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Still have some burning questions
about Q?

Why is he posting anonymously?
Is there a CIA covert operation
undermining mainstream media?

Does Q post disinformation on purpose? And why?
If Q is real, why isn't anyone he's
posting about being arrested?

All this and more
on today's episode of-

The Edge of Wonder.
So in our last episode,
we showed you Q posts

that journalists would have a really hard time to deny
Yeah, unless you refused to actually study what
Q was doing, even for a few minutes.

In this episode, we're gonna tackle all
the little questions still in your head

about why Q is doing-
well, what he's doing.

Well gee, does the media seem right now
it's like a conducive place for a level
of drops Q is making?

Yeah, I mean it's so
extremely polarizing

and many news organizations just
have their very own strong agenda.

Who even knows what those agendas are?
And then, there's the layer
of intelligence

that we haven't even started talking about yet.
Most people
think that there's just

the CIA,
the FBI,
and the NSA,
but those are actually just
civilian intelligence agencies.

According to Q, Trump is working
with military intelligence.

Military intelligence would know
everything going on right now

and would have to act in a very careful way.
And also, it seems from Q's posts that
Trump is actually taken back over the NSA.

Yes, that's exactly what... according to
Q that's what's happening.

But also, for what Q is saying, it
would be pretty inappropriate

to use media to make these drops.
Some of these things are way out

and it's not widely accepted concept.
So they would have to go through
way too many people if this was the case.

So let's say it's as messed up as Q is
saying it is.

Do you think people listening to the nightly news
would be able to really accept that?

But also, this gives them the opportunity to see
which side each media outlet is really on

and how they're going to report on this.
Also, if they were to create their own board no one would see it,
so they would have to use something very secure but something people are familiar with,
and thus why they chose 8 and 4chan to do this.
Let's zoom out and talk a little
more about the media.

What is Operation Mockingbird?
Let me ask you something Ben,
It's the 50s or the 60s and you need
intelligence on anything and everything

that's going on to get your country
ahead of the game in the Cold War.

What do you do?
Well, let's see, I mean there's no internet, so I'd
probably start talking to a lot of librarians?

You really are that
innocent aren't you?

Wouldn't you talk to people who had leads or contacts?
Where do you get those?
Ah, you know what, I would contact aliens.
I would use alien technology
and then with their technology, I'd be
able to take over the world!

Been watching too much David Wilcock, man.
You probably talked with reporters or
movie stars with connections, right?

I mean, think about it.
Actually to give you some credit,
your alien way's probably faster.

Right, because this is how the CIA even got started,
with I mean, Majestic 12
and whatnot,

but well, okay let me think about this for a second.
First I guess I'll infiltrate
correspondents in other countries,

dictating the information there, and the
information coming back into the U.S.

Then I'd make friends with the reporters in
the U.S., ask them to do me favors,

then I'd probably make contracts with the
chairman of these news agencies

and make them give my agents covers as
journalists, but really they're CIA agents.

Then I'd make them hire my agents as
staff for their organizations.

Then, when Congress finally called me
out on it, I'd tell them let's not talk about it

and only talk about in private to make
sure that no one else knew.

Did you just like- That was intense man!
You just outlined all of Operation
Mockingbird in like a few sentences.

Okay, but seriously, back- back to like the show.
We'd like to draw your attention to Carl Bernstein,
who was Co-winner of the
Pulitzer Prize for public service.

Ironically now, he seems to be very foggy
headed on what's going on.

I was really shocked about that actually
It was a weird interview we just
watched on CNN.

Yeah, so we just watched this
interview recently on him.

Well, after leaving Washington Post in 1977,
Carl spent a significant amount of time
researching CIA's relationship with the press.

He then published his findings in a Rolling Stone
article published on October 20th, 1977

Carl outlines, in this incredibly
thorough amount of research,

that journalists and chair people in many of the top media outlets all had relationships with the CIA.
Some of them even giving cover for their
agents or being agents in those organizations.

We're talking about CIA officials having
assignments in our news since the 50s!

