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- [Announcer] The Edge of Wonder presents
Cosmic Waves 2019.
(audience applause)
(upbeat music)

Featuring special guest Corey Goode.
- Hey everyone.
Welcome to Edge of Wonder.
We have a very special episode today
with our good friend Corey Goode
and we are at the Cosmic
Waves Conference in Hawaii

and it's been an amazing
conference, hasn't it?

- It has been.
So we finally wrapped up yesterday
but this has been one amazing experience
I think for everybody.
Corey, what did you get
out of this conference?

- People think that they're coming here
to get something out of the conference
and the people speaking
are the ones providing

but it's usually the other way around.
We usually get something from the people.
When I first started speaking,
I'm not the best public speaker,
I'm kind of, I've never
done it so I'm learning

and the people I would meet afterwards
when I was doing the public speaking,
they knew more than me
on a lot of subjects,

spiritually, they had gone
through a lot of the work already.
So I feel like some of them should be up
and I should be in the audience.
Especially when it started out.
But I've gotten a lot
more comfortable on stage.

- Yeah, yeah.
Well this is literally our first,
well kind of our second conference
but really our first main
conference that we went through

with this many people
that we spoke at.
- You guys did great.
- [Ben] Oh thank you.
- Looking forward to you guys MC-ing.
- So are we.
So real quick,
we're gonna be MC-ing
Dimensions of Disclosure.

- So yeah actually
Dimensions of Disclosure

is in Ventura, California
and I'm pretty sure it's from August 23rd
through the 25th right?
- I believe so, yeah.
- So we'll all be there.
It's gonna be a good time.
There's a lot of other speakers there.
We're gona have like Laura
Eisenhower, Jordan Sather,

Leon Kennedy--
- [Ben] Bunch of people.
- Sorry if we missed anyone.
- I agree with what you're saying
'cause this is really our first time.
Usually we're in the audience watching
or filming or whatever.
- It's pretty weird, huh?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So being on the other end,
it was really fun,
it was really fun.
- Well he's more of an introvert than you.
You seem like an extrovert.
- A little bit, yeah.
Actually it's funny,
I have both introverted
qualities and introverted

but when I get up on stage,
I kind of have to relax.
- Many INF-J's,

they're very introverted
but people will think they're extroverted
because when you find your voice--
- It's funny that you said that.
I actually, I'll go between
an EFN-J and an INF-J

every time I take one of those.
- I'm INF-J.
- Once I'm on stage,
usually I'm pretty good

but then it's like once
I'm off stage--
- You looked pretty nervous.

I saw your eyes before giving it,
you looked pretty nervous.
- It's always like right
before I get on stage

where I start freaking out
but then once I'm up there
and then I feel the audience
and I feel everyone--
- They all feed

off of each other.
- Yeah exactly.
- I'm always nervous until
we start joking around.

- Well then once everyone laughs,
you get more comfortable.
- So last time we had you on our live show
when you were in a
little box on the screen,

we were all talking about Antarctica
and we started kind of
touching on some stuff.

There's been a lot of buzz
about stuff going on in Antarctica
in the community and stuff,
different things you
guys probably know about

that we don't want to
necessarily bring up here but

but you kind of started to touch on stuff
and why don't we take
an opportunity right now

to start getting into it more?
- Sure, sure.
So where'd you want to start?
- I guess well,
so there's been some
insiders coming out recently

saying different things about Antarctica.
You were kind of explaining the shifts.
And I think there's a lot more
going on then that, right?

There is a significant amount more.
There could not be enough intel
actually coming out about Antarctica.
It seems like that place is just so,
it's such an epicenter of activity
for the disclosure community.
- The deep state, Kabal,
whatever we choose to
call it at the moment,

this was a part of
their grand distraction.

