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Hey everyone welcomes to
Wait where is Rob? I don't know,
I guess I am doing this one alone.
OK welcome to Edge of Wonder
where the strange meets the profound.

I am your host Ben and on this episode….
I would like to interrupt this broadcast
to give the world a very special announcement

I just found the best inexpensive taco
place on 8th avenue.

Err, well that is great Rob but we are
not talking about food here,

we have to do this episode on the 1977
broadcast from the Ashtar Command.

Dude there were Tacos in 77'
let's roll Radioface's intro and I'll finish up
these tacos and come and meet you in the office in a second

This is the voice of Vrillon,
the Representative of the Ashtar Galactic
Command speaking to you.

What could this message for the
human race actually mean?

And how does it relate to our constellation?
Who or what is the Ashtar Galactic Command
and what other names might they go by?

What if they are who they are purported to be
What is their purpose here
and why did they try to make
their presence known to us?

Was it simply a warning to
make better choices in the future

Or is something much bigger at stake?
All of this and more only on the Edge of Wonder!
Wow you guys such an awesome intro.
So not sure how many of you guys knew about this,
I didn't really know about it until after we started EOW.
But what about you Rob
I was only vaguely aware of it.
I'd heard about it but never looked into it.
So basically in 1977 in the UK during
the prime time hour of an evening news program on Southern Television,

someone who called himself Vrillon
from the Ashtar Galactic Command,

essentially hacked the station's broadcast
to relay a 6 min message to the human race.

Now there are many people debunking
this and many people in the ufology community who believe it is legit.

On this episode we'll break down
what happened

and explore all possibilities to find out
if this was a real broadcast from an extraterrestrial,

or just a group of people having some fun.
However, it is really worth
noting here that

no one has ever been caught or charged
for the so-called “crime” of hacking this TV station broadcast.

To take this even further,
to this day no one even knows
who was behind this

nor has anyone stepped forward
claiming responsibility.

Well, The CIA and MI6 might,
which brings up even more questions,
such as - are they that incapable
that they couldn't find the culprits,

or are they hiding it?
And to add to that, the CIA, MI6,
FBI, even Mossad,

to this day can't figure out who the
so-called “LARP” is playing Qanon.

So either they aren't that capable
or don't want to reveal the truth,

but we digress.
Or don't know
Or don't know
I mean if it is a military operation,
they're covering their tracks right
So anyway getting back to the original story …
what did this Vrillon dude actually say on the broadcast? Well a lot actually.

Southern TV's news anchor Andrew
Gardner was giving the evening news

when he was interrupted by a voice
giving a message to the human race.

Now what is interesting is that some
people heard a completely different name other than Vrillon

Some heard the names of Gramaha,
Bramaha, Gillon, Asteron, Ashtar,
or even the name Vorilhon which
we will get into soon.

there doesn't seem to be an actual
recording of the voice.

The voice that we here on all the
YouTube videos is a reenactment although the video is actually real.

Also in Superman the man of Steel,
they referenced this when Zod came
on the TV to speak to humans.

Except Zod's message was a threatening
one whereas Vrillon is apparently a peaceful one.

Right in a nutshell the message was a
warning to the human race to disarm

and stop our nuclear and atomic weapons
of mass destruction before it was too late.

He actually says “The wastes from atomic
power systems will poison your planet for many thousands of your years to come,"

and also we need to avoid disasters that
threaten our world if we keep going with nuclear weapons.

What is even more fascinating is that he
actually talks about the great awakening,

in which he says: “This is in order that
you may share in the great awakening,

as the planet passes into the
New Age of Aquarius.”

Now the Age of Aquarius is also
a term we hear a lot about.

For those of you who are wondering -
what the heck is this jargon of Age of Aquarius anyway?

Well in our interviews with
Laura Eisenhower,

who talks a lot about this,
the Age of Aquarius,

is a time period of about every 25,000 years
when the Earth's vernal equinox point

moves out of Pisces goes into Aquarius.
And between you and I,
I have no idea what I just said.
In layman's terms what this means is,
we know that the Earth's axis
is slowly wobbling,

and currently the vernal
equinox point is in Pisces.

About every 25,000 years it changes.
So about 50,000 years ago
it was in Aries.

Many believe we started this
shifting into Aquarius after 2012.

Thanks for clearing that up.
And even though I still don't understand
what any of that means,

Vrillon goes on to say that the Age of
Aquarius is a time of great peace

and evolution of our human race
but “only if your rulers are made aware
of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments.”