Why is this important?
This could still be going on!
And you guys have to read Karl's research.
One important thing to note is that-
and we're not saying we know what happened here
we're just pointing out the obvious-

this operation was terminated as stated in the release document by the CIA called Family Jewels.
Man, they have a way
of naming their documents.

Usually, when operations get terminated,
they change the name

and learn that- you know, they learned a lot
from their previous effort, right?

When the CIA first does something, it's kind of a mess. I mean, it's always kind of a mess,
which is why there's so much backlash afterwards.
They'll change the name and doing an even more covert way to achieve whatever goals are necessary
Next is quotes from articles that prove
media can't look at Q neutrally.

So Ben, what's the number one rule of journalism?
It's to look at things neutrally or objectively.
Pretty obvious.
That's why newspapers were often broke up into
news sections and opinion sections.

Yeah, there's always been opinions,
but they were called opinion columns and articles. Everything was out in the open and labeled clearly.
We're gonna show you why mainstream media can't
be trusted to comment neutrally on Q.

We're not saying it's everyone,
but just look at these examples when you
do a Google search about QAnon.

We're not gonna name names but we will
reference the media organization, so let's quote.

Okay, just did a google

One of the first articles down right
now is from is Gizmodo, a tech site.

I mean, okay what the heck
could they possibly have to say?

Okay first paragraph:
"inane QAnon conspiracy theory."

Okay, next quote: "pedophilia scandal,
extremist horse-"

Can't say that word, kids are here.
Okay, this is an article lambasting Apple
and Google for having apps about QAnon

that made them money from the App Store.
One interesting thing to note here is that
the article says that the QAnon app

was in the top 10 apps in Apple and
the top 25 apps in the Google Play Store.

So many people were downloading and
using the app. Got it.

Next is a Daily Beast article and,
oh my gosh, look at this headline:

"And you thought pedophilia scandal was nuts."
That's just the over line,
that's not even the headline yet.

"What is QAnon? The craziest theory
of the Trump era explained."

All right, so they're making fun of people that
consider "pedophilia scandal" a possibility

and they're using the words crazy and nuts.
Does any of this sound neutral?
I mean, we haven't even gotten to the article yet.
In the article, the writer tries to tackle
this from a neutral perspective

but only cites sources that are very
negative towards the movement itself.

The next in the SEO
battle and Google for QAnon

is an article by a company with the name
Media Matters.

Headline: "A GOP Twitter account is helping spread the baseless internet conspiracy theory QAnon."
(laughing) Baseless. Baseless in the headline?
In the second paragraph, again we see the
term "conspiracy theory baselessly believe"

Okay third paragraph: "Roseanne Barr and and Fox's Sean Hannity push the bogus claims on Twitter."
Then goes on to say "bogus statistics"
in the same paragraph.

I mean did this lady watch too
much 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journeys' as a kid?

Only thing we have to say here is
after how much effort she's put in

to make fun of people believing in these
pedo things could be happening,

she's gonna feel terrible if all of this is really true.
Okay, next is Snopes.
I mean we kind of have to mention them.
Here's their deck under the headline:
"farcical and ill-defined Deep State
conspiracy theory"

First paragraph:
"largely incoherent ever-widening
conspiracy theory"

Opinion! This is his opinion!
I think this, this whole- that
wording was incoherent.

I couldn't even figure out
what the heck they're saying.

All right, that's definitely this dudes

They go on to make fun of billboards
being put up all over the country by civilians,

trying to prove exactly what?
That people are spending
their own money to put up billboards, I guess.

It's a very pompous article.
I mean, if you really calmly looked at Q
and everything going on,

there's really no evidence that it's incoherent
or anything he's saying is incoherent.

It's very well planned out. I mean, you
actually have to give it a shot

and calmly decipher things, you know.
Do I have to say that?

This guy seems like he's already made up
his mind before even looking into it.

Okay, we wanted to show you more
and oh boy, we could,

but we're gonna leave it here and
move on to the next section.

Keep watching to find out what
their ultimate plan is

and when they're going to start arresting people.
Before we go any further, make sure
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and make sure you
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If Trump's team has all kinds of evidence
on these people, why doesn't Q post it?