They were gonna give us disclosure
right when indictments start coming in.
So I'm told that first
information about underwater
structures, civilizations,

will be discussed and disclosed.
David Wilcock has talked
about the one off of Cuba

that they've done sonar images on
and there are two more
that I became aware of recently.
And it was a pretty interesting briefing.
There are a chain of islands
in between two locations,
in between South America and Antarctica
and Australia and Antarctica
and they're on islands
that have sunk a certain
distance beneath the waves,

I can't remember from the
briefing how deep they were

but not just US Navy but NATO,
other NATO navies had
sent submarines around

and they were mapping
that area extensively.

And the images I was shown,
when I first looked at them,
they were handed to me,
they looked like high
resolution photographs,

almost like black and white
with a little bit of enhancement color.
I guess the computer did something
in the actual digital image presented.
But it was a super high
resolution sonar image.

I thought it was a photograph.
- Interesting.
- You could see--

- Grains, right?
- Grains.

- Wow, wow.
- So they were showing
what looked like Aztec,
very much like Aztec ruins
that were beneath the waves.
And this was sort of an underwater drone
that had sonar on it
that they were sending through
and they were sending
it through the streets,

what used to be streets.
It's very surreal.
There was thick dust in the video
that was coming up as
they were floating through

but they were taking pictures
right through all of the muck.
- How many years do you
think ago that sank?

- About 11,900 years ago.
- That's so precise.
- Wow, very interesting.

So I actually have a question for you
kind of as you were describing this
I was kind of thinking about it,
if one of our modern cities
sank into the ocean, right,

the metal would,
look at the Titanic now
at the bottom of the sea,

it's rusting and dissolving
basically into the ocean.

So do you think that
these past civilizations

had steel buildings like ours
and do you think they dissolved
or do you think that they
were primarily rock based

buildings and things like that?
- What I witnessed
were adobe and natural
materials that were used.

But when it came to actual Antarctica,
the main city which
I've talked in the past,

there were three mother ships,
one large one and two smaller ones
that crash landed here after a cataclysm
and it wasn't the last cataclysm
but the one prior.
Every 12,500 years or so
and then there's a 25,000
year cycle and so on.

These three mother ships crash landed
and the military industrial
complex for giggles,

they called them the Nina,
the Pinta and the Santa Maria,

which is telling.
They should call Antarctica
Plymouth Rock, I guess.

So these craft crash landed
and then the civilization
began to cannibalize

the materials and technology
to build out their civilization.
So Atlantis, the main city,
had quite a bit of alloys and metals
that were used from the ship.
- Do you guys know the actual race,
the extraterrestrial race that,
were they the giants,
were they the (mumbles)?

- Yeah, they have a designation
but they're called the pre-adamites.
Basically they were here before Adam.
And they range from
kind of a large range,
it looked like between
nine, almost 10 feet tall

and around 14 feet tall.
They were thin.
If you've seen,
I don't know if it's Nefertiti or--
- I think I know the image.
Dr. Salla I think has imaged,
they had the elongated--
- [Corey] Elongated skull
and a weird, a pot belly
and they had their rib
cages go further in.

- [Ben] But humanoid?
- Yeah, they look human
except their noses look different.
I saw a bunch of dead ones,
a bunch of their bodies.
I was brought down to Antarctica,
we'll talk about that.
Yeah, they call them the pre-adamites.
They believe that they
developed on a planet

that is no longer here in our solar system
that exploded
and then they had, our moon
was once a moon of Maldek,

and apparently so was Mars,
and they had a civilization on Mars
and they used the moon
as an ark, basically.

It was hollowed out,
and I've been on that tour as well.
I can't wait to talk about that.
The moon came here.
It has a huge amount of
technology in the center.

It is stone that was cleared out
and then they built
infrastructure within it.

On one of the parts of the moon,
there's what used to be
a huge door that opened

but it's all destroyed
and it's stuck close.
But deep in the moon,
they have these quantum computer chambers
where they had all of these things
that looked kind of like mirrors that were
somehow it was part of the
function of this computer.

