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On today's Edge of Wonder,
we were going deep dig in the 5G

On part 1, we ask what is 5G
How can it affect us
On today's part 2,
we'll link it back to the
agenda of the deep state

and expose the cold war over
5G between them and the alliance

Who's really behind 5G
Who owns the infrastructure

What's China's plan and how
has the U.S. been responding

Where is the current battleground for 5G
What about national and global issues?
And just who supporting who in this epic battle

Now here's part 2 the truth
about 5G on Edge of Wonder

Welcome back to the future!
I'm your host Ben

Ahhh morning, and I'm Rob
and we have to say this is the 5G
episode you've been waiting for.

Right, that's because in the
second part of our 5G series,

we'll link it back to the Deep
State's Agenda

and expose the cold war over 5G between
the Alliance and the Deep State.

… And If you missed part 1 of the series,
make sure to go back to see it.

We talk about the kinds of weird things
that might happen to Ben if they actually implement it.

You know like he might mutate,
but not like the cool X-men kind of
mutation… the Chernobyl kind.

What are you talking about? Everyone
knows that would be the cool x man kind of mutation,

But you Rob, everyone knows
that you'd like the total recall

In the last episode,
we covered what 5G was,

its capabilities, and how it unlocks 100x
download and upload speeds,

the internet of things,
and self-driving cars.

We also showed you guys proof that
electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs)

harm animals, humans,
and the environment.

Companies can learn all about you more
comprehensively and influence you using 5G.

If that didn't work,
5G tech can also just straight up control
your behavior via ELFs and not elvs, ELFs, ELF

and the scariest part—crazy plasma
technology powered by 5G.

Maybe it can be weaponized?
I mean who knows?

With that context in
mind for this episode,

we know why so many countries
and companies are scrambling to develop 5G first

in order to keep the world
free or under tight lock-and-key.

Who owns the infrastructure for 5G?
Like with most things,
if you want to find out the truth,

you have to follow one
of two things.

Either the people involved
or follow the money.

Exactly, let's follow the money for a bit.
Now who's got the funds to rapidly develop
5G infrastructure and R&D?

Now hang with us for a moment
and kinda listen closely.

The major players in 5G for networking
equipment are Sweden's Ericsson,

Finland's Nokia,
China's Huawei and ZTE.
In smartphone communications
chip manufacturing,

there's Qualcomm, MediaTek,
Samsung, and Huawei.

This leads us to the elephant
in the room—Huawei.

It's so deeply connected to 5G
but we'll break it down for you.

What is China's 5G Plan?
Why is China so heavily invested in 5G?
What's their plan?

Going back to China's huge plan to own 5G,
they “announced plans to invest two
hundred twenty four billion dollars in 5G by 2025”

to accomplish their plans,
according to China Daily …
why should we listen to China Daily?

Well you shouldn't they're a
mouthpiece for the CCP.

but if they're reporting on this, it's usually
to make the CCP look grandiose,

so this info is probably accurate.
If there's a conversation around 5G,
you can bet Huawei will be a part of it.

Why does China want to dominate 5G?
Well like most of Communist
China's agendas,

5G is also about control and

And you have to remember,
China wants to replace America as the leader
in the global economy and pretty much global everything.

Going back to our road analogy,
data in the form of high frequency waves moves
through the 5G network like cars on a road.

And guess what? China wants to own all the roads
—digitally and physically.

Yeah, just look up China's Belt
and Road Initiative.

Originally, it comprised of two plans:
the overland Silk Road Economic
Belt and the Maritime Silk Road.

These plans would allow China to
build “vast network of railways,

energy pipelines, highways,
and streamlined border crossings”,
reaching West “through the mountainous
former Soviet republics—

and southward, to Pakistan, India,
and the rest of Southeast Asia.”

The Belt and Road initiative would
“expand the international use of Chinese currency,

the renminbi, while new infrastructure
would deepen Chinese influence through trade and policies.

Think about it, the more they can get
other countries to adopt their currency,

comply with their national intelligence,
the less control a country
would have over itself.

They might be flying their own flag,
but they might as well as well be
Chinese since they would be using Chinese roads,

Chinese currency, and following Chinese laws.
You can see the piece by the Council
on Foreign Relations endorsing that initiative.

And if you've seen our Deep State series,
you know how the Council on Foreign
Relations is related to the Deep State.

Dudes, go watch that series.
But if Huawei is a private company,
why does the United States still
associate Huawei with Communist China?

Yi-Zheng Lian for the New York Times writes,
“The United States government sees
the company as an arm of the authoritarian Chinese state,

beholden to the interests of the
Chinese Communist Party (C.C.P.).”

And they'd be right to think that.
Why? It's due in part to China's
2017 National Intelligence Law

which roughly translates to
“all organizations and citizens shall support,

assist and cooperate with national
intelligence efforts according to the Law.” It's a communist regime, everyone.

