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this is my life now all I do is work
sleep eat cook eat sleep sleep work end

okay let's go
place your bag in the bagging area please
scan an item select another option choose

the item please take your shopping and
your receipt hello today is Saturday and

it's Pride today it's a big thing in
Brighton because we've got big LGBT

community so I'm gonna show you guys and
take you with me I'm a bit sleepy right

see you later

but after being here i'm like
today I'm in an area I'm gonna tap
that's next to Brighton called Hove it's

quite different to like the main variety
one it's much quieter and two I can see

it's much posher as well it's like it's
like the Kensington of Brighton or

something it's quite nice
these gardens are quite for a for the
picture you know I just talking to my

I do guys
I just want to show you this wasted cake
which is bothering me no hon it's got no

my god I left so much tea I hate seeing
people waste food

no it's to Carvey I think that's why I'm

really yeah last time I was fine bread
in basically bread but I had like that

was not a good choice
why did I do but we still rate the

people yeah I've been here before
pretty good lost three bangin next time

yeah get the hose again Popeye the
Popeye spinach it was so good oh my god

holding my camera no funny animal so
cooking very funny right pregnant lady

we're drunk lady yeah oh excuse me could
you hold this for a sec

say going to foster bird not really I
haven't really like aimed in my face

this is brian at night guys it's amazing
what's gonna pier people appear kind of

no not really
we were just talking about racism of

course again my friend Tamannah
and Londi are like the best

conversations have racism about come
they didn't get it yeah I know about it

as I do know you
yeah yeah we were just saying was a

Donzi so we were saying we're just
saying oh my god did you see that thing

about where something I don't know what
newspaper it was ghost or Museum bukkake

mix-up and it actually ended up getting
published for the newspapers on a

national newspaper basically I mean I
know that people are gonna be upset that

I've said this but it's the insinuation
there's no more black people at the same

and the fact that nobody in that crew
was able to see that that was wrong even

though it was their front page than no
one was able to pick that up just kind

of perpetuates this idea that we all are
the same and we're not and basically the

question is would that have happened if
it was too wise liberties mm-hmm I'm

just wondering but like I think the
debate people will say is I understand

why that is racism
please it's Garin well because a similar

thing happened to me where I was a
volunteer at this hospital in London for

over two years a very famous in London
impact and when I left they asked me to

write a thought
thank you report was something about my

time yeah yeah for a news better thing
and then I did and then they asked for a

photo by never sent it to them so what
happened was I found the newsletter

being posted and we can read innocence
and I found this newsletter wife enjoy
up so my piece of work that I had is

really lovely heart felt like letter I
wrote is a picture of another woman and

I feel something like a fellow yellow
arms it was not me I was like is that me

they should got my phone now she looks I
specify I still have it on my phone

because I like to keep it to show other
people she did not like you just like 40

other things
thank you either I'm going that is not

me I feel like over two years
please call me like every day for a year

but did you ever live so my face
and there are people is this or is this
not great I got a lot of very mixed ed