And when the last cataclysm happened,
it shattered all of that technology.
And they've been in there
rebuilding that technology

with the help of ETs.
But I'm not really supposed
to go into that that much.

So this group then came
after the next cataclysm, they came
and landed in Antarctica
because there was an
ancient builder race complex

that was located on the Earth
that had stargates and other technology.
And the ancient builder race,
they disappeared about
1.5 billion years ago

and they supposedly developed on Venus
when Venus was located at a
different orbit around the sun,

it was in its current state.
- So there's so many points
I think both of us could just
brings up a lot more questions

but one of, well for one thing,
we also heard for a long time
that the moon is hollow,
it was created by a previous civilization
from lot of different people.
I've looked into this
and saw that this was possible,
this was pretty much true.
The other thing is too going,
so some people listening to this,
wow, a billion years, a
civilization a billion years ago,

but so we heard that there's a nuclear,
well a natural nuclear reactor
that was found in--
- [Corey] Gabon Republic.
- Yeah, mmhmm.
So there were,
and in the '70s or something,
they were exporting this ore
out of Gabon to process
and they found it was
already been processed.

So you can actually find this.
They sent scientists and everything else
and there's photos of it.
- We found nuclear waste sites
that were hundreds of
thousands of years old.

- Yeah, yeah, that's
what they found with this

and of course, the Kabal
scientific community says,

oh, yeah this is just,
because it legitimately
is a nuclear reactor

but they said it's a naturally
occurring nuclear reactor.

But then all these
scientists came out and said,

this is impossible
because the water has to be so--
- Whatever you're using to heat up,
it has to be processed.
It's not gonna be in this raw form.
- So I mean, back to what we
were talking about before,

I think just in my kind of research
have been a little bit confused
as to where actually Atlantis is.
Some people think it's Antarctica,
Plato mentioned some
islands off the coast of

or between these different bodies of land.
Do you think that Antarctica was Atlantis?
What's your take on that?
I mean if you can talk about it,
I'm not sure.
- Or was the whole

civilization really called Atlantis?
- Ding, ding, ding.
Yeah that's what it is.
They referred to the civilization.
The civilization landed and
was headquartered in Antarctica

but there were what I'm told basically is
it was a royal group that
got the golden tickets

that fled from the
disruption on their planet.

And there were two competing families.
And the families landed here
and they worked somewhat together
but then they decided okay,
one family will take care
of managing South America

on up through North America
and the other will take care of Africa
going on up to Egypt.
And after the last cataclysm occurred,
their technology was wiped out,
what was left of their technology.
And they were unable to contact each other
or fly to see each other until Columbus,
the times of Columbus.
- Really?
- Wow.

- Or just around the times of Columbus.
- 1500s.
- Maybe couple hundred years before
and that's how,
that's why Columbus came over,
that's why they were
bringing those families

back into peak communication.
But they're competing groups.
They're not real friendly with each other.
- So Columbus is actually
as a much more interesting
background than--

- [Corey] More than we probably even know.
- Really?
- 'Cause it was a queen
that financed him, right?

And she was a bloodline
and the bloodline groups
think that these pre-adamites
are their, what do they call them?
Progenitor race.
They call them the progenitor race.
And that they believe that
they're descendants of them

and that's why they have
the divine right to rule.

Demigods and we're these
animals that they--

- Feed on,
useless eaters.
- Yeah, that sucks.
Okay, so back to the moon,
you kind of started to talk
a little bit about the moon

and then you mentioned
that you're not really
supposed to talk about that yet

and I kind of was curious--
- Yeah, you can ask some questions.
There are some things I just won't--
- No, I'm cool with that.
I actually wanted to ask
specifically about that.

So it felt to me like,
well one, there could be security reasons
you can't talk about those things, right.
So our home audience might
have questions about this,

that's kind of why I'm tackling it.
- Security reasons
and also I'm not the only person
that was taken on that tour.
There are other people that
have spent a lot of time

up there studying it
and they've been promised,
like university professors and stuff,
they've been promised
that they're gonna get to
break this information.

