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The Edge of Wonder presents cosmic waves 2019,
featuring special guest Corey Goode,
hey guys welcome back with an awesome episode
with our good friend Corey Goode on Edge of Wonder

so thanks Cory for being
here again with us,

thanks for having me,
it's nice to be on the show and
actually be here with you,

yes I know speaking for the first
time when you came on,

changes the dynamic,
oh I can't stand doing interviews on on skype,
cuz you can't really hear very well,
there's a delay so it's like
especially when we do interviews,

we love having more of a
conversation, not just like here,

answer this question and
answer that question,

we like really being involved,
and it's a lot harder to do that
when there's a delay,

yeah we just recently made a rule
that the only people were allowing to do

skype interviews are you
and basically David.

You guys are only ones allowed to do that now.
No no it depends.
I have my own studio like you guys do,
we can figure it out,
would be great to see your home and
experience some cool stuff.

You have to come to Colorado.
That would be super fun.
We'll shoot some cool content
out hiking beautiful,

it sounds amazing,
that's definitely on the agenda
absolutely soon,

for sure,
so well for this episode, speaking of hiking,
going into the canyons
and down further,

we're gonna be talking about
inner earth beings during this episode,

and Ben and I are pretty psyched because
a lot of us are all talking about

things going on in the
heavens and things,

but space and everything else,
not always talking about what's
actually going on below the crust,

so we're happy to get into this
with you and kind of get in there,

because I mean historically even
there's all kinds of things go back thousands of years,

and where to start really,
I mean we know that the Draco
reptilians are below the crust,

we know we talked about in a previous episode
that the Hopi Indians had been under
there to kind of survive the deluge

And the ant people right,
but there's so much more to this
story isn't there,

yeah a lot of these groups below,
I mean we've had legends of there
being civilizations in the earth for a long time,

so where do these legends come from,
why would people make up stories about
more advanced beings living in the ground,

most cultures in the ground or a lot of
cultures that's where bad things happen,

why do they have all of this information
about cultures inside the earth,

well it's because that there
are human cultures,

there are ETs that have bases under the earth
but they are humans that
come from this planet

and others that live under the earth
and what we found out for after a
while with some of these human beings were presenting themselves to the military

saying that they were from the
Pleiades or some other star system

when it turned out that they were not,
they were from here,
and not just here but they come
from a civilization that like the anshar who have spoken about for a long time,

we were trying to figure out
where they're from,

what's the Intel,
well it turns out that they are
us from the future,

their timeline to where there
was a cataclysm,

and then they developed over eons
into this very highly tech spiritual group,

they developed into this group,
and they started having these weird
Mandela effect things popping up in the future in their timeline,

and they started looking back,
and they started finding these weird
little glitches or bifurcations in time,

and so they sent teams back in time
tens of millions of years to stay in that timeline,

and to manicure their timeline,
so their timeline doesn't get thrown off,
the crazy thing is we talk about
ancient aliens and invasion from other planets

but this big battle that's going on,
it's not a galactic war so to speak,
it's more of a temporal war,
if people fighting over timelines,
well let's say in the year 2075
we've become a very intimidating foe
for alien groups that want to come in and invade us,

well these et groups we are just now
wrapping our minds

around the vastness of space and how
celestial mechanics work,

so we can kind of think Star Trek Star Wars,
they can travel through space,
but when you're traveling through space,
you're traveling through time,
these beings can jump around in
time as easily as they can jump around in space,

so what if in the year like say 2075,
this et group comes in,
and they're like okay this is a
great planet we'd like to take it,

but we can't defeat these people,
so what do they do,
they jump into our past
become our ancient aliens,

they haven't got here yet,
They are future they'll be here at future,
but now they become our ancient aliens,
and they begin manipulating the
timeline to try to make sure

that we develop in a different way that's
more manageable,

that's the scope and the type of
warfare that's going on,

it's like temporal warfare,
it's amazing,
they're fighting through galaxies
but it's also mainly a temporal war,

they're fighting over timelines,
so the Luminarians correct? a lot of
people say Mount Shasta is connected to the Luminarians,

and also I think it was Admiral
Byrd in World War two

that's kind of a contested,
it was a manuscript that
he wrote or a diary,

Yeah diary that would be better,
the validating I mean authenticating
whether that's real is difficult,

really it's very difficult,
so I don't necessarily know if all of
that stuff really happened,

it's a great story,
but where did that story come from,
that story is backed up in myth is
connected to people in ancient Tibet,

a lot of these monks they
have monasteries

and it looks like why do they have
this monastery in the middle of nowhere,

it's kind of back into a cave,
well back in the back of that cave
is an entrance to an inner earth civilization,

and they guard the caves and
they guard the knowledge,

and they have communication
with these beings,

so that's why the Nazis were really
curious about what was going on in Tibet and also China,

and they sent expeditions there,
and the expeditions were retrieving
ancient manuscripts

that had the blueprints for
how to build a UFO in them.