Think about all the stuff on the internet
and how many things can be faked,
photoshopped, edited, etc.

Even if they play a damning video of Hillary Clinton in the heart of Times Square on a giant billboard,
most people would think it was a
fake video created by the far-right.

So they have to do this very systematically
also to get the people on their side.

This really isn't about exposing
the Cabal anymore,

they really already lost, it's about
freeing the people from the cabal's grasp.

And even if Trump takes down the
entire Cabal,

if the people protest and rally with blood
being shed and a civil war breaks out,

I mean, what the heck is the point?
That'd be crazy. Madness.
However, the media is still
Trump's biggest enemy

and if they were to release anything
outside of this,

the media would rally and rip it apart including Snopes, fakepedia, and all the mainstream media out there.
Also, many people within the government are still corrupt and wouldn't accept it either
and mix in fake evidence or mess it up,
which would really discredit all of it.

So they're doing this carefully, but this
goes right into the next question,

which is: why don't they just arrest everyone then?
Trump will bring martial law to the
country and we're all doomed!

This martial law is actually a Cabal
mainstream media conspiracy.

One of the biggest things that has happened,
in which Q was hinting for
days before it actually came out,

was the president's executive order on human trafficking,
which completely turned the Cabal upside

This order declared that human trafficking
was at an overwhelming high

and Trump declared a state of emergency .
So by doing this, Trump bypassed all of the civil organizations and bureaucratic laws
by giving the military the power to directly
seige assets and investigate anyone

without going through the courts or agencies.
This has inadvertently led
to over 40,000 sealed indictments,

with the likes of which that we've
never seen before in this country.

this shows that there's something major going on behind
the scenes whether you believe in Q or not

Yeah, you cannot deny that evidence,

Also, this could be the biggest takedown of any organized crime ring that we have ever seen
and involving more members than
any gang we have ever seen.

in order for there to be a justification for a
sealed indictment against someone

there had to be an investigation,
evidence of criminal activity,
and approved indictment based on that evidence.
So this just isn't something someone
can throw together on a whim.

But really, the military is on our side. They are the
main players fighting against the Cabal.

If it was otherwise, Hillary would have won
and we would be on the verge of becoming a communist, globalist country.
We're not saying anything bad against
anyone, this is just honestly the reality.

So why don't they just arrest
everyone if this is real?

The short answer to this
is that it's all a process.

Plus, this goes back to what Rob was saying
about the bloodshed and civil war, if they do.

The main objective of what Q
has been doing is

to create mass awareness,
discussion, engagement, loyalty

so they can slowly start to "drain the swamp".
However, once people stop listening to the
mainstream narrative on their own,

great changes will happen in our society
and slowly more and more journalists are being exposed for being agents or paid off by the CIA,
which is under the Cabal still;
Operation Mockingbird.

But with the Q initiative,
people are starting to wake up.

You should be happy. We're actually winning!
If everyone woke up, this would all be
over tomorrow. However, that is extremely unlikely,

Too many people have way too
much to lose at this point in time, but yeah.

Next is:
Could Q really be posting some misinformation?
This absolutely could be true. However,
this isn't to deceive the public.

If you have a strong hand in a poker game,
you are going to bluff to make it
appear you don't or vice versa.

Q most likely is saying certain things to see
how the public or the Cabal will respond to it.

Also, this will make the bad actors nervous
because they won't know what
the next plan of action will be

and this will cause them pretty much
not think rationally

and probably slip-up or do
something really dumb.

Again, this is actually in the public's interest.
They want people to know what
is happening,

but at the same time they can't
spell it out for us too clearly.

But if a lot of people start to
talk about something,

it will for sure make things harder for
these bad actors to be in public, right?

Why Q is not a right-wing conspiracy theorist.
Okay, so Q drops some big names
that are just branded with the label conspiracy
such as Rothschilds,
George Soros,
he says John McCain is connected to ISIS,
Clinton family cover-ups,
CIA killed JFK,
he claims the Bush family caused 9/11,
and he says Obama is Muslim.
The list goes on.
For the most part, people are saying
oh my gosh, what the heck?