They want to respect a lot
of the work that's been done.

- [Rob] That's good.
- That's part of it.
And then there's also security.
- Right, gotcha.
- How long ago was this
when you had this tour?
- It was last year.
I was just not,
it was just before I stopped
doing cosmic disclosure.

- So what happens?
You're at home, you get a
phone call and you're like--

- Do you want to go to the moon?
- Hey honey, be away for a couple days.
- I was brought up for a briefing,
it was sort of a surprise.
We also got a briefing on Oumuamua.
- Oh yeah, the asteroid.
Yeah I mean that's everywhere.
- Year and a half ago
I reported that Oumuamua
came into our system

and it was obvious from its trajectory
that it was under its own control.
They traced back that it
was around a nearby star

for like a billion years.
And it just orbiting the star.
And then celestial mechanics
slightly changed as they do

and another tug happened
from another direction,

our star,
and pulled it in.
And then it took over,
something took over inside of it.
It was a derelict ship
but it still had some
electromagnetic propulsion abilities

but the technology on
it had been just picked

by many different ET races.
- So it looked like an asteroid
or did it look like a ship?
Do they purposefully make
them look like asteroids?

- It was made out of what looked like
kind of like what was done to the moon.
They had hollowed out an asteroid
and built onto it with
this crystalline looking

aluminum type metal that they made.
A lot of times it was
clear, like in Star Trek.

And they impregnated them
with different things

and it would change colors or they'll,
it was a high technology.
The inside was cleared out
pretty much the same way that the moon,
the moon was at one point solid.
David Wilcock had told me
that one of his insiders
had described this technology to him,
it's about the size of a softball
and they send it,
they locate an asteroid
or something that they want to excavate
and they send it in
and it starts just cleaning out.
And down the halls when you walk
it looks like long kind of
curved places on the wall

to where this ball had just carved it.
And it looked real
decorative and intricate

but it was just because of what carved it.
It wasn't that they liked the design.
- What was so fascinating about that
was the trajectory that it was,
because it came so close to Earth
from this other star system
that to get that close
would be like us in Hawaii
literally trying to shoot
a golf ball in California

with a gun.
If there was no air or anything else,
it's impossible.
And the scientists were saying
it's like wow, this is so crazy,
this would never happen.
And it's like yeah, of course
this would never happen.

So it seems that something sent this
or something wanted this,
there is an influence anyway.
It wasn't just like some random thing
that just happened to come from,
to Earth from this other system.
- Celestial mechanics
is like a giant clock.

They just set the timer.
- Very interesting.
Very interesting.
- But yeah, some of these
new alleged whistle blowers

are coming out
and they've talked about Oumuamua
basically telling the same story.
I was in the briefing
where they showed the actual videotape of
a superspace program
craft slowing coming in

and Oumuamua's tumbling
and then the craft comes in
and all of a sudden the craft
starts matching the tumble

and then you hear 'em,
it's like a NASA
transmission, pulls it in,

however many meters, closing, closing
and then when it started
getting pretty close

a drone had shot out of it
and was flying around
taking video and telemetry.

It docked with Oumuamua
and at first, three guys came out
but more came out, another team came out
in these light blue,
pretty advanced looking space suits.
And they went through this hole
that went through the fuselage of Oumuamua
and the hole was already there.
There were signs of
many different ET craft

docking with it
and going in and plundering
it and then leaving.

On the outside, it was completely damaged
like for a billion years it
had been hit by space debris

over eons.
And they went into the Oumuamua
and it was an advanced
space craft on the inside.

