cabinet, behind a refrigerator or something like that. You also
want to keep an eye on things that you do not want chewed on if your rabbit has access
to them, because they can be destructive as far as that goes. If you would like more information
about our animal hospital, you can visit our website at www.extracareanimal.net.
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Pet Rabbit Care : Where to Keep Your Pet Rabbit

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Moha Syu published on November 2, 2013
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