Yeah, this is just a complete right-wing conspiracy theorist who's trying to manipulate the world!
But the main point isn't about being
left or being right.

There are Democrats and there are Republicans
working together to filter out these bad actors

and in truth, the Cabal are using any name
they want to hide what they are doing.

If Republicans are getting a bad rap, they
will use Democrats and vice versa.

They don't care about this, they only care about securing their power, their greed, and their lust for control.
The Bush family is just as bad
as the Clintons, according to Q,

so how can you say it is a right-wing thing?
The Cabal wants you to depend
on them for everything.

They want to make it so the
government thinks for you,

that you can have whatever you
want because darn it, you deserve it!

Real life doesn't work that way.
You have to work at something.
No pain no gain.

They're using every label, every group
out there to push their devious agenda

and make it sound like they are on your side,
but secretly they're blocking us and
enforcing us to accept their ways!

They have a habit of feeding us with a golden spoon
and promise in the
future they will give it to us,

but we are so focused on the golden spoon
that we're not even asking what
the heck that is they're feeding us!

Then once they do give it to us,
they crash the economy so now the
spoon is worthless,

but they tell us things will get better.
Yeah, it's like a it's
like a rotting, old, aluminum spoon

wrapped with gold foil or something.
Okay, in a nutshell,
this is what they've been doing:

destroying the economy by forcing us to
buy overseas, which cuts all jobs here,

making us believe that socialism is the
answer and that capitalism is the devil,

making our education really dumbed
down and forcing everyone in debt.

Then they make us feel we can't make any
decision on our own without them.

But what they won't tell you is that,
well, what Lenin said,
the goal of socialism is communism.

So if you still want to brand us as
conspiracy theorists, you may go ahead.

I just hope that once the truth begins to shine brightly,
it just isn't too late for some people.

So what would happen if Q was accepted
by the left-leaning media agencies?

Well, basically the entire system would crash.
I mean, no really, if this
were to actually happen,

it would be that Trump's team would have already began the process of clearing all the bad people
in these companies and begin to
dismantle the CIA.

But also, if this did start to happen, it would also
show that there is a Great Awakening,

and that people are realizing the
truth before them now,

that the evil in the area is dissipating and that the light is beginning to shine in people's hearts once more.
Q did say that in the future there won't be
a CIA, it was corrupt from its inception,

and in the future all
that'll be left is the NSA.

The life of a spy agency is one built on lies.
How can anything be trusted that it says?

In this case, it won't be able to keep
reporters on its payroll.

Okay, so final thoughts.
Here's one thing I just want to say to you all:
some of you after watching this are gonna be like, oh you guys are right and conservatives and blah blah blah,
but you're basically playing right into the
media's hands if you do that.

Actually, Ben and I couldn't less about parties.
No, actually I couldn't at all. I just want to
vote for someone who is upright,

holding up traditional values, being
righteous, and being truthful

Anyone who's good, we support.
and taking down the deep state.
That is the most important thing. If someone's
willing to do that, they have my support.

Conspiracy theorist is a stick
that people use to beat people.

Don't fall into that either.
We really- all we want to do is give you
guys the right- the truthful information,

and that's all we're trying to do here.
We are not taking sides,

we're not getting on the liberal or the...
republican bandwagon or whatever.

That's not what we're doing.
Yeah, we're not Nazis.
So Rob and I have been actually
following Q for a very long time,

so it's not like we've just thought this up
on a whim and wanted to do this.

It's like, we've been following his
posts since the beginning.

We have a lot of people that we know who's kind of involved with this kind of on a high level things
and they've been telling us some information.
So this is the video that we've kind of compiled all that information in and presenting it to you guys.
So guys, what did you think of our video on QAnon?
Yeah, did this change your perspective on Q?
And if so, how?

We want to know and we want to
hear from you guys

so make sure you comment below make sure you hit that like and subscribe button
and make sure to click the notifications.
we want to
keep pumping out awesome videos for you guys

okay until next time we'll see you
guys out-

on the edge.
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QANON - Why it's NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

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Kan Kryon published on June 19, 2019
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