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(dramatic music)
- [Narrator] Never before
have the Chinese people

faced a terror as ruthless and evil
as Mao's Communist party.
Just like Marx, Lenin, and the Deep State,
Mao knew that what
religions taught was real

and that Satan is also very real.
Mao sought to destroy the
will of the Chinese people

to the point where he believed
no divine being would
ever come to their aid.

Through the Cultural Revolution,
the Chinese Communist Party
ruined a 5,000 year old civilization
in 10 years.
So how was Mao able to create
the most destructive
regime in human history?

Let's find out.
Communism in China on the Edge of Wonder.
But be warned.
This series may not be
for the faint of heart.

- Hello and welcome to our final episode
in this series of exposing
communism on Edge of Wonder.

- We felt that there's a
lot of misunderstandings

about what communism really is
and wanted to expose it
and how it has been the most
destructive force in our world.

- In this episode, we're gonna talk about
the rise of the Chinese Communist Party
and how it has killed more people
than any regime in history.
We have to warn you
there are some extremely
graphic details in this episode,

but we feel it's necessary to tell this
to show how evil the Communist Party
has really been in history.
- So parents, you might
not want your kiddos

to watch this one.
Let's begin with China's history.
China has one of the most
rich and oldest cultures

in this period of our civilization.
With over 5,000 years history,
the Chinese people have
shaped so many aspects

of our ways of life.
- [Ben] Throughout all these years,
many dynasties came and went
with the cultural landscape
drastically changing

with each emperor.
Some were very noble and upright,
and some brought
destruction to their people.

- However, no matter how
bad the worst emperors were,

they all still believed in the divine.
Just their understanding
may have been skewed.

Even Genghis Khan never considered himself
to be a ruthless barbarian.
He even said,
- [Reader] I am the punishment of God.
If you had not committed great sins,
God would not have sent a
punishment like me upon you.

- So why are we bringing this up?
Just to note that most of the Chinese wars
throughout history were fought over land,
religious beliefs, or
control over a population.

However, once an emperor gained control,
he would have those people be
a part of everyday society,

just under a new emperor,
and life would continue on.
- Never before have the Chinese
people ever faced a terror

as ruthless and evil as
Mao's Communist Party.

Even the name of Chinese
Communist Party in Chinese

has Satanic roots.
The traditional character
dang means party or gang,

consists of two radicals,
which correspond to the
words promote and dark.

- So when you combine these
two radicals together,

it literally translates
to promoting darkness.

Even Confucius said,
- [Rob] People who help one another
conceal their wrongdoings are
said to be forming a gang.

- Or it could also be
translated as a cabal.

- [Rob] The goal of communism
is to destroy belief in any kind of faith.
Thus without faith, the
people would then turn

to its ruling party as their new god.
- So how did China go
from being the most deeply
spiritual-rooted country

to becoming the most atheistic
and communist countries ever?

- Well everyone, that is exactly
what this episode is about,

the rise of the Chinese Communist Party.
Most historians think
China's contemporary era

started around the mid-1800s,
which was during the Qing Dynasty.
China soon started to go through
a Westernization movement

where they opened up trade with the West
for goods and weapons.
- But internally China started facing
tremendous and painful turmoils.
Many of the intellectuals got together
to come up with ways of saving
the country and its people,

but with another war on the
verge of breaking out with Japan

and other national issues,
their ideas only became
disappointments leading to despair.

- As stated in the The Epoch Times,
Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,
- [Reader] Like people who
turn to any available doctor

in times of illness,
they looked outside China for a solution.
When the British and French styles failed,
they switched to the Russian method.
They did not hesitate to prescribe
the most extreme remedy for the illness
in the hope that China
would quickly become strong.

- Their remedy, communism.
They wanted to take the easy way out
and thought that this ideology
would free them of their burdens.
Unfortunately, they couldn't
have been more wrong.

(foreboding music)
- Now before we get into what happened,
let's bring up one of
the most ruthless leaders

in pretty much the history
of our current civilization,

Mao Zedong.
You might be batting an
eye when we say that,

but after this episode,
you will be agreeing with us for sure.
- In 1911, the Xinhai Revolution
began against the Qing Dynasty,
and 17-year-old Mao decided
to join the Revolutionary Army

and the Kuomintang or the KMT for short,
which is the Chinese Nationalist Party,
and who formed the
first Republic of China.

- According to Fritz Springmeier,
author of the Bloodlines
of the Illuminati,

Mao had wanted to go to a
Christian missionary school,

but they rudely threw him
out because he was Chinese.