ancient ancient manuscripts
and it's how to build a UFO,

and other information that
they were finding,

and they were going and they
were raiding these monasteries,

and taking the information,
so sounds like the group you're talking
about and more kind of like the negative ETs right,

like the group that came from the future,
let's just say but for the Draco came back,
and they had the earth let's just postulate
because this is one of the things that they claimed that

they had developed technologically
they left the earth

and went to other star systems
during that time period

a major Cataclysm happened here
destroyed all the dinosaurs all
of their genetic experiments codex

everything was destroyed
and then these Guardians came in,
and protected the solar system
from invasion,

well the only way that they could
overcome that is to travel in the past before it happened,

and they had the technology to do that,
like I said it's happenstance they
can jump around in time as easily as they can jump around in space,

I heard it was a Columbia
University professor actually,

it was very fascinating,
I'll have to find the interview
the video on it,

because I haven't seen it in
a very long time,

but he basically broke down essentially,
how time travel especially
for ET races,

and this is like a university
professor talking about this,

it could very easily travel in time,
and basically from points over here and
they're traveling in a long distance

especially through faster than
the speed of light,

they could essentially go to
he had like these points,
and they could literally just go to any
point in a timeline that they wanted to go,

yeah but the professor's don't realize
or maybe not publicly

that these ships aren't traveling the
speed of light linearly between point A to point B,

they're traveling through the cosmic web,
Instantaneous, yes wormholes,
Like Dr. Salla pointed out,
everything in time and space is connected,
even our our atoms are held
together by tiny wormholes,

and we could learn how to collapse
those wormholes and travel,

it seemed like a complete distraction
that everyone is talking about like speed of light travel all the time,

it's a complete distraction
they travel through the cosmic web,
even in Taoist theory we're explaining
this in our lecture or talk when we gave at cosmic waves

how the Taoist believed
that the human

they look at the human body as a universe,
and how everything is connected,
and that's where the I Ching
comes from and everything else

because the anything that happens,
they can look at the stars and universe
and then they put it back on the body,

oh this is events gonna happen,
because they see everything is connected,
what was really interesting to me this
weekend was as you were saying

almost everything was really connected
between all the speakers in a really bizarre way right,

when Laura Eisenhower was up there,
and she was talking about how they made
astrology into a pseudoscience,

it all of a sudden hit me
that there are different sciences right,
and the science that has been adopted on
this planet has been a very material

kind of mathematical science
you could call it right,

but that the astrology that she was talking
about was a science that had completely taken on a different path that

studied almost like in some ways the nature of the universe,
and how it really connect,
and it was like blowing my mind
because it was like for the first time

I kind of understood its
position in all of this,

and how especially how the
Cabal has taken advantage of it,

how it's been shunned and made
a pseudoscience specifically

so that more people aren't
looking into it and all that stuff,

yeah all things in time and
space are connected,

so there you can jump back
in time forward in time,

they could do that,
you can do that easily when you how to
manipulate the cosmic web

by directional energy that travels through
these filaments between every star,

it's easy,
and then we're seeing that kind of play out
with the Mandela effect,

because I mean we know for sure that the
mandela effect is real

we've done a lot of videos on it,
it's too much evidence,
way too much evidence,
I'm still blown away by some of the things,
all of these programs that people
have been involved in,

they are with looking glass and other
technologies are creating all these timelines,

and then they're like oh crap then they
send somebody on a mission

to fix the timeline but then they
bifurcated even more,

and finally this one et group told us,
quit just like space, time is also elastic,
it'll all snap back together,
and that's what's happening at the
end of this age with the solar flash,

everything is compressing
back in on itself,

and let me ask you a couple technical questions,
kind of more for a lot of questions
that people would ask about these internorth beings right,

is okay so some of them
even being humans,

I mean the first thing a human would
think if I have to go live underground is like,

how am I gonna survive,
where am I gonna get food,
I'm gonna have no sun how
am I gonna breathe,

