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Is QAnon a sophisticated plot of
President Trump's team

designed to elude the mainstream media's control?
Or is QAnon just a dude in a hoodie behind a computer trolling the internet with conspiracies?
Do his posts prove that he's working on Trump's team?
and if so, why is the media
working so hard to discredit him?

on this episode of the Edge of Wonder,
let's go over seven undeniable proofs

that journalists can't argue with.
Welcome to Edge of Wonder. I'm Ben,
and I'm Rob.
Q, an anonymous user who started posting
cryptic messages in October of last year

on 4chan and 8chan and baffled
the dark underbelly of the Internet.

His first target, the arch-nemesis of every
breathing Republican: Hillary Clinton

then the Rothschilds,
the Saudis
North Korea
George Soros
Iran, the Bush family, Isis
and man so many more.
Every mainstream media is
desperately trying to discredit him,

but what are they not talking about?
And you might be thinking,

why should I trust some random dude on 8chan anyway?
but in the words of Q himself: "Nothing is
random. Everything has meaning."

On this episode of Edge of Wonder,
we'll present you guys with some
arguments that mainstream journalists dare not touch

because well if they do,
it would undo all of their efforts to discredit Q

and people would start
paying attention.

It would also look really bad for their political party.
But just to be clear, this isn't about
being on the left or the right

It's about taking on the shadow government, deep state, or cabal. Whatever you want to call it.
Who are a mixture of Republicans and Democrats.
Also just to note that what we are presenting
is only what QAnon has been posting

and like everything, you
have to use your own judgment

Yeah, don't shoot the messengers.
But with that said, there is
already an enormous amount

of disinformation with the mainstream
narrative out there so

to really form your own opinion,
it's better to just read his post yourself

and not run to mainstream media or
fakepedia to learn about everything.

Also be careful about listening that anyone with strong emotional outbursts about something
or strong political leanings.
Look at this with a really calm mind.
And this is also meant to present you guys
with some pretty solid evidence

that the mainstream media, well... they
might have just kind of overlooked?

Oh, like how New York Times keeps
saying how great communism is,

and how they must have
just overlooked the fact that

Stalin, Mao, and Castro were horrible
murderers that killed millions

Yeah, I'm just thinking
that they just overlooked those.

Yeah, right.
Also, don't forget about the recent
article they had about how it's not a crime

but instead like a mental disorder to com-
Ahem, I think we should stop there.
So without further ado, our top QAnon posts.
When it comes to prediction,
it would be easy to post something
after someone else referenced it.

What if it was reversed and Q posted
something before it happened?

Love it or hate it, we all know
how much Trump loves Twitter.

In this case, one of QAnon's earlier posts was
simply a: "Nothing is random, everything
has meaning, plus plus plus Q"

which was posted on November 6th at 5:07 p.m.
Now, the really interesting thing is- is that
just eight minutes after Q posted this,
President Trump

tweets this out at 5:15 p.m. about his
visit to Japan

but at the end, he writes massive military
energy orders happening plus plus plus.

If Trump posted this before Q did that
would be one thing,

but this was just eight minutes after Q did.
So what does the plus plus plus mean?
Also, he put it with massive energy
and military orders happening.

But the plus plus plus could stand
for a few different things.

But do you guys know what happened between November 4th and November 6th of 2017?
It was when all the Saudi Arabian princes
and officials were being arrested.

Over the span of the next month or so,
about 200 people were arrested,

and Q makes another post a few
days later saying a lot,

but the gist of his post is that the
DS or deep State

lost one of the sides of their pyramid so
they lost a huge amount of their capital

which has figures in the trillions.
So according to Q the source of the financial
control of the world are three groups:

The Rothschilds, George Soros, and Saudi Arabia,
with Saudi Arabia having the code of
plus plus plus.

and according to Q,
the Cabal just lost Saudi Arabia.

Now can all of this just be a coincidence?
Sure. however we just got started.
So keep watching if you really want to have your mind blown by the Q phenomenon.
So this one might not seem much but Q

"Have you not discovered the confirmed correlation between posts here and tweets yet?"
with tweets meaning from Trump.
Right before this, Q also posted
this which is quite long,

but the main part here is that he's asking us:
Do you trust the military do you trust the chain of command?
Have faith we are in
control, with the trademark:

"Where we go one, we go all."
which is only his second time
posting this trademark.