Fritz said he never forgot this
and vowed to get his revenge
on Christianity and on God.

- So we don't know for
certain if this is true,

but either way it makes perfect sense
why Mao turned to Leninist
and Marxist ideology

after the Soviet Revolution in 1919
and started to get members in the KMT
to join his Chinese Communist Party.
- Mao believed that
China had too many people

and the country was using too
much resources, land, and food

for the Chinese people
and wished to eliminate anyone
who wouldn't go along with his bidding.
- Recycling that old
eugenics theory, I guess.

How original.
He already started to form his plan,
which was destroying the Four Olds.
He felt that these would stand in his way,
which for his so-called communist utopia,
and these were old customs, old culture,
old habits, and old ideas.
- In reality, he wanted
destroy traditional culture

so Chinese people would
forget their roots.

Then it would be easier for them
to accept his new communist
ideology and its propaganda.

Such as, without the CCP,
there would be no new China.

- As for the Four Olds, for example,
the old habits would be referring
to our faith in the divine

or belief in religion.
If he destroyed this, then
his new Communist Party

would become the new god
for the Chinese people,

and they can force people to worship it.
- The old ideas would
be thoughts and ideas

of ancient scholars
that helped shape China

to which it became before
the party took over

and how almost everyone
believed in virtue and karma.

- [Rob] Old customs would
actually break up the family

and then install its own
ideology and propaganda

into the next generation of children.
- Old culture was actually referring
to the Chinese language itself.
Every single Chinese character
has meaning behind it.

For example, the traditional
character for dragon or long

is actually in the shape of a dragon,
which happens to be on my shirt.
- Oh.
(Ben laughs)

However, now the simplified
character removed the dragon,

and now the original meaning is lost.
There's so many more examples of this.
- The traditional character for love
has the character for heart inside of it.
This meant that people
love you for your actions.

However, the CCP removed the
heart from the character,

which it now loses its original nature.
They basically cut the heart out of it.
The sad part is
now the inner meanings behind
the traditional characters

have been completely lost to
the modern day Chinese people,

especially the younger generation.
- Mao wanted to destroy
traditional values,

so the CCP decided to
simplify their own language

in order for people to forget
their roots and their culture

and where they came from.
- [Ben] So how was Mao able to create
the most destructive
regime in human history?

Just like a snake sneaking up
on its prey waiting to strike,

Mao was waiting for the
right opportunity to arise.

- It was also during this time
that Lenin and Stalin realized
that the US would become a threat to them.
So in order to combat this,
they needed China on their side.

So the Bolsheviks sent their
representatives to China

to start setting up
communist organizations,

and soon an alliance
was formed with the KMT.

- Over the next 30 years,
the CCP actually became

an organ of the Communist
Party of the Soviet Union,

and Mao was receiving a monthly stipend,
about 170 yuan from the Russians.
- Now that may not seem
like much in today's world,

but back then the average monthly salary
of a worker in Shanghai at
that time was around 20 yuan.

- Because of these meetings,
Mao's Communist Party

was able to experience very rapid growth,
but still wouldn't be
able to overthrow the KMT.

So Mao decided he would
support both sides,

but secretly was trying to
take down the KMT from within.

- Soon a civil war broke
out between the two sides,

and Mao suffered a heavy
defeat at the hands of the KMT.

His Communist Party was
on the verge of collapse.

Then out of fear, it loudly
proclaimed that, quote,

"Chinese do not fight Chinese,"
and promised to submit itself
to the leadership of the KMT.

- Secretly Mao was waiting
for the right opportunity

to destroy the KMT,
and he didn't care who he killed to win
or with what methods he
used for that victory.

- It was basically like a warped
version of The Art of War.

- Yeah.
- When World War II broke out
and China was at war with Japan,
Mao took full advantage of the situation
and concocted a plan so evil
that would guarantee his
victory over the KMT.

- Mao knew that if he had his
troops fight the Japanese,

he would lose,
but if he joined forces with
the KMT against the Japanese,

the KMT would come out as the victors,
and he wouldn't be able
to take over China.

So what did he do?
He had his troops fight
alongside with the Japanese

against the KMT.
- To quote the Nine
Commentaries again here,

- [Reader] The CCP exhorted people
in the KMT-controlled areas to rebel,
calling on workers to strike,
peasants to make trouble,
students to boycott classes,
poor people to quit working,
soldiers to revolt,
so as to overthrow the
nationalist government.