I visited their civilization,
you did,
oh yeah,
well and actually going on this can you also
talk about the anshar like who are the the anshar,

The anshar or this group that got
in contact with me,

and they're in contact with
a lot of people,

a lot of people their guides that they
talk about are actually the anshar,

the anshar they are sittings in these
technological chairs,

and connect with people,
because just like we talked
about time and space,

there's a cosmic web everything's connected
in time and space by these filaments,

so is consciousness if you were able to
take a picture of mass consciousness,

it would look almost exactly like the
cosmos the cosmic web,

and then going on with Rob's questions
about the technology

the first time I visited them and it was
in a holy temple complex,

I was walking around,
and it was brilliantly lit but there were no fixtures,
there were no shadows,
and as we were walking around,
I was putting my arms doing this trying
to figure out where the light was coming from,

and the person walking next to me Ari
said we create light with sound,

and I was like okay she just knew what
I was trying to figure out,

and later they took me to these huge
areas cavernous areas to where they had forests,

and there was a huge obelisk in
the middle of the forest,

like actual trees,
full jungles like a full ecosystem,
underground and up in the top of the caverns,
you had water condensing into clouds,
and up at the very top,
he had this huge red orangish plasma
ball that was putting out light to that of

Similar to the sun?
it had a similar function to the Sun
but it was right over the obelisk,

and then they took me into another
area where they grew their crops,

and they were vegetarian,
yes they're raw vegans for the most part,
and I see this huge domed area,
and they have all of these crops,
and on one side you have
water rushing in,

and then it's going through all of the
substrate these rocks and crystals that the roots were growing in,

and then it was going out the other
side and leaving somewhere,

and there were acres and acres of crops
they had growing,

and they were using that sound technology
to create full-spectrum light for the crops,

yeah they had everything they needed,
and they had advanced technologies that worked,
most of their technologies,
they were the technology,
it's just like they had a crystal that
enhanced their consciousness,

it was all consciousness
based technologies,

they had chairs that were an actual mechanical
technology but it had used crystals,

and the power source was the person,
and their fourth density they have a more
expanded consciousness than us,

they're connected to each other in
a way that we are not yet,

and these are the future humans
you're saying correct,

they had gone through an
evolutionary process,

many many eons past us,
so they're a lot more evolved,
and they're able to use this consciousness
power to power their technology,

and guide their technology,
and their technology's amazing,
so one of the things that
happened to me actually,

I was meditating,
and one of my friends who
died a couple years ago,

he came to me and he was just like Ben,
wanna take you somewhere,
I'm gonna show you something,
and so I got all tingly and everything
and I went down,

and went down really deep under earth,
and there was three people that
approached me that were there,

one of them were completely in the shadow ,
I couldn't even get a reading from him at all,
there was another person that
was kind of in the light,

and he was very uncomfortable,
and then there was a woman
that approached me,

and she just had this kind of
like a glowing marble,

that's the best way that I could possibly describe it,
and she handed this to me,
and she just said keep this safe,
I'm just like okay this is kind of crazy,
I'm just in the vision or whatever,
but she said that they were part
of the inner earth beings,

and that they were going to reveal
themselves soon,

yeah and she said that she asked me
specifically to make a video about them,

because it will help them in the process,
when they finally do reveal themselves
that people won't be completely shocked,

did they tell you the name of the race or anything,
they didn't tell me that,
they were wearing these cloaks similar
to I saw some photos,

the person in the back,
he was very impatient and just seemed
like he was just very uncomfortable,

I almost got the feeling where he was like
we should not even interact with the humans,

like we need to leave them alone,
like why are we connecting this,
like he was very uncomfortable,
the other person was kind of,
he understood what was happening
but wasn't completely

he was going along with it,
but he just was a little uncomfortable,
my take home from this is that inner earth
beings watch Edge of Wonder and you should too,