So, in a nutshell the Age of Aquarius
sounds okay to us.

Yes we believe this is a good thing.
He also states that only those who choose
to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution,

and warns people of false prophets and
guides operating in our world who “suck your energy from you

the energy you call money
and will put it to evil ends and give
you worthless dross in return.”

Sounds like Illumidonkey
madness and taxes to me.

He also encourages people to listen
to their inner divine self,

and “learn to be sensitive to the voice
within that can tell you what is truth,

what is confusion, chaos and untruth.”
He goes on to say they have been watching
us from above as they are the lights in our skies that we see wow.

Vrillon also stresses that are many beings
around us and watching us,

more than our scientists admit.
He goes on to say “We are deeply concerned
about you and your path towards the light,

and will do all we can to help you.”
and encourages us to live without fear and in harmony with each other.

Now there are a lot of things we
would like to touch on,

but first let's discuss how this was possible,
given this in the 70's and people didn't
have computers laying around like we do now.

Southern Television's signal was unique
in that it received its feed not over a hard-wired connection

but from a secondary transmitter
on the Isle of Wight.

So it was bouncing one
signal off of another.

Which made it vulnerable
to manipulation.

However, this couldn't just be pulled
off by an individual at that time.

The only people who could really do
this would be groups with a huge amount of money,

government organizations,
other broadcasting companies,

Whoa we gotta be careful using that word.
We might get censored now.
There was an investigation by the
Independent Broadcasting Authority,

but according to The UK's Independent,
it is impossible to find the results.
The IBA was replaced in 1991 by the
Independent Television Commission

and ceased to exist after 2003 when
it and others became a company named Ofcom.

The article states that they
reached out to Ofcom,

but they kept no records
going back that far.

So either the results were
hidden from the public,

or lost and never made public.
Which begs the question why was it never
made public if this was such a big issue?

Just to note there were 2 other broadcast
hacks that happened following this in the 80's.

One was someone dressed as Max Headroom
who was literally some dude in a mask

just being a donkey making obscene gestures
and wanting attention.

The other was the Captain Midnight HBO
interruption a year earlier

where this dude hacked in and were upset
about HBO having exorbitant prices for their subscription.

At that time especially.
What was it $12,95 at that time,
which translates to about 30
dollars 40 bucks now.

It's crazy.
HBO smaht
So whoever this Vrillon is seemed
to want no credit at all,

and honestly did it to bring a message to
the human race to warn us about blowing up our planet.

For being one of the first people to
successfully hack a primetime station,

it is kind of selfless.
But we do have to bring into question
the kind of strange religious movement called Raëlism

which was founded in 1974
by Claude Vorilhon,

who currently lives in France.
Some suggest this group was behind
it because of how similar Vorilhon and Vrillon sound.

I'm gonna start calling that
dude John Claude Vrillon.

I mean, they're both from France,
such as Ra -El meaning Sun/Saturn worship?
If you guys haven't seen our Saturn episode
or the Deep State series in general,

you really need to watch that to
understand what that means,

this is pretty serious.
Right well, only people in this
movement would know,

but here is their symbol for
their “religion.”

I mean dude that is a full on Swastika
mixed into the star of David,

which has a hexagon inside.
This has warnings signs all over it.
And that isn't all you guys,
guess where they are located,

I mean this is the icing on the cake.
Ok Rob just take a guess,
you can probably get this.

So if it's occult stuff,
I'm gonna have to
I would guess Switzerland.
Geneva Switzerland
Oh man, pull it right out of the hat there.
They're so predictable, it's ridiculous.
Dude that just makes this
way more suspicious

Now to be fair, the Swastika is an ancient
symbol found in almost all religions,

and is a very upright symbol representing
our universe or our Milky way.

Hitler and the Deep State are obsessed
with twisting and warping everything for their own use

so they twisted it and reversed it
warping the meaning of all of these.

Yeah I've seen that sign on Buddha
statues in China too right

So these are everywhere
In India and everywhere else too
But these guys are super weird.
I mean they don't believe in
God or a divine creator

and instead believe that these
humanoid extraterrestrials created mankind,

and they think GMO's and Cloning,
are a wonderful thing for humans.
In fact they even supported
Monsanto in their GMO push.

If you can believe that I mean
And that is just the beginning,
they even wrote books about this,

but they are actually the founders of
this strange company called Clonaid

which brags about creating the first
human clone “Eve” in the mid 2000's.