- In this way, they were calling out
all of the KMT supporters
to come and take a stand
against the Japanese,

but really the CCP was actually
calling them to their death

so Mao could make sure
there would be no uprising

from any KMT supporters.
- While the battle was going on,
Mao started to expand his own base.
Once the KMT were on the verge of defeat,
Mao then had his troops turn
against the Japanese forces,

and the Japanese started to surrender,
and then they incorporated
them into the CCP's army.

- For the regular citizens
of China, Mao was now a hero,

and he had single-handedly won the war
and formed a massive army in the process
and showed that his new Communist Party
would lead the new China.
And you can even see this in
modern Chinese movies today

where the Japanese are
considered to be evil.

- Mm-hmm.
Even today, the textbooks in China
which were produced by the CCP
say that the KMT ran
away from the Japanese,

and it was the CCP who saved China.
- Mao quickly realized that the best way
to kill off a large
number of Chinese people

was not through war, but through famines.
- As bad as Stalin's famine was,
it was nothing compared
to how many people died

during the CCP's.
In just three years, an
estimated 40 million people died,

but the real number is
impossible to trace.

- [Rob] The CCP labeled the Great Famine
as the Three-Year Natural Disaster,
meaning they're saying
that a natural disaster

caused the deaths of the people.
And this is what is still
written in their textbooks.

- In some of the most
serious deprived areas,

families would exchange one
another's children to eat

since there wasn't any food.
Writer Sha Qing shared a
story about a peasant farmer

who was only left with
his son and daughter.

- [Rob] One day the father told the girl
to leave the house,
and when she came back, she
couldn't find her brother,

but instead saw oil floating in a cauldron
and a pile of bones next to the stove.
The next day, the father added more water
and asked his daughter to come closer.
- [Ben] The terrified
girl cried to her father,

- [Girl] "Daddy, please don't eat me.
"I can collect firewood
and cook food for you.

"If you eat me, nobody
else will do this for you."

- This was just one case, and we are sure
that there were many
unheard stories like this.

- Guys, I wish we could
say we're making this up,

but this is actually the
reality in China's communism.

Mao was also testing party
officials during this time,

and any official who resisted
telling the truth to people

and denied that any famine was going on
was promoted among party
members to the top ranks.

(dramatic music)
- [Ben] One thing that the CCP did
was to force the Chinese people
to turn against each other
and not to trust each other

and call out anyone who
would oppose the CCP.

- Children would be rewarded
for these so-called good deeds

and would receive high
marks in their classrooms,

and family members turning
in other family members

would actually rise in the
ranks of the Communist Party.

- In the Nine Commentaries
of the Communist Party,

there is a story of a schoolteacher
in Beijing in the 1960s

who accidentally put two characters
of socialism and fall
down next to each other

when she was quizzing her
students on Chinese characters.

- Her students reported her
to members of the Communist Party,
and she started to be criticized every day
and beaten by the male students.
This is a teacher.
Her daughter even severed
her relationship with her,

and the only work she was
allowed to continue on with

was cleaning the toilets and
the restrooms in the school.

- During the Cultural
Revolution, it was common

that fathers and sons
would torture each other.

Husbands and wives
struggled with each other.

Mothers and daughters
reported on each other,

and students and teacher
treated each other as enemies.

- Party nature motivated
the conflicts and hatred in these cases.
During the early period of the CCP rule,
many high-ranking CCP
officials were helpless

as their family members were
labeled as class enemies.

This again was driven by party nature.
- Now that Mao had formed
his Chinese Communist Party,

he wanted to control and
take over everything.

China had more people than
any country in the world.

If people started their own revolution,
they could overthrow it.
- He needed to make the Chinese
so submissive of the party

that they would even be scared
to even think bad thoughts about it.
- This next story is one
that's really hard to tell.

It's about Lin Lin, the
daughter of Zhang Zhixin,

a dissident during the Cultural Revolution
who became famous for
criticizing the idolizing of Mao.

She was arrested and labeled
as a counterrevolutionary

who refused to reform.
A person from the court said to Lin Lin
that her mother was going to be executed
and asked her how she felt about it.
- Lin Lin wrote later,
- [Reader] I was astonished.
I did not know how to answer.
My heart was broken, but
I pretended to be calm,

trying hard to keep my tears from falling.
My father had told me
that we could not cry in front of others.
Otherwise we had no way to renounce
our relationship with my mother.
Father answered for me,
"If this is the case,

"the government is free to
do what it deems necessary."

- The person then asked the family
if they would collect her
body if she is executed.

Her father said that
they don't need anything.