to know the thing is I can kind of see
both sides are the lighting is off

well I can see most people's points yeah
about it's not being raised

they depend on people's definitions are
very exactly so although he's like II

apologize it was like it was not
intentional and there's nothing

malicious about it yeah my pictures we
made him he just made a mistake

yeah but it suggested something deeper
which I couldn't describe yeah but when

people asked why was it racism I didn't
know how to explain yeah

while my take on it would be that my
definition so the sociological

definition my own stand of racism is
that there is an internal societal

construct against people
and that is basically the definition

that creates life basically I understand
Ray's move on because it means that you

don't like everybody seems to think that
it's kind of like kicking people trying

to shout people out of the country being
angry being malicious and serene way

sure but it's not always aggression like
that's not the only form the other form

that is way more subtle that tomorrow is
reserved we're talking about is the one

that and it's super insidious because of
it is the one where people are just

ignorant in we did this once at the
Harvard test or something an implicit

test and we you know even there is in
especially you know UK media release

that's all we can speak we're probably
on us media there is a negative

association towards black people and
also towards people are driving there's

also negative implication towards people
who aren't white basically and people

just associate negativity with people of
color and it's not and it's not even

like I'm blaming anyone for it because
the thing is why the implicit it's

completing Blissett a lot of the time
and why did that touch myself and I even

apparently had like implicit negative
associations with black people but yeah

I did I don't I came up on that
which is really good but I can

understand that flows waste is appraised
in a very like what area so it doesn't

yeah they'll surprise me at all
okay and I think that what you have to

do like it's to understand racism you
have to accept that it's not necesarily

yeah and you're not it's not not not a
barrier it's not this very mean yeah you

don't necessarily mean it that's the
other thing it's like you know you can

be unaware that these things are
happening and it's okay all I'm ever

really trying to do is encourage the
awareness of it I'm just trying to tell

people or like help people understand
that what you're doing is discriminatory

in whichever way basically like very
good intention exactly unlike you you

don't you know maybe you do feel bad
whether it's intentional or

unintentional like what if is
unintentional I can understand why you'd

feel bad and that's why I think a lot
people are like you know on the races on

the races because you don't feel these
bad things about these being advocate is

connotation to the work these Diaries
but it doesn't you have to understand

that your feelings do not always control
your actions there are things that you

do that have
ingrained within you because of the

society in the welcome you men and it's
important to then become aware of that

and then to I do think try to do things
that stop you from being that person

because it does affect other people even
it in a way in like if you really are

racist then you shouldn't want to make
people of color feel any less than you

in any way
so if they're telling you that's

something that is affecting them like
you know using the n-word just because

it's in a song if somebody of color
tells you that that's not it offends

them that should be a signal view not to
argue with them and say yeah well jay-z

said it and it's in a song and all these
white kids are saying they you should be

saying actually I understand that you
are not comfortable with that word

because of the years and years of
history and negative connotations our

like the face being might not be able to
distinguish between them

other people's yeah all right quiet hard
one to cover like without rain

yeah because if you're not being exposed
to peep through like other people you

are less likely going to be able to
less exposed to it that's not necessary

there's oh yeah yeah I'm not the thing
we're not standing there saying your

racism Jelena you it's like actually the
actions that you are taking can be taken

in a very specific way which can be
quite offensive to people maybe to

change that people need something is
some kind of like slight on their

character and mores like an educational
point if that makes them because they

don't even know who they don't look the

similar you would say yeah baby
maybe quite a funny this they don't look

alike at all like me and not have a lady
old lady issues like she look like she's

posing with me ever again
going great do you want to see that my

show I don't want to show it because I
want to put yeah who she is we can't ask

for a permission I I'll show you again
yeah go on

she hasn't the light series I remember
and she's just as a live one for

mother's grave so that's why I'm 58
I still keep this to this day it's been
like two years yeah it was judge Manning

point oh my god do we look alike the
reason I can confirm that you do not

look like I must still have the report
oh my god but I've been a volunteer at

blood for blood for two years now and it
makes me incredibly sad to be leaving

picture of a person that is not mean is
now 2017 I don't have this photo to this

day because I like going around showing
hurry it's me and it's guy he saw me at
least once a month we very much

recognizing faces I think she was why
I'm not showing to make the same mistake

would take my it's just a question it's
just a question you know but I mean I

talked about people I always memory
yeah it just believed depends on your

definition of racism but the one I use
is the one that sociologists have agreed

of the correct it's the correct
definition and it's to do with the

societal impact of being a different
color basically and how the system is

like a systemic issue that basically
favors white people and doesn't help

people of color and that's what I've
learned to be

going into arguable about
yeah I can't on to raise my I feel like
that is a definition of specific to