So the chain of command is a very
interesting choice of words,

because two days later on January 15th,
the US Department of Defense tweeted this post,
which is about the promotion of a new
show on National Geographic

about the military called chain of command.
However, that night on January 15th,
during the show,

There was a peculiar scene where
the viewers see a white mug

with a big Q on it in an espresso machine.
Now you guys might be thinking,
Okay, so what there is a mug with the letter Q?
Now this Q looks like it is made from the same kind of pattern as money and stock certificates.
So what's really fascinating
about this is that Q

is also always saying follow the money.
So from this standpoint, it actually seems
that this was all extremely well thought out

and not something random.
Everything has meaning.
But what do you guys think?
There are so many more crazy
posts so, hang on to your hats.

We're getting into the nitty-gritty now.
So this one is a really weird one for me.
On December 11th 2017, a reported bomb
went off at the Port Authority bus

and Metro Station near Times Square in New York.
But the crazy thing is, the night before,
I actually had a lot of nightmares all
night long and I just couldn't sleep.

And I actually felt this like weird dark
presence in my room and it kept me awake

pretty much the whole night
It was really weird that
this bombing happened too

because none of us knew
the extent of the damage or anything

or what happened and they completely closed down.
Yeah, the whole area was closed off.
And I actually transfer to in that station to come to work,
but what happened was because I was late and I couldn't get to that subway,
and I heard about what's going on,
I actually just got out and did a Facebook live.
It was when I was working for the media
and I just started filming the whole thing.

Right, right. So you guys are actually probably
wondering why we're telling you this weird story

Well Q has a few very interesting posts related to this
that seem like too much to be a coincidence.
Right, so on December 10th, the night
before the bombing, Q posted this:

"Blunt and direct time. Adam Schiff is a
traitor to our country.

Leaker. National security. Evil.
Tick tock.

Hope the 7.8 million was worth it. Enjoy the show."
So at this point no one's
really sure what he's talking about.

This could mean anything right?
But immediately after this, people started diving into who Adam Schiff is.
Believe it or not, Schiff was
heading the Benghazi investigations

for over a two point five year
period, which cost- ready for this?

A documented seven point eight million dollars.
So now, with any comment, most people
just have to wait to see what happens.

But that same night Q then posted this:
Hey- hey dude can I say this word?
Yeah just say it, whatever.
Psychological operation. POTUS 100% insulated.
Expect fireworks. Justice.

Fireworks? What did this all mean?
Well the morning after the bombing, Q posted this:
"Do you believe in coincidences?
Blunt and Direct time.

BDT. Think currency. Think fireworks. Thwarted. Message delivered. These people are sick!"
Now the bomber who ended up injuring
four people and didn't kill hundreds,

like he claimed he was going to,
was from Bangladesh by
the name of Akayed Ullah

whose explosion was more like fireworks
than an actual bomb.

And excuse me if I butchered that name.
Now as for the blunt and
direct time think currency part,

The currency in Bangladesh is called
Bangladesh Taka

I think that's right, or BDT for short.
Did they know?
Then Q says: "Thwarted. Message delivered."
meaning that they knew this was going to
happen already and prepared to stop him

and the message was actually for the cabal
with tick-tock meaning your time is up.
And to make things even more crazy,
in Adam Schiffe's own district in Los Angeles
there was a massive sex trafficking ring

which included the sale
of a fifteen year old at a hotel.

Now we're not saying
that he's definitely tied to this,

but someone posted to the board
that maybe he's trying to cut a deal,

and Q actually responded to
it and he- he responded with :

"The intel drop is bigger than
you can imagine."

Now on a side note you guys
might be asking,

what if Q was the one
who actually set all this up

and this bombing and he's
just trying to get out of it?

Yeah, why trust this guy right?
Well, there's basically two reasons that he
didn't do that.

For one, ask yourself:
why hasn't the mainstream media
brought this up if this is the case?

I mean, wouldn't they jump all over this like
rabid dogs foaming at the mouth?

and two: why would he explain to everyone
what was going on if he was behind it?

I mean he just laid the whole thing out.
Right, exactly.
So for the first point, the
mainstream media isn't calling him out,

which is why we believe
him even more.

Because if they do and they ask him can you prove it
and he says yes, well, it proves that Q was legit,
and they just basically shot
themselves in the foot.

So more like signed their tombstones, right?
I mean jeez and this is why the media
stayed away from him for months,

until they could figure out
how to report on him.

But no one is really talking about
his posts directly,

they're just calling him: "crazy conspiracy
theorist sitting behind a computer".

The media had a field day when
a photo showed up of

President Trump's notepad
of handwritten questions

that he was supposedly going to be asking
to the school shooting survivors

that he was inviting at the White House.
So the reason the media went
crazy making fun of him

was for his overly simplistic note saying
look how horrible he is, he even had to
write down a reminder at the end

to make sure that he shows sympathy.
All right, but let's break this down a bit.
For one, this photo was taken before the kids arrived,
while Trump was preparing to meet with them.
Okay, and think about it everyone, why would Trump show what he's going to say to the camera?
It doesn't make any sense unless he
wanted them to take a photo of this.