She then described that
they staggered along

as they walked home in
a howling snowstorm.

- Lin Lin then writes,
- [Reader] We did not cook.
Father split the only course
corn bun we had at home

and gave it to my brother and me.
He said, "Finish it and go to bed early."
I lay on the clay bed quietly.
Father sat on a stool and
stared at the light in a daze.

After a while, he looked at the bed
and thought we were all asleep.
He stood up, gently opened the suitcase
we brought from our old home in Shenyang,
and took out Mother's photo.
He looked at it and could
not hold back his tears.

I got up from bed, put my
head into Father's arms,

and started crying loudly.
Father patted me and said, "Don't do that.
"We cannot let the neighbors hear it."
My brother woke up after hearing me cry.
Father held my brother and
me tightly in his arms.

This night, we did not know
how many tears we shed,

but we could not cry freely,
- Ahh, this story just destroys
me every time I read it.

- Yes.
- In the book Enemy Within by
Father Raymond J. De Jaegher,

he told stories how the CCP used violence
to terrify people into submission.
He gives an example that
the CCP invited everyone,

especially children with their
teachers from local schools,

to all come to the square in a village.
They then brought out
13 patriotic young men

who were against what the CCP was doing.
- [Ben] Someone then announced
their so-called wrongdoings

as an executioner came out on
stage holding a sharp knife.

The horrified teachers
would then be forced

to lead the students
into singing CCP songs

with lyrics praising the party
and giving it the highest glory.
- As the children sang,
the executioner would stand
behind each so-called criminal

and cut the heads off one by one.
De Jaegher writes,
- [Reader] Blood sprayed
out like a fountain

as the head rolled on the ground.
The children's hysterical singing
turned into chaotic screaming and crying.
The teacher kept the beat,
trying to keep the songs going.

Her bell was heard ringing
over and over in the chaos.

- [Ben] He goes on to write,
- [Reader] Communist soldiers came over,
cut the victims' chest open,
and took out their hearts for a feast.
All the brutality was done
in front of the children.

The children went all
pale due to the terror,

and some started throwing up.
The teachers scolded the soldiers
and lined the children
up to return to school.

- The Communist Party would do this
as many times as they could,
and Father De Jaegher saw
this happen multiple times.

He then said that the children
became so used to the blood

and numb to the killing
that some even started to
enjoy it and would be unhappy

if there wasn't as much
blood being splattered.

- He also told stories
of how he saw a man being
skinned alive in public,

how soldiers ripped clothes off three men
and threw them into boiling water,
and how a son watched his
father being tortured with acid

as his skin started to peel off,
leaving only his head
intact until he died.

- Violent attacks spread
all throughout the country.

Many of the new Red Army soldiers
were the children who grew
up watching the killings

and torturing of others
and enjoyed taking part
in it themselves now.

- They would beat anyone
who resisted the party,

and they wouldn't even
stop at killing babies.

They would brag that the
best way to kill a baby

would be stepping on one leg
while holding onto the other,

tearing the baby in half.
- In fact, the CCP loves
violence and bloodshed so much

that the flag itself is a
symbol of its thirst for blood.

The CCP said that it has been
dyed red with martyrs' blood,

which is why some Chinese people
call it the blood-red flag.
- Mao knew that the intellectuals of China
would never accept his Communist Party
and the bloody killing,
so he called on all of
them to come together

and help the CCP rectify itself.
The movement was also known as
the Hundred Flowers movement.

- See, on the surface, he called on them
to have the great minds
of China come together

and freely speak their views
in the name of freedom of
thought and rectifying the CCP.

What he was really doing was, quote,
"luring the snakes out of their holes,"
in which he wrote to his party chiefs.
- What happened next
was that Mao was calling

for an anti-rightist movement
where he branded all of the
540,000 of them as rightists

and had the Red Army and even citizens
take part in brutal beatings,
arresting them, forcing
them out of their homes,

losing their jobs and everything else,
to send a clear message
that if you hold negative
thoughts of the party,

they will find you.
- In the memoir The Past
Doesn't Disappear like Smoke,

there is a quote from Mao
boasting about the killings

in which he said, quote,
"What can Emperor Qin
Shi Huang brag about?

"He only killed 460 Confucian scholars,
but we killed 46,000 intellectuals.
- [Narrator] 150 years in the making.
(ominous music)
The ultimate evil specter.
Lies, hatred, and struggle.
(aircraft whizzing)
(bomb booming)
Traditions destroyed.
(people shouting)
The Deep State's Cult, Communism.
(solemn music)
- The CCP became obsessed
with violence so much

that people who promoted
any kind of violence

were praised by the party.
There is even something called
the Guangxi cannibalism,

where just normal citizens
soon started to enjoying

feasting on the bodies of
their fellow Chinese race.