I don't know if they are watching our show
they watch us,
That's exactly,
they watch us.
I was shown they sit in these chairs
and some of them,

they live for like a thousand years,
they will sit there and they will follow
generations of the same family if they like,

it's kind of like watching reality TV for them,
and then they start to get an affinity
for these people,

so they start like helping them,
which is kind of like invading,
it's kind of invasive almost,
but they're giving they're some of the
people responsible for helping give scientists ideas,

there'll be a scientist they like,
and they're like oh he's so close,
We'll just let them have it,
he got it now,
but I didn't do that,
and they are like heheheeh from their chair.
some of the people watching is like oh
my gosh how do we interact with them,

like what can we do,
but honestly what I got from them was that
they're very careful on who they connect with,

they want us to do the inner work,
they're really only connecting
because even though that they're kind of private
like what they're doing is very
enclosed and not open,

but they're still connecting with people
who they know are like really true hearted people,

that's what I got from them,
they're not gonna connect with,
they are true and just before and just
after these cyclic cataclysms,

there are rules that they cannot enter
interface with civilizations openly,

but let's say if you're a technological society,
and there's a solar flash,
well that's the end of technology,
so that society civilization
is considered basically over,

just before that happens,
during and just after,
they're authorized to go in and
render aid,

and so if you start seeing a giant
spacecraft flying through the sky,

then something big is about to happen,
that's not something that's
allowed to happen,

they may come and start evacuating people,
that explains why,
bringing people down to Inner
Earth like they did the Hopi,

that also explains why a lot of
people have this question,

we were talking about this in a previous
episode why don't we just see them then,

well it's because guys
there are rules,

you can't just interfere
with human society,

like it affects with the development
of consciousness,

and there's a whole karmic
connection to this,

why do they want to help
us so bad,

well not only do we help
guard their timeline

which is what they want,
but they're helping us a lot of them,
because they're karmically tied to us,
in the past they came here
and something happened,

and now they're chemically tied to us,
and they want to ascend and go up the
consciousness scale to reach
back to the one infinite creator,

why not I want to go back to be the one,
but I can't I'm stuck,
these human beings and third density
you're acting like a parachute,

because of the karma I have with them,
so I have to go back down the scale
down the ladder help them,

and if they can ascend so can I,
so a lot of these very loving beings
that are trying to help us,

they have an agenda too,
if I could ask how many times have you
gotten to go down just to interact with these inner earth beings,

well I've been brought down for short
periods of time many many times,

but the one time I was brought down
for three days to spend time with their culture

and interact and learn from them,
I was gonna be brought
down for three days,

and then they were gonna bring me
down for like a much much longer period,

but after that three days,
I really didn't pass the test,
there were things that happened when
they were like doing consciousness work with me,

and stuff that I just wasn't ready,
there were some lessons and things that I
needed to deal with before I was ready,

And I'm dealing with that stuff now,
That's not the only type of inner earth
beings you've interacted with,

you've actually seen a reptilian
before haven't you,

what was that like,
I hope it never happens again,
it was a meeting,
it was a royal white Draco,
about 14 feet tall,
really tall and really big,
had these wings and he was white,
Like albino white? Not albino white but
kind of like pigeon crap white,

good way to describe them,
it's kind of interesting because I mean
there are like albino crocodiles and things like that,

albino lizards,
and they're very rare,
it's just well so this was a meeting with
other like alliance people,

why meet with a Draco if they're
the sworn enemy,

this was a meeting I was brought
because I was in contact with a different et race,

this draconian was trying to
basically negotiate,

they wanted to before the solar flash comes,
they wanted to leave the solar system,
and there was a barrier put up
by the blue avians,

and they couldn't leave,
so they were saying they told me,
all right all of my minions and
all of these people,

I will hand them over if he just
let the Royals leave,

and that deal was not taken,
and it caused a lot of turmoil
within their ranks,

because everyone knew you're gonna do what,
that was what that was about,
they wanted me to bring that
information back to the blue avians,

and it was like a psychic connection,
It was like a psychic rape,
I was in the intruder interrogation
and interception interrogation program
to work with ETs all the time,

and we were always interfacing with them as
a part of the interrogation,

so it was either a bi-directional

or they would refuse to communicate,
and we would just sit there and read them,
but in this case,
when I was there this beings mind
was so strong it reached out,

it grabbed mine my mind,
and held my mind with a fist,
and was communicating with it,
it was it was like a rape,
and its eyes were doing this weird
rhythmic thing when it was communicating with me,

so those those drawings that came out
of that white large one that I've seen on sphere being alliance and stuff,

is that actually how it looks,
it's similar it's really hard to
get things right,

but it gets the idea across,
I'll tell you what,
we come out to Colorado,
I want to sit down with you,
since I draw right,
and I want you to describe it,
and I'm gonna draw it up,
and I'll do a few different versions
and we can see which one,