I think they take for granted
how smart that guy really is.

Well and why would he want that?
Well, that same evening Q posted this:
"security test one through five
and then read five five read",

which seems like a test channel for 8chan.
Now, the crazy thing in lingo five five
basically means loud and clear.

But is he saying loud and clear read?
or a loud and clear read?

So looking at Trump's fingers'
positions, which is kind of awkward.

It seems like he actually placed
them there on purpose,

and you can count five fingers and then
underneath it is the phrase I hear you,

which actually makes it sound like Q and
Trump are talking to each other,

with Trump saying I hear you to which Q is
responding loud and clear read.

So if we're really getting you to wonder
now, wait 'till you see what's coming up.

All right this one we'll just briefly
touch on, but many

people are now wearing Q shirts at the Trump rallies
and Q has posted some
of these images along with this video.

In this video, a Trump supporter is
shouting at Trump wearing a Q shirt

and Trump points to his shirt.
Doesn't get any more obvious than that.
There's so many more we can cover,
but due to time

We might as well go straight to
one of the last posts Q has made

up until about making this video.
So right before Q posted this image,
he posted a comment saying:
"Look for more direct confirmations, it's time."
Soon after he posted a distorted image
of a lamp with an Apple logo?

and this confused everyone at first. No one
had any idea what Q was up to

'till someone realized that the image was
being reflected on the back of an iPhone

but this just isn't any old
lamp or any old iPhone,

When someone figured it out, Q
posted this:

"Who would have thought the Twitter phone could be so useful?
Do reflections violate national security rules?
Where must one be located in order to obtain a reflection on the back of the phone of that image?"
So turns out this is the lamp in Air Force One and he is claiming the Twitter phone is Trump's own phone
and by asking doesn't violate national security to take a photo of the Twitter phone.
And how do we know this?
Q then posted this:
So you can obviously tell Q is having
a bit of fun with this post

and that the interior of the plane was the same as Obama and Trump's version of the plane
but the real kicker is the mug holder near the lamp.
You can kind of tell that Q is someone or a group
of people near Trump that are actually posting
or maybe Trump himself in some cases.
I mean, you never know. If I was Trump though,
I would probably want to do it too.
But more importantly,
why aren't
the media talking about this?

There are so many more that we could have covered but this
would be a very long video so
we decided to end it here.

But as a bonus and one of the most
shocking posts out there,

is the one on sealed indictments.
Usually there are about 1100 that's 1,100
sealed indictments in the country at a given time, right?
an indictment is a formal accusation
that a person has committed a crime

A sealed indictment is an
indictment that is nonpublic

sealed indictments are typically used in
prosecuting individuals or criminal networks

in cases where revealing names
could lead to individuals

fleeing the country or destroying evidence
and guess what
there are over 40,000 sealed indictments spanning over every single state in the US
and affecting all levels of government but of course no names are on that list
check this out though
since Trump has been president there has been a whopping 3600 resignations from CEOs
including some big ones like Eric
Schmidt from Google

senators Congress members officials along with
terminations of senior FBI and DOJ officials

Q posted this spreadsheet
showing each state and how many sealed

indictments are in each state and gotta
check this out

this information was found on a massive spreadsheet with active links to every single one of the
resignations so what does this all mean
it seems to mean that very soon there's

gonna be a massive crackdown on so many officials in the U.S.
it seems like this is not an issue of if it happens it's a
matter of when it happens which is what

Q has been preparing the public for
this whole time

to get the people to stand behind the President and to arrest the cabal who are fighting to keep
control and using the media to try to
stop people from waking up to the truth

but we are awakening and this is what Q calls of the coming of the storm
finally how all this began on October 6
President Trump was having a photo-op

with reporters after he met with his top
military commanders and said it is the

calm before the storm which confused
to everybody later that month Q made

his first post which then became the
start of the storm and the rest of this

is basically history I mean we're
currently in the center of the storm

right now well guys what do you think of
our QAnon video?

did your view or opinion change after watching this?
so let us know in the comments below also
do you still want to know more?
watch our
next QAnon video when we blow the

top off this entire thing and show you
what's really going on we didn't feel

right doing that in this video until we
properly introduced you all's to Q

until then we'll see you out on the edge
of the storm
I knew that was coming
this isn't about being on the left or
the right it's funny that yeah

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QANON - 7 facts the MEDIA (MSM) Won't Admit

174 Folder Collection
Kan Kryon published on June 19, 2019
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