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Radioface coming in 321
What exactly is the Ashtar
Command and what is their purpose

How do we know if they're
actually real

When and to whom did
they first appear

And what was lord Ashtar's
mission and who did he follow

And what about other ET races
that have missions here on Earth

In what ways are they involved
All this and more only on today's
episode of Edge of Wonder

Welcome to the Edge of Wonder
we are your hosts Rob and Ben,

in our last episode we covered the
strange Southern Television broadcast interruption

by someone name Vrillon from
the Ashtar Command.

We looked how into how this happened,
who could be behind it,
and touched on who is this
Vrillon from the Ashtar command is.

So if you haven't seen that we
highly recommend watching it first,

since we won't go into detail
about it really here.

On this episode we will dive deeper into
who this Ashtar Command is,

if they are real,
and present everything our
research has found.

But again, we are only presenting
things that we came across.

Yes we encourage everyone to do their
own research and some of it may seem plausible and some of it may not.

However, the takeaway Ben and I got
from this is that whether all of this is true or not,

we should be compassionate to each other,
love each other and treasure ourselves.
Isn't that nice.
Yes you really can't argue over that.
Also in our research there are other
things that came up related to a secret government mind control experiment

so we will get into all of that
a little bit later.

OK Let's get into what this
Ashtar Command is.

As we explained in our last episode,
the first person who seemed to have contact
with this Ashtar Command was a dude named George van Tassel

who was an airplane engineer starting in
1927 for Douglas Aircraft,

then with Hughes and Lockheed.
He died of a sudden heart attack in 1978
while working on this Integratron

Which surprisingly isn't a
transformer's character

I know.
He was aided by the writings of Nikola
Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials.

Tassel never finished this Integratron
out of the Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert,

and his family suspected foul play.
But to this day it attracts UFO enthusiasts
from all over the world

in which anyone can make an appointment
and go actually pretty cool.

However, what makes Tassel's story so
believable is that in July in 1952

he sent a series of letters to governments
saying that UFOs would soon fly over Washington, DC.

And lo and behold sure enough that same
month it happened.

Of course it has been suppressed in the media
which is probably why most don't know about it.

But as Ben said, we already went over
this in our last episode

so we will skip to who this Lord Ashtar
is and see why he's here.

Now the main purpose of the Ashtar
Command is to protect Earth and humans from evil and dark forces

and also monitor space for any object that
could be catastrophic to Earth.

They think of themselves as universal
ambassadors of peace and follow the will of the divine creator.

How all of this came out though
is through channeling,

and this is where it gets a little dicey.
This is why we say take it lightly and again
we are just presenting what we found.

We are all trying to figure out if
this is real, a hoax,

or something created by the Cabal,
or even by a new age religion in
order to gain followers.

However, there are a few names that came
up who are doing these channelings

and the interesting thing is the older ones
who channeled this years ago

all say that no one should have
any hold over their words.

Which is like sort of like copyrighting your
channeling in that for everyone to hear and read.

The newer “channelers” all say
that the content is copyrighted

and no one else has the means
to reproduce it.

So of course that made us
question the content itself.

So we are going with the original
and first few messages that were given.

Now there are many websites saying
many things about Lord Ashtar.

Some say he was the one who
so called “brought life to Earth,”

but this kind of had us
shaking our heads.

Others say that only he
recently came to our realm.

Now according to Sheldan Nidle,
who supposedly channeled Lord Ashtar,
mentions how a lot of fake content is on
the internet and said that Lord Ashtar

didn't personally enter our solar system
till the exact date of July 18,1952.

However, we will get into more into Nidle later.
It is said that Lord Ashtar came
because he heard an urgent message

that Earth was attempting to detonate
the hydrogen bomb,

which he called a living organism
and was in violation of Tribunal and Galactic Confederation Law.

He called the scientists working on
the bomb totally ignorant

and underprepared of the
repercussions it could have

which could lead to the total
destruction of Earth and everything on it.

He was also worried about how nuclear
fission and nuclear power were being heavily pursued on Earth.

The first person who Lord Ashtar
made contact with was Tessel

and there are different variations
on how it happened.

According to many accounts this
wasn't through visions or “channeling”

but through actually physical contact.
Ashtar said Tessel was actually chosen
before he came into this life for this exact purpose.

The Ashtar Command supposedly
met with high ranking military

and government officials regarding
this matter with atomic weapons.

In fact this could be who President
Eisenhower met with on his golfing trip

where he mysteriously disappeared
and the media panicked.

Right, that was when he said he had to
go to a emergency dentist appointment and just forgot to tell everyone.