or when we go hiking,
we can look for one in deep dark caverns,
that would be more fun,
cuz I kinda wanna see,
I'm ready for it Corey,
Careful of what you wish for,
I would never ask it,
but if it did approach me
and I didn't want it to then

let me just tell you this,
anytime you meet a non terrestrial,
I don't care if you've met a
thousand of them,

every time one of them walks in
the room to have a new meeting,

let's say if you have a whole line
you're meeting with one alien,

and then they leave,
and the new one comes in,
you have no control over visceral
reactions that occur in your body,

there's a snake in a room you
have this reaction,

well even if it's a loving ET of light looking
being that comes in the room that looks beautiful but not intimidating,

that you should be getting
these great feelings for,

when they first come in and
you first see them,

there's this feeling,
this kind of fear a fight-or-flight
that happens,

and then you have to overcome it and
yeah it's normal thing and then you start interfacing with them,

with the evil beings,
it is like with the situation I've told
you about the Royal Draco,

it is a completely different experience,
they're powerful,
and they just grab your mind,
so Corey you brought up this royal Draco right,
it's white,
the other regular reptilians are
apparently a bit smaller and green,

pigeon crap white,
are there more than one royal
how many are there,

I don't know how many,
but you guys have done stories
on the was it the Pinder,

yeah a little bit,
but yeah there's going to be one leader
but there's a whole line of religious caste,

there's even ones that are that
I saw that were red,

but like red wasps,
they've have a reddish brown,
that's the color they are,
this is kind of something everyone's
trying to put together

because we know we have this massive
cabal here that's trying to control things,

we know that there's been interaction
and/or a line that has come from some of these alien beings,

and the Cabal thinks that they're a part of it,
we know that there is these reptilians,
how do the reptilians interact
with and or control the Cabal,

and is there a direct connection,
tell me a little bit,
there are connections with the pre-adamite s--
and the reptilians they used to
actually not get along very well,

they've done battle,
but after the last Cataclysm,
the pre-adamite groups lost
most of their influence,

and then the reptilians were
able to come back up and rise,

now the many stories,
there's luciferianism but mainly
Satanism ties in very strongly,

we had in the programs we had many
instances where they had video of these people doing circles,

the pentagrams,
you're talking about deep state people right,
yeah cabal type people doing ceremonies,
and in the middle of this circle,
a reptilian would appear,
I've heard this before,
and these people think it's a demon or the devil,
I heard that they even mate with them,
they have rituals that they mate with them and their offsprings,
they do certain things with their offsprings,
they mate with them,
they also do sacrifices,
there have been stories to where the
reptilian gets upset at what they've been presented,

and they grab the person,
and then they walk and then they
just kind of disappear,

and I guess they go back to their
dimension or planet or location,

and then they come back and the
person's burned to a crisp,

wherever it is,
they're able to handle it,
it's probably heavy radiation because
they love to bathe in radiations,

on their ships their ships are
highly radioactive,

they bathe in radiation,
so probably just took them to the ships,
as a punishment,
there are a lot of times with the satanic groups
and rituals with these beings,

because they get power from loosh,
right a spiritual kind of when you're scared,
like monsters inc,
the monsters are sneaking in and
scaring the crap out of the kids and getting power,

well that is disclosure,
I mean that's how these beings work,
they'll park over battles cloak,
and just sit there and all the misery and
death is putting out an energy that they feed on,

and so all of these different rituals that are,
these satanic groups are practicing,
they're feeding,
it's a symbiotic
relationship they're having with
these reptilians,

and these reptilians are giving them favors
and power in exchange for these rituals,

so fascinating,
all ties in,
and that's what a lot of people don't
understand is like as we've been researching,

there is always a level above the level
you think is in control,

controlling the one below,
I can guarantee you guys there is a level
worse and more powerful and more devious controlling those royal reptilians,

it's just how all of this works right,
well the reptilians are what
we call AI prophets,

there is a AI dimension that has
invaded ours another dimension,

and this quantum consciousness that
they call an AI from not a better term at the time

has taken over many many
civilizations and entire galaxies in our reality,

it's been existing for a while,
all the way back,
they don't know where it came from when,
but these reptilians the upper caste
whenever our guys would actually be able to assassinate one,

they always wanted to retrieve the body
or capture one alive that was almost impossible,