According to the Nine Commentaries,
- [Reader] In Wuxuan County,
like wild dogs eating
corpses during an epidemic,

people were madly eating other people.
Often victims were first
publicly criticized,

which was always followed by
killing and then cannibalism.

As soon as a victim fell to the ground,
dead or alive, people took out
the knives they had prepared

and surrounded the victim,
cutting any body part
they could get a hold of.

At this stage, ordinary citizens
were all involved in the cannibalism.
- Even more disgusting and demonic,
if you can get any worse,
was that people would drink
alcohol and play games

while they feast on human body parts
even at the highest level
of government organizations.

Cafeterias there would
actually serve human dishes.

- Now of course,
all of you are probably
thinking the same thing.

Why and how could this even be possible,
and what was the purpose of doing this?
- You have to understand
that whether or not Mao was
secretly a Deep State pupil

following the same path
or becoming part of the Illuminati
as some people are saying,
the purpose was actually
to turn people into demons

so no god would ever accept
them as humans anymore.

- Again, just like Marx,
Lenin, and the Deep State,

Mao knew what religions taught was real
and that Satan is real.
Doesn't matter what we believe.
They know this to be true.
So they wish to destroy
and ruin people so much

that no divine being would
even want to help them.

- When people no longer
believe in a righteous god,

demons, rotten spirits,
and all kinds of messed
up stuff will consume them

with the goal of dragging
people down to hell.

The Communist Party even
created a song about it

that party members still sing.
- [Reader] There has never
been any savior of the world

nor deities nor emperors
on which to depend.

To create humankind's happiness,
we must entirely depend on ourselves.
- And this goes on to our next topic,
the destruction of religion.
Because China had such
a long and rich culture,

there were many ancient
temples, historic artifacts,

statues, and so much more.
Mao knew that in order to
fully complete his revolution,

he had to destroy all of this.
- Before the Cultural Revolution,
there were more than 500 temples
and monasteries in Beijing,

and almost every city in China
had temples, ancient walls,

or monasteries full of
monks and religious people.

- [Ben] Mao sent his Red
Army and incited the people

that these were all
old thoughts and ideas,

and they must be destroyed
to pave the way for the new China.
The people set out like a plague
destroying and killing anything
related to ancient culture,

religious clergymen, or monks.
- [Rob] They would force
Muslims to eat pork,

monks to eat meat and get married,
and Catholic priests to either
be exiled, jailed, or killed.

If anyone refused, they would
parade them around the town,

sometimes without any clothes on,
with signs that read,
"To hell with the Scriptures.
"They are full of shit."
- [Ben] Over 11,000 Catholics were killed,
and even some foreign priests
were killed or jailed,

with over three million
followers of these religions

arrested or executed.
- Then Mao created new organizations
just as the Deep State does,
such as the Chinese Taoist Association
or the Chinese Buddhist Association
or Chinese Patriotic Catholic
Association and so on,

with the agenda that each of these
were being controlled by party leaders
and not actual real religious people.
- This serves multiple purposes.
One is so that they can
keep an eye on people.

Two is so that they can start
to undermine it from within,

forcing people to lose their
faith in these religions.

Three is for the party's
own financial gain,

plus many more.
- But no matter what
faith you believed in,

the party was always
above any god or religion.

If you pray at the dinner table,
you must thank the party first
before you have your food.

- Today, there are religions in China,
but they have to be approved by the party.
Most of the teachings of Jesus
has been removed from the Bible in China,
which sparked an underground
Christian movement

which is being heavily
persecuted to this day.

- [Rob] Also the spiritual
practice Falun Gong also teaches

that there are divine
beings watching over us

and that we must live by
the universal principles

of truth, compassion, and tolerance.
- This goes against everything
that the party stands for,

such as lies, corruptions, and violence.
So the party sees it as a
threat to its very existence

since it's teaching people to be kind.
- Sadly, this is still going on today,
affecting so many people
in China and ruining lives,

families, and forcing
people to leave the country,

with never being able to
see their families again.

Now some of you might
be thinking how and why

were all of these evil communist people
able to do what they did in history
and kill so many people
and get away with it?

- Well, even if you don't believe it,
the Deep State knows that Satan is real.
They believe in it so much
that they worship him.

