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"I See the infant's ghost being borne through just such a peaceful throng as this...
...on just such a luke-warm, luminous night,
peeping over the mother's shoulder, softly clinging at her neck with tiny hands.
Somewhere among this multitude, she is.
The mother.
She will feel again tonight the faint touch of little hands...
...yet will not turn her head to look and laugh... in other days.”
First, I'd need to spend some time preparing a collection.
I'd want to study all the latest fashion magazines from Europe.
Don't forget, it's more than three years since I left.
And use them as a starting point,
making whatever modifications may be necessary,
taking into account that are certain...
basic differences in the Japanese figure.
Then I'd want to work with a team.
Above all, I'd have to have a very good cutter.
We could be ready in, let's say, three months.
Two months.
And you could donate all your present stock to a museum.
Come in.
How was it?
I was afraid it might be.
Ten hours a day. Three days off a month. Four days holiday a year.
I'm a girl from the leisured classes. I don't think I can stand it.
Of course you can.
And here's Kentaro
sending me the equivalent of about five years' salary.
I see.
You know how to get in touch with him.
- No, I-- - Yes, you do!
I want you see this is returned to him.
Tell him to use it to open a bank account for Taro.
Are you sure?
Don't ask.
Just do it.
All right.
Shall we have some supper?
I'm too tired to eat.
And there's another thing.
I can't afford to live here much longer.
I shall have to find a house.
Don't, er, mention it.
A show?
Very well.
You mean, they walk up and down wearing the clothes?
They demonstrate them. It's a French idea.
I read about it in a magazine just before I left home.
And where are you going to find these, er...
The girls from the workroom.
There's never been anything like this in Japan before.
How am I supposed to convince Tsushima to agree to it?
He said he wanted a show!
Good morning.
- Hello. - Good day.
You give me lessons.
I want to...English lessons.
I see.
I pay you.
I'm afraid I'm too busy.
I don't have time just now.
Do not understand you.
Well done! It does seem like an enormous success.
- Do you think so? - Well, look at them.
I'm going to make some orders.
Are they really wearing things like that back home?
Yes, they are!
We sold every single piece in the collection
and took orders for more than twice as much again.
And the orders have been pouring in ever since.
Hinobe is furious.
- He's the head of our department. - Why should he be furious?
He disapproves on principle.
It's not an easy country to do business in.
My bank, the Kansas and Midwest Warranty Trust,
has put out some real generous loan schemes, but, er...
the Japanese just don't seem to like the idea of borrowing.
Leastways, they don't like the idea of borrowing dollars.
We don't much care for foreign money. We don't really understand it.
Money is money.
I expect they're keener on dollars than they are on Anglicanism.
Well now, I don't think it's too early for a glass of sherry, do you?
Thank you, we don't.
Probably just as well, it's awfully hard to come by.
We take no alcohol at all.
Oh, I see.
- When is it due? - Oh...
September, I guess.
I never expected I would have a child that was born in Japan.
You can't imagine what a strange idea that is.
Is this your first?
Oh, no. We have two boys already.
Are you sure you won't change your mind?
Why, yes, I will.
Thank you.
Why do you want to learn English?
Excuse me?
English, you want to learn English.
- Why? - I am...student.
- Student of English? - Yes.
I see.
I can pay.
You can pay me with Japanese lessons.
- Shall we say Tuesdays? - Yes!
- At eight o'clock? - Yes!
There's the address.
I am Suzuki Akira.
See you on Tuesday.
Right, now, Mr Suzuki,
we're going to see if we can frame a question correctly.
Concentrate, if you will, on the word order.
Will you marry me?
Very good. Absolutely correct. Erm, now let's try something a little more complicated.
No, I mean, Miss Mackenzie,
I mean, will you...
marry me?
- Are you quite sure that's what you mean? - I am student.
Sorry. I am a student of English. In the end, I will be the professor.
A professor, I think is what you mean.
English wife... Sorry.
A Scottish wife will be very good for me.
You're a good deal younger than I am.
Five or six years.
I can't.
Now, let's try a question in Japanese.
Well, Mr Suzuki, I think our time is up for today.
I have a small present for you.
I don't think that's at all necessary, Mr Suzuki.
Please! I would like you to have it.
You don't let me pay.
So please allow small present.
It's very kind of you.
- Goodnight, Mackenzie San. - Goodnight, Mr Suzuki.
Until next Tuesday.
Yes, indeed.
Don't. You mustn't.
It's his birthday today.
Mackenzie San.
Mackenzie San.
L'am sure he doesn't know anything about this.
He's only just back from Korea.
What can I do?
Whatever has to be done.
Don't let any of them see how you feel about this.
Do you think she's trying to punish me?
But she's probably also heard you make the best European clothes in Tokyo.
Mackenzie San.
Minagawa San.
Why ever didn't I think of that before?
- How did you find me? - Does it matter?
- I would like to know. - Where is he?!!
He is with good people.
I promise you.
I chose very carefully.
I heard you were going to England.
Don't you think he should have at least one parent in this country who knows where he is?
The people he is with, they are his parents.
I could walk into that house now and make a very ugly scene!
L'am going in now.
You must do what you think is best.
- Your husband... - My ex-husband.
Your ex-husband.
- Doesn't he mind you using his villa? - Why should he?
- Well, if my ex-husband had a villa... - But he was a barbarian.