Eisenhower's version of the
weather balloon.

Actually we talked about this
on our Majestic 12 episode

or if you watched our previous
episodes with Laura Eisenhower,

she also explains this is when the
treaty took place with the greys.

Yes because it is President Eisenhower
who met with Tall Blondes

who begged the US to disarm their nuclear weapons.
But he refused because he didn't trust
that the Soviets would do the same.

So it is rumored that the Greys approached him
and made a deal allowing them to keep their weapons.

Should have made a deal with the tall
blondes man what the heck

The deal was that the Greys would
give them alien technology,

and even help them build more
weapons in exchange for experimenting on humans

and also have an underground lab
where they could conduct their research without interruption.

But they weren't allowed to kill anyone
or do serious harm and had to put them back after their experiments.

But as we know this of course
didn't end up happening.

From our own research and also
according to Laura,

we found that President Eisenhower
didn't want to make this deal

but had no choice in the matter due to
Nelson Rockefeller's control over him

and his influence in the government.
Ultimately, it seemed this is what
the cabal actually wanted.

So the Military Industrial Complex was
thus born and according to other insiders such as Phil Schneider,

who died by... huh “suicide,”
the greys were working in these deep
underground bases–secretly murdering

and experimenting on humans.
But that is a whole different story and
another one we would love to do but later.

Many of the current insiders have been
inspired by what Phil did

and who he was and have a lot of respect for him.
But let's get back to our story.
We can get sidetracked easily because
there is so much to talk about.

Yeah yeah so let's get back to more on
Lord Ashtar and where he came from,

many “channelers” say he claims to be
an Angelic like being

not of this dimension or even universe
which is more divine like.

The story is the divine creator asked him
to come to the lower realm specifically to watch over humans,

so we don't blow each other up.
He accepted this mission
with no afterthought.

In this case it does seem
pretty reasonable.

Since he no longer had much of the
power he had in the higher realms after coming to the lower one,

he was placed in charge of the
entire Ashtar Command fleet.

He also stresses that he should
never be looked at as a God,

or anything else but just as a highly
evolved individual who follows the will of the divine creator.

He says his main purpose
is to prepare the people of Earth

for the return of the Messiah and the
great awakening that will happen,

which seems to be taking place right now,
and before the huge catastrophe happens
that will eliminate all the evil elements.

Also through the channeling it is said
that in the future after a full disclosure happens and the bad elements are weeded out,

Earth will become a new member
of the Galactic Federation.

Star Trek on earth,
we'll get into that in a minute
Now during our research so many
Galactic and Federation names came up that we weren't sure which was up and what was down.

Such as The Galactic Federation of Light,
Pleiadian High Council,
various alliances and more federations.
So we asked Insider Corey Goode if
he ever heard of or knew of the Ashtar Command or the Galactic Command,

to which Corey's response was that a
bunch of groups came together to form a Super Federation…

That's fun.
That actually sounds like
something from Star Trek.

That was the United Federation
of Planets, don't ask how I know that.

You're a dork and we all love you for it.
Well it does make sense because
didn't someone say that

Gene Roddenberry was secretly
getting inside information to make Star Trek?

Yes but honestly, I forget who
was talking about it.

I think there were a few different people
maybe Corey might be one of them
but it has been a while since I researched all of that anyway.

Well, Corey did say that he never
heard anything about the Ashtar Command

while he was in the secret space programs,
but maybe everything already
merged at this point,

had other names for it,
operating outside his knowledge,
or it could just not even be real.
However, he and a lot of other
insiders do talk a lot about the Tall Blondes

which are really of many different races,
they just all look similar.
According to Corey and Lord
Ashtar they are not just in space,

some live inside the inner earth.
Now in Sheldan Nidle's version,
Lord ashtar arrived here only in 1952.
But all accounts say that this Galactic
Federation has been here for millions of years watching over us

and guarding humans against the
Dracos and AI beings

who have successfully conquered
thousands of Star Systems.

This Galactic Federation or maybe
the Super Federation as Corey knows,

is more like a United Nation of Planets
but everyone involved has to have
pure intentions to help humanity

and serve the divine creator.
Which is a little bit different
than the United Nations.

That's very true.
Nidle reported there was around
100,000 members with thousands of ships

around our solar system monitoring
and protecting Earth.

But between 1988 and 1993 another
100,000 were added with beings

and entities from all over the entire universe.
However, many people have come
out and stated that many extraterrestrial civilizations

visit us with some just being very curious,
some doing scientific studies,
research on animal and plant life,
some come here to hide,

and some want to help humans,
and of course some who want to
control humans or experiment on us.