We believe that Satan
sent his demon army here

to destroy mankind, God,
and to create hell on Earth,

dragging the people downward.
- Mao was really the
manifestation of a demon

to carry out Satan's wishes
with the Chinese Communist
Party being the root of all evil

found in this world ever in history.
And to give a total of
the number of lives killed

just by the CCP alone,
it's 80 to 100 million,
and that is just a very
conservative estimate.

- Never has a bloodthirsty
regime killed as many people

as the Chinese Communist Party.
From our research, it
seemed that the Illuminati

used communism as its evil force
to turn our world into chaos,
with the goal being when we
finally reach the end times,

people would stop believing
in God and the divine.

- This way, Satan and his Red Army
would rule over the earth,
and the Deep State would be his servants,
and the rest of us would
become their slaves.

- Yeah, whoever lived.
- Yeah.

- Now whether you believe this or not
is completely irrelevant.
The Deep State's goal is to kill off
more than 70% of the population
to form their one-world
government and their one religion,

which is Satanism.
- And atheism.
- And atheism.

- But this isn't going to happen; why?
Because a divine force is stopping this,
and people are waking up
and seeing the light in the darkness.
They were blindsided,
and now they're in a panic
because they're losing this war.

- Also, a movement started in China
after the persecution of
Falun Gong started in 1999.

Over 350 million Chinese people
have now quit the Chinese Party
or its affiliated organizations.
- So the battle is not over yet,
and it's still going on to this day.
According to The Epoch Times,
How the Specter of communism
is Ruling our World,

Satan wanted to make our
world complete chaos,

so when the Messiah actually arrives,
people will be too lost and hateful
to even want to be saved.
- But as we said, things are changing,
and a divine light is starting
to shine through all of us.

But China is doing
some of the most hateful
things on this planet

with its organ harvesting
of living people,

its one-child policy,
and even a large underground ring
of selling babies for cannibalism,
which I am sure is
connected to the Deep State

and a slew of other horrible things.
- Now, you might not
believe this is happening,

but this is what communism
has been doing to the Chinese people,
turning them from the most
spiritually and deeply developed

and rooted people of faith on this planet
to literally monsters that
are capable of eating babies

because they believe it will
grant them everlasting youth.

And of course, people,
we're not talking about everyone in China.
There are some really good
people in China as well,

and no one should be
discriminating against them.

They're living through
this communist specter.

It's an actual miracle.
- You can't get more disgusting than this,
but of course this is just a small number
of the Chinese people.
But because of the Cultural Revolution,
destruction of faiths, its
promotion of cannibalism,

and the lies which have
brainwashed the Chinese people,

it has turned the Chinese
people against each other

and forced them not to trust anyone.
- It's called party culture.
This has become so normal
that most Chinese people
don't know anything

about what happened in their own history.
Take, for example, the
Tiananmen Square massacre.

Most believe that the students open fired
on the military first,
which gave them the right to
fire back on the students.

Of course, this is not
at all what happened.

- And of course, we're mostly
just talking about the people

still inside China, not
the ones who came overseas

and are able to see the truth.
So of course we're not talking
about all Chinese people.

We're just talking about the ones
still being brainwashed
by the party itself

who thinks it's good.
- I mean, people in the US are
brainwashed by our own media.

You can imagine if the
Communist Party is in charge.

- That's true.
But we'll go over all of this and more
on the Chinese Communist
Party persecutions

in the last few decades
in our next episode.

We know this was one very intense episode.
I mean, we were both tearing.
I was tearing up when I was writing this,
and we're reading it, we were both hit.
It hit us both really hard.
- That's rough.
- But the point of this was to really show
how communism has destroyed our world
and to have you guys learn
the real history of the CCP

and its origins of communism.
- As hard as it is to watch,
it's important that we
understand the history

so to make sure it never
gets this way again.

And with that, we want to thank you guys
for watching our series on communism.
And don't forget, just
like our Deep State series,

our communism series
has laid the foundation

for innumerable offshoot episodes.
We're gonna be covering
things like Darwin,

Saul Alinsky's real impact on the world,
organ harvesting, the Khmer
Rouge, and so much more.

- That's right.
It's going to shed light
on the true history that's
been hidden from us,

but that we owe it to ourselves to know.
- So hang on to your hats, Ben,
and in the mean time,
- We'll see you guys out,
- On the Edge.
(edgy music)
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Chinese Communism: Deep State Evil Incarnate [Ep5]

341 Folder Collection
Kan Kryon published on June 19, 2019
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