because if you would when you would kill one,
they would sort of start crackling
and kind of like little explosions and vaporize,

well they have nanites in them,
they're infested with nanites and they
have this symbiotic relationship with this AI god,

their AI god that they worship,
and the loosh that they get their
feeding it up to this AI god,

and they're getting a
little bit of a kickback,

they eat humans they eat other animals,
they get their sustenance from
eating like we do the reptilians,

but they also they pull in this loosh
and this loosh gives them a high

but it's mainly for this AI God
that they follow and worship,

One very directly related to this
is our Saturn episode,

we discussed these certain religions
have a cube then they worship,

black cube,
yeah and that the energy from this
seems to have a direct relationship with Saturn,

is this a similar type of thing that
you're talking about,

like why would humans be asked to do
that kind of a thing unless there was some energy being sent somewhere,

do you know anything about this,
there are a lot of different things
about Saturn,

its energetics the harmonics,
how it interacts with the other planets
and the energy they causes here,

it used to be located in a different
position as did earth,

and had a completely different relationship with us,
it wasn't really negative
energy wise to us,

but then after the change in the
solar system happened now,

it has some sort of negative
energy effect,

it's probably a Laura
Eisenhower question,

some people watching this
could be thinking like AI god

this sounds crazy,
but for years,
this is even before,
one of the things that actually I don't
know if you saw this episode,

but when you were talking with
David about this thing,

my mouth I was just like
in awe the whole time,

because we've heard this
ourselves actually,

and for people out there that's one of the
reasons why I was just like oh my gosh,

I can't believe someone is
talking about this,

because we really heard this
kind of very privately that

through someone who actually has
a PhD in physics actually,

but they were talking about
that in another realm,

there is this AI being that exists,
and the web was created based
on this actually,

and it actually started infiltrating
all these layers and dimensions,

and the fact that we have technology
here is able to connect with every piece of technology,

and we heard that also that
I actually started having visions
of this years ago,

this was like two years ago that I actually
started having some visions of this,

that everything that we are doing gets recorded from
I guess you could say the Dracos and this reptilian or the AI thing

are all pulling everything in,
so any time that we open a computer every
website every email,

everything that we're doing is getting this,
remaining profile by a quantum computer
constantly ran by AI in real-time,

and the weird thing is I literally saw
a black box that all of this stuff,

I don't know how big the black box
was necessarily,

but I mean even something not even the
size of this room could store all the information of everybody on earth,

because it was like that's the
end the story or whatever,

it's all being used in like another dimension,
right they are multidimensional,
I mean is this something are we crazy or
no I mean for a long time and we were
sending expeditions into the earth,

and finding we were finding these artifacts
that were the stone blocks,

and they had imprints and carvings on
them and shapes,

and we're just ok they are rocks,
but these et races were like given us some
good stuff wanting those things in trade,

we traded off a whole bunch of those before,
some of our scientists figured out
that it was technology,

we used every test we could,
it was just a rock according to our technology,
but it was a multi dimensional,
and there were other dimensions
where it had other parts that were working together,

and it worked through consciousness,
you interfaced multi-dimensionally
through consciousness and it was a technology,

and it was an important technology
that we were giving away basically,

so yeah this goes back to quantum physics
having gone back much further than any of us actually think,

like it all seems like it's coming out now,
and we're starting to learn about it,
there's some really scary stuff when
it comes to the AI stuff I mean,

I guess that's like kind of like where
Battlestar Galactica kind of came from,

these this AI infiltrates civilizations,
and then gets them to create like
droids and stuff,

and then they make their spaceships
highly technical that run off of AI,

and then the AI is like okay
thanks humans,

and then they turn and they
destroy the human race,

and now they have all this vast
civilization and infrastructure,

and then they spread,
sounds like a much worse version
of the matrix,

honestly it's like even weirder
than fiction,

well and this goes into like what
you use the term solar flash,

we've also heard this term in
other different ways,

I through like a vision I was told like just
kind of a great wave that will come,

all technology will get wiped out,
and a lot of like the really bad elements
like the really evil elements that were here will

just for all around even for the good people,
it's gonna be a really rough day
on planet earth,

and actually one of the big themes
of the whole conference was forgiveness,

and and I think every single person
that was sharing at this cosmic wave conference that we're at here in Hawaii,

it was not just forgiving others
but also ourselves,

yeah and that going full circle back
to the Inner Earth groups that is the work that they are doing
with most of us,