And if you want to know more about
why would they bother coming here,

watch our extra dimensional beings
episode on sometime.

However back to Ashtar,
this Ashtar Command made it very clear
that any negative being that contributes to our fear,

depression, menace, or anything negative,
is not aligned with their command.
There are a few accounts of various
beings working with them

such as some positive Dracos
against the evil dracos even.

Also in our research this so called planet
Nibiru that many people talk about as something colliding with Earth,

may not be a planet at all and maybe just
a large space station.

Which seems to make more sense because
how could a planet just appear out of nowhere.

Well and also has such a strange
unexplainable orbit right.

Now we want to bring up some very
important points related to the military and lord Ashtar.

A pretty well known channeler of the
Ashtar Command was Greg Giles,

who made videos and had his own
website dedicated to the messages he was receiving from Lord Ashtar.

However, in 2012 he had a single post
in which he said his website was being hacked and couldn't delete anything.

The last post he made is an apology to the world.
Giles believed he was part of a secret
US military psyop where agents within the department of Defence,

were using radio waves or the
Voice of God technology,

to send messages to him in the
name of Ashtar.

He goes on to say that this program
was designed to target these kind of individuals to lure them in their web.

So these individuals are actually called TI,
or targeted individuals.
This way they can monitor and control
all information that is going to the public

so they can spy and watch people who
could have certain abilities.

We have some friends who maybe coming
on the show who're going to talk about TIs

and all of these on a live show soon.
So keep an eye out for that.
Greg explains that they were using
electromagnetic/microwave neuroweapon technology to reprogram his thoughts,

keep him under surveillance,
which were giving him nightmares.
He even says that these sonic weapons
are hidden in cell phone towers which are:

“soaking our airwaves with the digital
information of their hellish nightmare.”

We have done a few episodes on
Mind control devices

and even recently someone sent us in
the mail photos of alleged flagpoles with hidden technology in them.

He even explained that a Navy friend
of his helped installed them

which started to interfere with his garage
door opener if you can believe in that.

Also being in New York,
I am starting to see these devices all over
on top of buildings and while we were in Hawaii,

we saw them everywhere.
Of course they are saying these are just
cellphone towers or devices,

but now with 5G rolling out,
who knows what they are using it for.
Many people are worried and even
though 5G is inevitable,

we just hope that the good guys take
control over this technology from the Cabal or Deep State.

But to finish with this Greg guy,
he compares what the Cabal is doing
with these mind control devices in the prophetic 1984 book,

and how this is their sick
and twisted plan.

On another level of synchronicity,
as we were writing this episode,
an email came through by a person
with the pseudonym Mike Johnson.

The most fascinating part of all of this
is when I stumbled on the site

which is the official site for the
channler, Sheldan Nidle,

I noticed this is the same website that
Mike mentioned which caused him to have all of his issues too.

Mike wrote a very long email describing
in detail what has been happening to him.

Mike believes he too is a victim of mind
control black op government programs.

He even had black helicopters following him,
meetings with “strange people,”
and seeing many UFOs in the skies along
with these black military helicopters.

Now according to Mike,
Sheldan Nidle's Planetary
Activation Organization

was what he became a part of in 2011
and when all of his trouble started.

Mike attended all of their webinars,
ordered all of the books and
products and got really involved

till he saw the black helicopters
everywhere he went.

This is when he had meetings
with “strange people”

and weird dreams of being on ships
and meeting various ETs and various humans.

Mike was laying in a field when he
suddenly had a strong vision of being in a school like setting,

sitting in a medical chair with a
woman putting drops on his forehead.

Afterwards he had an incurable
psychosis in which he believes involves dark entities,

and this is recurring.
What followed next was a mix of more
black helicopters and many UFOs that were following him.

He was forced out of his job and checked
himself in a mental institute to seek professional help.

But nothing was helping he even wrote
“I always felt like I was on a stage and
used for entertainment purposes like a [piece of] food.”

He also claims to have heard a
strong voice which said:

“We are from the Pentagon.”
He once saw a group of ETs called
Telosians who are also Tall and blonde,

come in his home, in his mind's eye,
but he described it as clear as day,
as they are wearing a Green
uniform talking to his family

which seemed benevolent in nature but
then he got these “dark vibes” from them.

So if you guys believe in synchronicity,
literally as Ben was writing this program,
he wrote to us to reach out and really just
wanted to tell his story to someone,

and also for guidance on what he should do.
Some might say he could just be crazy
but we get a lot of emails like this

and we know for sure the government
has and is using these mind control devices on people.