But oh my gosh you guys we're gonna
have to publish a whole episode on this for our

since we would have to bring
up a lot of names associated with it,

and it's just too crazy to
publish on YouTube.

Anyway even Michael Jackson went there
and it was reported by the Telegraph that he was obsessed with Cloning himself,

and wanted to do it no
matter the cost.

So yea for our subscribers

be on the lookout for that
one because that's gonna be nuts.

Also the Rapper Kid Buu,
who claims he was cloned by Cloneaid,

has this symbol tattooed on his chest.
So now I can't drink Kool-Aid,
and I don't wanna drink Cloneaid,

that's for sure
He even has a live instagram post
where he is with his other “cloned” self.

I mean this just keeps getting weirder.
But getting back to this group,
they think transhumanism,

genetic manipulation of humans,
along with sexual liberation
are all good for us.

They even wrote books all about this stuff.
They also encourage their members
to be sexually open with each other,

and also support sex
education of youngsters,

showing them how to obtain
sexual gratification.

I mean really this is just a prime case
of preparing victims for something else,

we don't wanna say anything too bad,
but what is that? That is just very strange,
especially given all of the other.
You know
There is way more to this too
they also believe that Noah's arc
was a spaceship,

the garden of Eden was an artificially
constructed continent by aliens,

and the Tower of Babel was a rocket ship
that was supposed to reach their creator's home planet,

and of course aliens are our Gods.
Now that sounds like some Annudonkey madness.
They are also very anti-war which is
why some believe this group

could be responsible for the
interrupted broadcast.

However, they would need to be pretty tech
savvy to pull this off back then I mean for real.

But looking at what they are doing now,
who they are,
and owning clonaid which was possible
due to an extremely large anonymous donation,

maybe there is something bigger backing them.
But let's ask something else.
Who is this Ashtar Galactic Command.
Before we get into that we need to bring up
George van Tassel and who he was.

Tassel was an airplane engineer starting
in 1927 for Douglas Aircraft,

then with Hughes and Lockheed.
Soon Tassel befriended an eccentric
German-American by the name of Frank Critzer

in who made his own home out of the
Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert.

During the early days of World War 1
Critzer was became under investigation by the government

and was accused of being a German spy.
When local police came to question him,
he set off an explosion actually
killing himself in the process.

Tassel then purchased the land
around this Giant Rock

and started to live there with his
family and soon started to hold group meditations.

It was here when the group actually
started to hear voices for the first time.

Soon Tassel started to interact
with a being named Ashtar

who claimed to have a fleet of spacecraft
and even a space station overseeing Earth.

Some say the dark knight ufo is the space station,
now this was way before the 1977 broadcast,
Tassel's testimony about what Ashtar told
him was very similar to that broadcast.

Then in June of 1952,
he sent a series of letters to government
agencies warning that UFOs would soon start to fly over Washington DC,

which also happened to be the same
year he said he met Ashtar.

But this is where the crazy part comes in,
later that June there really was one of
the largest UFO events in American history.

To this day it has been heavily suppressed
in media even though thousands witnessed it.

A fleet of UFOs were seen hovering over
the Capitol building in DC.

This was a massive event and somehow
never really got the mainstream attention it deserved,

according to the late William Tompkins
who was interviewed in the Above Majestic movie,

these crafts were actually not piloted by
aliens but by German soldiers.

This is also were the operation paperclip
starts to really pan out.

But that is an entire different episode and
we talked a lot about it in our Majestic 12 episode along with some others.

Tessel also was building The Integratron,
and he said that he was aided by the
writings of Nikola Tesla

and was also given these telepathic
directions from extraterrestrials.

It is said he it was an electrostatic
generator for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel.

Unfortunately, it was never finished
nor did he ever reveal the plans to anyone on how to finish it.

He died of a sudden heart attack although
people close to him are skeptical of this

since he always appeared
to be in good health.

In a nutshell Ashtar of the Galactic
Command claims to be a purely benevolent being

representing a group of beings that are
all here to assist humans on Earth in the end times

and to stop humans from
blowing themselves up.

They also follow the law of the Divine Creator,
and claim that they do not want to be
known as any kind of God like deities but more as our galactic Family.

They say they are here to protect the
solar system from hostile and “dark” extraterrestrial groups,

that is ETs that are only in service to self.
Like the Dracos.
There are many who claimed to have
either “channeled” or even met them in person.

In the book On Earth Assignment:
The Cosmic Awakening of Light Workers,

it states this from the being who
calls himself Ashtar:

“Know that you are part of a vast universe
so magnificent that even we cannot do it justice with our descriptions.”