They found out that part of it
had been pressurized for water
and there were aquatic beings that were
a part of this ancient builder race.
And then other parts
of it were pressurized

with oxygen nitrogen atmosphere.
And there were two different
types of script, which was,

there was very little technology there
but the scientists were really excited
about finding ancient builder race script
because we found ancient
builder race ruins

all throughout our solar system
and in other solar systems
but every location that they found
any type of inscription had been wiped off
like sand blasted off by later ETs.
For some reason, they came in
and were trying to erase the history
of this ancient builder race.
- Really?
By other ETs, you're saying?
- [Corey] Other ETs.
- Why?
- [Corey] Don't know.
- Oh interesting.
- And it's lead to all these
different ET races come in

and of course, they're aware
of the ancient builder race

but they know next to
nothing really about them.

- [Ben] Very, very interesting.
- So yeah,
and so we were given that briefing
and then I was told I
got another treat for you

and we were taken down
a series of elevators

and then rode a shuttle
through a cavernous area of the moon.
We started off in LOC, lunar
operation command alpha

and then there was a bravo
and a charlie as well

that most people don't know about.
And David and I, we
didn't make that public

just to get the larpers.
So yeah we landed at the other base
and they took us on what
was about five hour tour.

- [Rob] So yeah, you got to see it all.
- [Corey] Yeah.
- Did you ever take your iPhone out
and then someone smacks you?
- I'd love to take my iPhone.
- Okay yeah, so that is one of the things,
everyone's like oh well if
you went to these places

how come there's no photos?
- Well obviously people,
this is intelligence, that's how it works.
Do we have to go over
this, really, seriously?

- And quite literally, I have tried.
I've tried,
on nights that I know
I'm gonna have an SSP
craft come and pick me up,

I tried setting up cameras.
And they have technology
that drains the batteries.
I mean you have a full
battery and it's gone.

- So they're like, Corey's
trying to do it again.

Drain those batteries.
- There was a scheduled
meeting with Blue Avians

and I set up a camera
and they didn't show up.
- That's probably how those
guys would roll, I imagine.

(upbeat music)
- [Announcer] Edge of Wonder.
- So a couple of questions off of this
that a lot of people probably have.
You mentioned a lot of
interesting things there

and you mentioned some
university professors

having some of this information.
Universities have been very
infiltrated by the Kabal.

So I'm imagining that some of
these university professors

do have a special skillset.
But we also know that corporations
have been highly involved
in a lot of these things as well, right?
And we know that a lot of this stuff
and these ancient artifacts are out there.
So one, how does that work
with these guys?
How are they kept quiet?
And then two,
how are these artifacts
that people are finding

actually kept from us?
Because this has to be a huge undertaking
to be able to keep us from not
seeing a lot of this stuff.

- It is
and what's interesting is
a lot of the military guys

there's chatter about it.
When we do videos like
the one we're doing,

I am personal friends
with generals, colonels,

and they take that link,
put it in a little email
chain and send it out

and then the chatter starts even more.
And then a marine here,
someone here pops up with
their little stories.

So we were doing a recording one time,
David and I,
and the person that was security
was a former marine
that had been to Antarctica.
And when we were telling the story
his mouth was just dropping more and more
and I was noticing it during the taping
but I thought he was just amazed.
But afterwards he came up and said,
did you really go there?
Did you see those things?
I was like yeah.
And he said, I did too.
So that was a communication specialist
and they dropped us down
in this long, big hole

and they told us that they needed us
to figure out what was going
on with communications.

They had built underground
kind of tunnels,

it's almost like an ant
farm through the ice

and all of the ruins down there,
there aren't big open areas
where you can see them

but they have little tunnels,
like ant tunnels
going to all of these ruins.
And the engineers told 'em,
yeah, the radio signals should
bounce this way and this way

if you put certain repeaters.
So they had done that
and they had no comms.
So they sent this marine and his team down
to figure out why.
And he found out that it
was one of these buildings,

ancient buildings.
And he said it looked no
different than Aztec to him.