Again this is a whole other concern for 5G
and what these big tech companies are doing.

And a lot of people are seeing military
helicopters lately,

even on Corey Goode's Youtube channel
he has a chinook helicopter flying really low over his home.

So the big question is,
is this Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command
real or a dark agenda created by the Cabal for some evil intent?

Or is Lord Ashtar actually real and as
the cabal always does,

they're using it for their own purposes.
And what about those 1977
broadcast interruptions?

Right, so maybe the broadcast interruption
was real along with Tassel,

but the Cabal got worried and started to
use the voice of God technology to really confuse people.

But you guys might be asking why do this
when the message seems very righteous?

Yes and this is another point to bring up.
Which goes into all the weird UFO
religions that came about after Tassel,

since we know that the ultimate goal of
the Cabal is to destroy people's faith in God

and the Divine and promote
their luciferian agenda.

And this agenda that they push is that
God never existed or is just a weak being,

and that extraterrestrials are our real
“Gods” which is what a lot of alien shows actually promote at its root.

So even though on the surface
it seems righteous,

behind it is this “we created humans.”
Now guys, we're not just coming
up with this,

this is what the Deep State belives in and
what they push and why they do what they do.

This is where it gets super blurry
on who actually said what?

Since some say Ashtar is
our “ancestral father,”

and others say he only got here from the 1950s on.
And don't forget that weird UFO religion
called Heaven's Gate in the 90's

who all killed themselves
because they thought that the Hale Bopp
comet was a spaceship coming to take them home.

But we digress.
However, there does seem to be some
truth to the spaceship part.

While Hale Bopp was here in the 90's,
a Vatican priest sent Art Bell a letter saying
he had a top level security clearance at the Vatican

and was able to access a secured computer.
The computer had direct access
to the Hubble space telescope.

What he found next was
extremely startling.

The telescope was monitoring
the Hale-Bopp comet

and an email thread was going
directly to the Pope himself.

He also said the Vatican was
well aware of its “companion”

and were in conversation
with NASA about it.

The priest was able to download the images
and wanted to send them to Art Bell.

The priest said he was approached by the
Pope's top aids but ended up running away and hiding.

He said a contract was out on his life
and that his parents died in a car crash

and his siblings died in a
plane crash just days apart.

We don't know if this is real,
we're just telling you what
we found.

These are the reported photos
the priest sent to Art Bell.

In the book called Everything
You Wanted to Know About Aliens,

Lord Ashtar says that
Hale-Bopp was here to:

“Help to reawaken dormant DNA
strands in people and raise the spiritual vibration of humanity.”

So apparently Lord Ashtar is
newagy as well.

Again you guys we are simply stating
what we found here and by no means are claiming this is true or false.

Lord Ashtar goes on to say that many
people will feel lightheadedness

or an uncomfortable feeling as our DNA and RNA
wake up to help us remember who we are and where we came from.

And no your lightheadedness coming
from you smoking too much weed is not that

Ashtar also says that we are being
bombarded with messages of light

by the city of light that is traveling
with the Hale Bopp comet.

He goes on to say that the greatest
light we can have within ourselves is unconditional love,

and that: “It is the greatest
force in the universe.

When you look at all beings
and see not race, sex,

and see all beings as you are,
and truly drop ego,
then you allow the blocks to
be dissolved in your body.”

So even though this is a great message
and one that seems true and from the heart,

I think the main thing is not to look at
any being like this as a God,

or idolize him as a form of religion.
So once again, we have to ask:
is all of this real?

Or is this part of an elaborate plot
for the Cabal to control any narrative

and get people to start these strange
religions and lead people astray?

Or like everything else they do,
taking something good and
twisting and warping it?

In the long run we know all kinds of
beings exist including divine beings,

extraterrestrials and even evil beings
and demons.

So I think the takeaway is anyone doing
these “channelings” take lightly

and listen closely between the lines,
even if it sounds good.
I mean we know there are all kinds
of beings watching over us

and if this lord Ashtar is real
and truly helping us,

that is awesome.
But all of this has more cause
for worry and could be more harmful

than just the message of
peace and love.

But what do you guys think?
Comment below and let us know.

We hope you like this episode
on the Ashtar Command.

Please hit like and subscribe…
And as always we will
see you out,

On the edge.
Of Star Trek
More transformers
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Alien Lord Ashtar & the Ashtar Command: Real or Created for Control?

499 Folder Collection
Kan Kryon published on June 26, 2019
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