do you know I mean and also I think like
it's that definition doesn't so what

people can still be prejudiced and this
criminal three two people people is that

Walter White because people always like
what you thought you you can definitely

be racist white people and I'm like
given that just like sociological

definition I don't think you can be my
aunt is it's always been definition so

yes you can still be prejudiced towards
them and you can still discriminate

against people color can discriminate
against white people would be really

rude and not a malicious or
unintentionally you know trying try and

like not be friends with them or they
you know they don't think that way about

my people and I couldn't even encourage
that like it's not I think everyone you

know at the end of the day what we're
saying is that it's the systemic effect

so we're not talking even really about
people to people we're talking about

being able to get jobs feels like job in
the taxi the differences in like

opportunities in education like those
are things that we don't realize the

systemic and they might look like people
in prison who are white or like

that kind of thing we're talking about
those engines

so I do all the time okay before I end
this video there are a few more things I

want to add this whole phase concept
thing was bothering me so I did some

research and found something called the
upper race effect the other race effect

is a bias but people have difficulty
recognizing faces of other races

compared to their own race this is a
well-documented phenomenon which has

been found in many research studies
however the exact mechanisms to why this

happens is unclear there is debate about
whether this other race effect as a

result of nature or nurture are we
biologically wired to be bad at

recognizing faces that are a different
race to our own or is it due to

environmental influences where people
tend to have more contact with people of

the same race as them so they are
therefore better at recognizing faces

who are of the same race research
investigating the other race affecting

infants have found that newborns didn't
show any looking preferences towards a

little group but between 3 to 9 months
of age babies start to show a looking

preference to faces of their own racial
group compared to other races studies

have also shown that people tend to post
the faces of the same race holistically

and process other race faces featural II
what this basically means is that when

the person is the same race they tend to
perceive the face as a whole but if

there are different races they tend to
just focus partially on certain features

which is suggested to be why they fail
to remember them however does this

depend on how much interaction they have
had with other races 3 month old infants

were black and were raised by families
who were also black believed in

abdominally white community did not show
any preference for black or white faces

studies looking at Koreans adopted by
French families were also better at

recognizing European faces than Korean
faces Asian people had frequent

interactions with white people and Asian
people were found to process both faces

more holistically compared to white
people who had less interactions of

Asian people and tended to process their
faces featuring to me this all suggests

that lack of exposure and interact
of other races causes this other race

effect interestingly a study has shown
that this other race effect can be

reduced with the use of training by
motivating others to process phases at

an individual level rather than at a
group level why people were trained to

memorize different phases of black
people and nodes that were trained to

remember the phases at an individual

remember the phases much better than
those trained to remember the phases at

a categorical level the study also found
that white participants who initially

had a negative implicit racial bias
towards black people were able to reduce

their implicit biases after this
training this not only suggests this

other race effect can change but it also
shows we can reduce existing negative

implicit biases about certain racial
groups being able to recognize faces is

an important social skill we all use in
daily life it can have potential serious

consequences it might be embarrassing
and offensive if this guy for me for

like two years and was still unable to
recognize my face and I am assuming he

did not have a face blindness disorder
but it's life-changing when people make

these mistakes during eyewitness
testimonies how many people have been

wrongly sentenced to prison because of
this alpha race effect in the United

States it has been reported that 40
percent of 330 cases had been a result

of mistaken cross-racial identification
aka this other race effect so is this

racism I don't know I don't even know
what racism is anymore how do we even

define racism but we can definitely
reduce this other race effect by

creating meaningful relationships with
different types of people from all races

so off you go and make friends with
people who'll colors I don't know what

else I can really say but I just hope
you can learn from this information and

from this video and that it has given
you a new perspective thinking about

certain things and maybe you've learnt
some big ins on make your phone so I'm

just going to end it here thank you for
watching and I will see you guys next


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Brighton Vlog - Daily Life & What Is Racism?

130 Folder Collection
TT published on June 16, 2019
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