And he ended up running cables past it
because the signals were being absorbed
by whatever structure this was.
It was absorbing.
- Even similar context,
again, we can't really say who they are
because the situation
but we're hoping that this one person
would really be willing to
come out on camera and sit

because he's got a very credible story
but he knows all about it and everything
and he was, 'cause when we
were talking about it to him,

he was taken back
like how do you guys know that?
But basically,
from our understanding,
there's so much going on in Antarctica
they need more people.
So everything's getting
these compartmentalized.

And so they're bringing people,
because they don't have enough people.
So they have to recruit even more people--
- Creating little
compartmentalized contracts

where they're bringing in corporations,
like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and others,
Dr. Salla's done,
he actually did a book on this
and our new movie,
the follow-up to Above Majestic,
we're gonna be covering it extensively.
Antarctica is really gonna be covered.
- Oh awesome.
That's amazing.
- That movie's gonna be called

Even Abover Majestic.
- Yeah, if you haven't
seen Above Majestic,

that's a huge red pill.
- Yeah.
- For sure.

- It was number one on iTunes and Amazon
for six weeks straight.
- [Ben] That's crazy.
- Yeah if anyone out
there wants to see it,

check it out.
- [Ben] It's really good.
- But the second one is gonna
be even more mind blowing.

- Awesome.
We look forward to that.
- It's crazy.
We're all so exhausted from the week.
All of our energy,
I can see your energy is just like ah.
- Well yeah, we've kind of been working
on a little bit behind the scenes
helping you guys with the new movie.
So we've all been a little bit,
little tired on that.
- Plus all the swimming with
the dolphins and the sun.

- Oh yeah, the swimming with the dolphins,
that was amazing.
- Those dolphins

exhausted me.
No but wait, but we didn't
finish that question.

So the university professors and stuff,
I mean universities have been infiltrated
for over 50 years now.
- [Corey] Yeah government funded and--
- How do they keep all
of this stuff hidden?

How are they keeping
these artifacts hidden

and how are these university
professors staying quiet?

- I honestly don't know
how that many university professors
are being kept quiet
other than I'm sure they made
all kinds of promises of--

- Grandeur.
Because that's what they're
interested in, right?

- I think a lot of 'em are being told,
you guys are gonna break this information,
you're gonna become world famous scholars.
You're gonna be doing
documentaries on this for years.

So they see notoriety and all of that.
That's what I assume.
I have not been briefed
on how they're keeping these people quiet
but they're using a lot
of university people.

- Well I mean from our own research
and everything that
we're doing on the show,

a lot of these university
professors are all,

I don't want to say
every single one of them

but a lot of 'em,
especially when you start
looking at the Frankfurt School,

Columbia University,
they're all tied back to Kabal
because this is the way,
this is the whole thing with communism,
from Lenin, Stalin, Mao, everybody,
it was like you get to the students,
they want that generation.
- I told you guys that story
when I was in the programs

and it was,
this was before I think
just before the '80s,

or no, it would have been just
after the '80s had started.

While at Carswell Air Force Base,
some people had come
through that were Russian

and there was a woman
and there was some scientists
and the conversation
swung over to communism

and it was brought up,
we will take over America
without firing a shot.

And all these military guys were there
just getting pissed, they were.
She said, first we'll
take over your churches,

your synagogues and your universities
and within two or three generations,
you will be us.
- And that's basically
exactly what was laid out

in that communism series.
- We are even looking into the mobs
going into the '30s in Chicago
and they realized hey,
the best way to take over everything
is having our own people
go to these prestigious
colleges and everything

and graduate and become
leaders in these industries

and then we'll just take it over that way.
- So we can kind of pivot
with the university
people that are going down

and some of the new
alleged military insiders.

There's a lot of,
they're trying to put some
disinfo in there as well.

They're trying to spin the narrative
as much as possible.
Some of the information
that these new whistle
blowers brought out,

I believe Linda Moulton
Howe brought them out,

Spartan One and Spartan Two.
One of them's a former marine
and the other says that they were a seal
a Navy seal.
So there are some,
in their testimony,
there are some interesting
little red flags.