According to Quartz,
The National Intelligence Law allows
Chinese intelligence agencies to legally “search premises,

seize property,
and mobilize individuals or organizations to carry out espionage”,

both on foreign and domestic soil.
HAHA! I mean legally?!
So it's clearer to us now,

China wants to exert influence
over other countries by first,

rolling out 5G technology to a
select group of countries,

enabling surveillance and influence
And second, building a
“vast network of railways,

energy pipelines, highways,
streamlined border crossings” to Pakistan,

India, and the rest of Southeast Asia to
control resources directly or through trade.

What is America's plan?
So how has the US been responding
and staying ahead of the game?

The US has been making lots of moves
to thwart China's domination of 5G.

On September 28th, 2018, the FCC
passed new rules that would allow it to

bypass states and local leaders to
expedite installations of 5G cells

But that hasn't been without lots of
pushback from major cities including Philadelphia, San Francisco,

and LA and even Commerce Secretary
Wilbur Ross and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

By passing these updated
infrastructure policies.,

the FCC can save two billion
dollars in “unnecessary costs”.

You can find the details under
the FCC's 5G fast plan

Sprint announced at the Mobile World Congress
that it's poised to be the first company

to roll out a real 5G smartphone in the US.
The proposed merger between Sprint
and T-Mobile plays a big part in that.

Why do they need to merge?
So in a Bloomberg interview,

they note that any individual company
will not have enough spectrum assets necessary to enable 5g to work,

but collectively they might have enough.
On top of that they'll have access to
more money to fund the development together.

So the Sprint / T-Mobile merger also
propels America to the forefront of 5G

and solidifies our leadership in technology.
In March 2019, Trump blocked
Broadcom's hostile takeover bid for Qualcomm

because they potentially pose
as a national security threat

On February 21st, 2019, Trump
tweeted that he wanted “5G,

and even 6G technology in the
United States as soon as possible”

Certain folks following the QAnon
movement have decoded the meaning of the tweet to mean that

the Trump Administration is rolling
out a new, safer version of 5G.

So for those of you that have been
confused on why Trump has been so strongly advocating this,

it's because they figured out how
to roll it out

while reversing the Deep State's 16 Year Plan to destroy America.
The Deep State hoped to “implement a
dangerous and weaponized version of 5G”

that would have harmed people and
“jeopardized our freedom peace and way of life”

The huge military spending bill is
not only quietly funding the construction of the physical
wall on our southern border

but also safe 5G infrastructure for America.
If the US can develop a safe version of 5G,
that's awesome news.

We know a lot of you guys have asked us
about how you can protect you and your family from 5G.

That news should reassure everyone
on most of the harmful effects of 5G that we discussed in the previous episode.

Where is the current
battleground for 5G?

Tensions between the US and
China has never been higher,

but where is the current battleground?
From all the recent news unfolding,
it seems that there's a lot of
uncertainty around Europe.

There are long-standing political ties and
business relationships that are at play here,

but let's set some context first.
What's China's current grip on the
European market like?

The market analysis firm,
Canalys found that Huawei and Xiaomi
dominated the European market.

In Q4 2018, Xiaomi saw 62% growth and
Huawei grew over 55% year over year.

That is nuts.
In comparison, Apple and Samsung were flat
and other smartphone makers saw a significant drop.

The EU and China committed to a 20
month research project called 5G Drive

Their goal is to “validate the interoperability
of the European and Chinese 5G networks”

On China's end is China Mobile and Huawei.
On Europe's end is the German
telecommunications research

and development firm Eurescom” and
partners from eleven other countries.

The project's main focuses are the three
sites in “Italy, Finland and Britain,

and five in China – Hangzhou, Shanghai,
Wuhan,Suzhou and Guangzhou.”

You said that pretty well man.
Xie Xie Ni /Thank you
Which countries support the US? And
which countries support China?

So here's the latest as of March 2019.
China has the soft support of
UK, Italy, and Germany.

These are not yet finalized
with deals yet,

but many major figures from those countries
have spoken out in favor of China.

The US has the backing of countries
like Australia, New Zealand,

and Japan that have banned Huawei.
The US also has infrastructure partners
like South Korea's Samsung

which would supply US's Verizon
with 5G equipment.

and Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia which
would supply 5G networking hardware to AT&T

UK's Vodafone's CEO seems to be in
cahoots with Huawei

and spoke out in defense of Huawei
during the Mobile Web Congress.

He said that “excluding Huawei from Europe's
5G networks could be hugely disruptive”

to national infrastructure and consumers.
If he were more concerned about his
consumers' privacy instead of wetting China's beak,

he might consider working
with Finland's Nokia

or Sweden's Ericsson instead
of China's Huawei.