It goes on to say,
“We can assure you that it is teeming
with life and filled with love,

wisdom and creative opportunity.
Know that you are precious in the
sight of your Creator…

that you are the Divine heirs to a
kingly inheritance.” - Pretty cool.

Yeah that's pretty cool
Now whether or not you believe
this is up to you.

There are a lot of things out there
that appear to be good but are for sure not.

So like always we suggest you do your
own research and draw your own conclusions about this.

But we're gonna do another episode
on who this lord Ashtar is

We couldn't' really fit it all in this
episode cuz it was just so much.

In other areas though they
do talk about

how they can't believe humans trash
bodies so much by smoking, drinking,

and promiscuous sex that
is rampant in our society.

Because they also look at our
bodies as being very divine like.

We wanted to bring up something
that recently happened in the news.

The NY Post published an article and
video stating official confirmation from a spokesperson

from the pentagon admitting that
they indeed investigate UFOs.

Well there's a surprise.
This came a year after the NY Times' so
called “bombshell” about the secret Pentagon UFO program AATIP

in which studied and documented
unidentified flying objects.

We are saying Bombshell in quotes because
it didn't really have the impact they were expecting.

Right instead of the world freaking out,
most of the world just said,

we already know about this
secret space program,

so talk about that!
However, the Navy are really the ones
that seem to be dropping huge bombshells

but not many people are reporting on it.
There are 2 huge documents
that were released,

one was a patent for an aircraft
that literally defied gravity,

and propelled itself using powerful
electromagnetic waves and is triangular shaped.

Most of us in the UFO community
believe this is actually disclosure of the TR-3B triangular aircraft

in which many locals in Hawaii
told us they see them all the time.

There are also leaked photos of the
aircraft resting in Area 51 and some on aircraft carriers.

Insider Corey Goode mentioned a
while back that more of the public would start to see these in the air

as the Navy slowly declassifies it
similar to how the Stealth Bomber was declassified.

Except these travel 1,000s of miles
per hour and are able to go into space and defy gravity.

So we think this is the work of reverse
engineering of Alien craft.

I mean what else could it be.
Also the Navy also released an article explaining
to military personal how to report a UFO if they do see one.

The point of explaining this is that the UFO's
incident in DC at the time isn't at all crazy

if what the government is now
saying in public is true.

So why has our government
been hiding this from us

and why is the pentagon now
coming out with this statement?

It seems that they are trying to control
the narrative which is why other insiders who are leaking this info first,

is actually a threat to them.
After many insiders stepped forward
such as Bill Cooper on words,

it changed the public's questions
from did Roswell happen?

To now questions like why is the
government still covering up Roswell

and demanding answers what
the Secret Space Program is?

So the narrative has completely shifted
and it is up to us to put more pressure

on our governments to demand
answers into what this is

and so these many other things.
We need full de-classification and
full disclosure so please like, subscribe,

and share this to get this info there.
Since YT is now censoring everyone
in our community like this.

And because of this censorship they
have actually lost over 70$ billion this quarter

from their censoring all channels
related to these topics.

Which they claim is less than 1 percent,
but I mean 1 percent doesn't seem to
add up to $70 billion, loss of revenue.

I mean just give me a break,
also let's just point out that everyone goes to
YouTube to watch all of these fringe content,

you're not going there to see CNN,
you're not going there to see
the history channel,

you're literally going there to find all these
content you can't find in other places,

so you're destroying your business
model by censoring all of them,

I mean why would you do that
unless you have an agenda.

Exactly, and on top of that,
Alphabet lost 8% on the stock market
this quarter because of this.

Not to mention that our buddy
@secureteam10 just got censored,

Well guys there is a lot of things we
could have covered in this episode

but we are gonna have to put some
of that on our own platform,

such as who is really behind cloneaid,
what they are doing,
famous people involved,

and how they are able to get away
with everything they are doing.

So to kind of sum up this episode,
since the voice on the recording
isn't the original

maybe it was a different name was actually
used in this so called religious group

made the recording and changed the
names to confuse everybody

Yea that is another way of looking at it.
Man I just hope those clowns Raelism or
whatever it's called didn't actually do this and it was real.

I hope so too.
I mean it seems pretty real but
Anyway thanks again you guys for watching
and until next time we will see you out.

On the edge
of Max Headroom
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Alien Voice Hijacks TV Station's Broadcast from the ASHTAR Command [Part 1/2]

230 Folder Collection
Kan Kryon published on June 19, 2019
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