I really want it to be genuine
because it matches, it validates
a lot of my information

'cause 90% of everything they say
is what I've already said.
But yeah I mean, I'm talking to people
that have been all over Antarctica
and throughout over decades,
not just a long time ago or recently.
And they've been to a lot of the ruins
and there's no information
about an octagon shaped structure at all.
- And what you were
saying on the live show

is it wouldn't even be possible
because of the way the ice shifts, right?
- Yeah.
So the ice isn't just sitting there.
It's moving like two to three feet a year.
It's constantly moving.
So some of the bases
that they have built
and I've shown, what was it,
I can't remember the
name of the operation now

where in Greenland,
they built the under ice base,
they built those exact same bases
with nuclear power in Antarctica.
But they are now miles away
from where they were first built
because the ice and the ice is moving.
- Interesting.
I mean honestly related
back to Linda Moulton Howe

and the people coming out,
we can't really,
because we don't know any
first hand information,

we were just like wow, this sounds great.
So we can't really say either way
'cause we don't personally
know the situation.

- Corey hasn't taken us to Antarctica yet
which we're waiting for
'cause that'd be a big party.
- Well hey, I've got a base I can go down
and a general that's said hey,
I can arrange all of this for you
but for a citizen to go down,
we have to be cleared
by the state department

and I was told that there's no way
that they're gonna clear me to go down.
- Just call up Trump,
hey, can we go down to Antarctica?
- So yeah what you were saying is that
with the way, you have tons
per square inch of ice flowing,

just about all of the structures
that are below the ice are pulverized.
There are some that
were wave that come over

and flash froze and
destroyed 'em but preserved

most of the as it was being destroyed.
But most of what was there
has been completely crushed.

There's very little in
the way of structures

that are intact.
So if this octagon structure
is going up through the ice
and poking out through the top,
then it's gonna have
to fight the pressure,

thousands of tons per
square inch of pressure

going this way and in all directions.
It would crush it.
- So it basically is saying
that it's half underground
and half above ground?

- I believe that's what they were saying,
that it was under ice up
coming up through the ice.

Now it could be at the top of the,
but it sounded like it
went like a mile down.

It sounded like it went really far down
from the testimony.
And that's just not matching up
any of the testimony that I'm hearing
from these generals and
colonels and other types.

- Very, very interesting.
- But it would be nice
if some more information would come out
to corroborate their information.
Unfortunately, David Wilcock
was really excited, of course,

that this would corroborate
and he did a video
and Linda had it removed
for copyright infringement

when it was like,
most of the stuff was in
our movie Above Majestic.

- Yeah it's a bit confusing, I guess.
- And he sourced her many times.
It's weird.
- More of a question of YouTube
on that one than anything.

It just sounds like a strange,
it's obvious that that's not a big deal
so I wonder why YouTube
would keep that down?

- Yeah well he did bring it up,
or republish it,
but I think a lot of--
- He took a bunch of stuff out.
- Antarctica has been removed from it.
- There's been a lot of
weirdness in the community

when it comes to copyrighting,
trademarks and all of that.

Everyone wants everything
to be open sourced

but when everything's
completely open sourced,

especially information
that comes through you,

then all of these larpers
and other clowns can come in

and start tweaking it
and either creating disinformation
or creating their own entire narrative.
As larpers, they're like
I'm clever, look at this,

I can create this whole narrative.
But it's damaging to the real information.
- Yeah this is just
really quick off of that.

This is a really complicated situation
because I worked before
doing Edge of Wonder

as a brand manager.
And that's just like the first rule,
when you have some
proprietary either information

and/or trademarks,
you have to go through the process.
Because it's very easy for someone else
to just come and start
using the same thing.

And it's not a bad thing at all.
It's just this thing that
has to happen, right?

And it feels like,
me coming into all of this like that
and seeing that you have been trying