Next, Italy has ignored US's warning
and sided with Huawei.

“I don't see Huawei as an issue,
for me it's just one of 25 names of equipment
manufacturers that you can choose from,

with different prices and different quality,”
says Michele Geraci,

under-secretary at the Ministry for
Economic Development.

It's interesting to note that he was a
professor of finance who spend a decade in Shanghai…

I mean that doesn't smell like a coincidence.
Following that, UK has positioned itself to be cautiously optimistic about China.
Jeremy Fleming, director of U.K.
cyber security agency GCHQ said
“5G security is about more than just Huawei …

China's place in the era of globalized
technology is much bigger than just one telecommunications equipment company”

So what's the latest development
between Europe and China?

According to South China Morning
Post, in January 2019,

the EU expressed concerns that the
Chinese intelligence could include back doors

into Huawei's equipment
and spy on or sabotage overseas targets

Tim Rühlig, an analyst of EU-China relations
at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs said,

(tim ruhlig profile) “The world might
end up with a divided tech world

one Chinese-run and another non-Chinese run.
He continues—”At this moment, both US
and China perceive the conflict

over 5G infrastructure as
a matter of geopolitics.”

It's really a matter of national security
because we've already established that China's 2017 National Intelligence Law

contains some dicey language—
It forces people to comply with China's Ministry
of State Security in any way possible.

So although Huawei has enjoyed
success in China and Europe,

they've been experiencing political pushback
since Australia and Japan

followed “the U.S's lead in blocking [Huawei]
from participating in its future 5G networks.”

Then in March 2019,
the Trump administration told Germany
that it would limit intelligence reports
with them unless they ban Huawei on 5G.

Why would Trump administration fervently
warn Germany about adopting Huawei's technology?

Like we mentioned before, using Huawei's 5G
tech would essentially be unleashing China's Trojan horse.

Huawei's 5G tech is the Trojan horse that
would give Chinese intelligence unlimited access

to whichever country that foolishly or
willingly adopts Huawei's technology.

Unfortunately, things don't look too
promising for Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke
at a conference in Berlin on March 19th saying she doesn't believe in—first,

discussing “sensitive security
questions publicly and second,

to exclude a company simply
because it's from a certain country”

Right, so this is one of these
political issues now

These social issues
Right, that's not really a surprise to us.
She's demonstrated a globalist stance many times in the past….
Cough Cough Hitler's daughter.
You did not just say that
I heard that. Losing UK, Italy,
and now Germany to China isn't great news,
but it was expected considering
Europe's dependence on Huawei -and ZTE's mobile technology.

We do have confidence that the alliance
has a long term plan to protect

as many innocent people in Europe
as possible from harm.

Before we wrap up, please go
check out our platform,

edge of wonder dot tv.
Edge of Wonder TV is the platform
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including the exclusives that we
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We'll post episodes early (when we can)
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We'll also be putting up our
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Also guys, soon we'll be doing
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just hanging out with you all more.

We're building all that infrastructure now.
So if you can, come and support
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so we can keep producing more
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Subscriptions are 9.99 a month
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We are working on some new, uncensored,
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That's right, so if you like want to support us
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please subscribe at edgeofwonder dot tv
From our understanding,
5G is a powerful tool that can be
used offensively and defensively.

It can be used by both the Trump
administration to easily root out

and catch the members of the Deep State.
Simultaneously, it could be used by
China to expand the scope of their surveillance

and influence over other nations
like they have in Europe.

Another way to understand it is,
if we don't take control of such a
dangerous weapon,

it will fall into the wrong hands.
We believe this is why the Trump administration
is trying to stay on top of this.

… or it could be used to make you grow
another head or make your leg fall clean off on your daily slurpee run.

And remember if our 5G technology
is superior to China's,

we'll be well-equipped to defend
those Slurpee runs.

The topic of 5G isn't so simple because there are both good and bad players in the East and the West.
So what can you do? Share our video
with people—tell them what's going on!

And trust in the plan overall from the good guys.
But don't forget to like, subscribe!
If you have 5G news that we didn't cover, please comment below and let us know.
Stay vigilant and with that,
we'll see you out—
On the edge!
And for future reference, we will refer to deep state as steep date,
Properly spoonerized it should not trigger YouTube algorithms until they really get smart
Now if the big Alphabet company at the top that owns Google and D wave
would just take some of that AI intelligence and put it over here in our speech recognition
Where you get stuff free
No but that's cool because they'll keep the AI over there
and we will spoonerize and we'll talk about everything right in front of their face
And they'll have no clock and foo about that
We're talking about because everything is bass ackwards
steep date,
deep state darn it I said it again
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5G Showdown: Huawei Joins Darkside against the Alliance [5G Part 2]

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Kan Kryon published on June 19, 2019
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