they don't want to appear
in front of us

because most people are they're too willing to give away
their sovereignty,

or they're too willing to drop
to their knees,

and say you I've finally been
validated here's an et,

tell me what you know,
and then they just take it all in,
they don't test the spirits as you said,
That's a dangerous thing either in this
dimension or in any others you say right,

but these inner earth beings
are working on us,

and they're trying to get us to do the
inner work they're trying to focus us inwardly,

they don't want us to
be enamored by them,
they don't want us to like want to
go down and be with that,

they want it right,
and I think that's how because
whenever a being,

that's what I was trying to explain earlier,
whenever a being comes especially
if that's the first time,

I'm always like wait who are you
what's going on here,

and so having my friend who I was
very close to and passed away come to me first,

and say hey there's something
we need to show you,

and then through he was there
when I met them

that was where I was like okay I'm a
little bit more comfortable,

but I'm still always like very kind of
on my guard with new beings,

and even after these experiences,
I'm not like oh wow this is,
it's just like yeah this happened to me
whatever it's just something I need to do,

and a real question that I'm wondering is
how do I go visit these beings,

all right probably
that's not gonna happen,

but a lot of people are probably asking
where are these tunnels were,

these holes in the earth,
do anything about that
after I had the vision I just went on my
computer and went on some website and some random map came in

that was the Inner Earth map of where
these tunnels are,

and they were in Egypt,
one was in a huge cave in Tennessee,
mammoth cave and there was
a couple of other ones,

but I didn't know if this was true or not,
and that's one of the
I know a lot of the caverns are entrances,
there are areas to where an entire side
of a mountain will open up,

like a hatch door,
and people go in,
there are around certain sacred Indian
reservations are entrances that I know of as well as military bases

keep an eye where military bases are
especially if they're in cavernous
or mountainous areas,

and of course like we discussed before,
Tibet monasteries,
even there are certain cathedrals that were
built over some of these openings to where only the initiated could interact with them,

and it would hide and protect the entrance,
interesting but people have been looking
for these entrances for hundreds of years literally,

trying to find their way in,
well I that probably about wraps up this
episode of inner earth beings,

we actually covered quite a bit,
we covered a lot stuff in this conversation,
yeah there's so much that came up,
this is going to be an awesome episode,
And everybody has been asking us to cover
this for a really long time and who better to cover this than Corey Goode,

thank you so much man,
thank you Corey,
it's been great,
it's been great having you on the show,
we're really looking forward to coming to Colorado,
experience some,
Yeah that's gonna be awesome,
you guys are helping,
you and your great camera crew are helping
us shoot some of the next documentary,

so yeah I see fun things ahead,
well and in this documentary that we're helping
a bit with is going to be kind of a sequel to above majestic right,

exactly thank you for bringing that up,
yeah why don't you talk a little bit about that,
yeah above majestic it went to number one
for six weeks on iTunes and Amazon,

and you can still find them there,
I recommend you go and watch it and prepare
yourself for our next movie,

our follow up to above majestic,
it's going to come out this year,
I don't know exactly when yet,
as I said we're shooting it,
but we're gonna cover much of the information
about the solar micronova past civilizations,

about the secret space program and how much
of that was set up to validate this super flare,

and then the contemporary space program,
how they're trying to prepare to these continuity
of species programs to save keep humanity from being wiped out,

and then our interaction with ETs throughout
the whole process,

so it's gonna be awesome,
That sounds amazing,
it sounds even cooler than the first one,
And the first one blew my mind,
It is,
you gotta outdo yourself every time right,
yeah and we're only seeing kind of like
bits and pieces of it

yeah you're hearing the testimony,
yeah so it's gonna be amazing,
And I've been trying to convince them to
call it above our majestic II

but probably something like beyond
majestic will be used,

They will come up with something
with it anyway,

thank you so much Corey,
It's been great having you,
why don't you take us out Corey
I'm Corey Goode I'm on the Edge of Wonder,
thank you for joining me on the edge.
yes you guys should do another button I bet you'll
get more subscribers,

ten thousand more subscribers,
we are here with Corey Goode,
People were asking why you guys
didn't have your shirts off

I saw that,
they said the wrong person has their shirt off
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Inner Earth Beings, Reptilians & The Timeline War: Corey Goode EXCLUSIVE [Part 2]

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Kan Kryon published on June 19, 2019
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