Or an Englishman, as we say in Scotland.
I hope you're proud of me. The first woman head of a department at Tsushimaya.
Yes, but I'm not so sure I approve it should be a foreigner.
You don't like foreigners either.
I think you understand the point I'm making.
Yes, I do.
I think you are probably aware of the circumstances, Mr Tsushima.
Boy, the kids really seem to like you.
- You like them too. Am I right? - Yes.
I do.
Can we have lunch one day?
- I work most days, but... - What it is, is ll...
I need a friend.
I'm real scared.
I think I may be pregnant again.
I see.
I don't even know if I'm cut out to be a mother. It doesn't come...
Well, you know, it doesn't feel so natural.
Bob doesn't understand. He just wants to have a lot of kids.
And I just feel...
I feel so lonely.
I think I understand.
Mr Suzuki!
A very good evening to you.
- Come in. - No, really.
Come on!
So the meeting on the tram, all that?
Everything was arranged by Count Kurihama?
He asked me to inform him how you were.
What about the proposal and...
...the rest?
That was my idea.
I see.
What if it had worked?
- The Count wouldn't have been very happy. - Yes.
But I would.
And now?
He leaves for England next week. He wanted a final report.
I see.
- I'think I must go now. - Suzuki...
Do you know where my son is?
Why don't you tell me?
I don't know.
If the Count's going to England, he won't know.
I just want to...
I won't make a nuisance of myself. It's just I need to know where he is.
I swear, on my honour...
...I have no idea.
Well, I don't think you should let them order you around.
I'm afraid in this country employees do exactly as they're told.
And it is a very good job.
But I don't know what we'd do if you left Tokyo.
I guess we have to let Mary make her own decisions, dear.
It isn't her decision. That's what I'm saying.
Well, it's her decision if she wants to agree with their decision.
You just think women should do what they're told and ask no questions.
- I don't think anything of the kind! - Oh, you don't, huh?
Why don't you two take yourselves off for a while.
I'll give the children their tea.
There you go.
And you.
Don't move!
All right.
It's all right now.
It's all right.
Under the table.
Under the table!!
We got to get back to Tokyo right now, you hear me?
- There isn't going to be another one. - You get me out of here!!
We have two more days of our holiday.
You stay if you like, we're getting out!
I expect it might be best to go back in the morning.
- Mary? - I'm awake.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry I took it so badly.
I don't know why, but it's... it's helped me to make a decision.
I'm going to refuse to go to Nagoya.
Oh, great!
Listen, ...
I'm pregnant again.
Are you?
I haven't told Bob. I'm so scared he'll stop me from going back to see my folks in September.
Why should he do that? It means you could have this one at home.
Oh, yes. That would be wonderful.
Not as wonderful as not having to have it at all.
Don't say that.
This thing that's happened,
it's made me think differently about things as well.
I remember you saying it was hard to get the Japanese interested in accepting a loan.
Is it getting any easier?
Some, but I wouldn't say it was like shooting fish in a barrel.
Well...l just wanted to tell you that, erm...
...I am more than willing to accept a loan.
Not bad, huh?
It's not very good, either.
- What do you mean? - I need more capital.
I want premises on a worthwhile site, probably in the Ginza.
I have to equip them and I want to employ half a dozen girls in the workroom,
as well as the shop staff.
Well, we're open to discussion on that.
If the bank has a 60% holding,
that means you can get rid of me if you want to, doesn't it?
I guess, in theory.
- And you've asked for 40% of the profits. - That's normal.
It's not going to make it very easy for me to expand the business though, is it?
- You have a better suggestion? - I don't know if it's better.
It's very simple.
- I want 30,000 yen capital. - Wait a minute!
You can have a 40% holding and 20% of the profits.
I think those are the main points.
It's out of the question.
You're going to have to let me think about this.
Don't think too long.
What do you mean?
I only mean, my savings are running low.
Good day.
- Bob. - What is it?
Take the kids to their cabin. I want to say goodbye to Mary.
OK. Come on, Bob. Here we go.
Here, take your teddy.
Come on.
I'm not coming back.
You're fine here. You know how to handle it.
I never understood a single thing about it.
Does Bob know?
I haven't told him.
Why are you doing this?
After this one, I just can't have any more children.
It's eating me alive, do you understand that?
- Bob. - May I come in?
Your contract.
Emma Lou made me promise to give it to you.
Thank you.
Well, we ought to celebrate. You got a drink? I need a drink. I...
- I need a lot of drinks. - Haven't you had some already?
Yeah, well...
I just figured something out.
She's not coming back...
.is she?
How's about if I spend the night?
Go home, Bob.
What home?!
I'm sorry. I...
- Thank you for this. - Yeah.
Where's my son?
Should I go away?
You could have stayed in the house. It is your house. You could have stayed.
I couldn't.
I hear you've left Tsushimaya.
We had a disagreement.
- What are you going to do? - Start my own business.
- What kind of business? - Clothes.
- I know a lot about it now. - You must allow me to invest.
You've changed.
I had to.
How was England?
This time I was happier.
And I think when the war comes in Europe, we will fight on England's side.
Is there war coming in Europe?
I think so. Everybody wants it.
I was going to say...
...have you forgotten me?
Can I see you again?
I don't know. I must think.
- I'll write to you. - Don't have me followed again.
I don't want that.
I think of you every day.
And every day I think of him.
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The Ginger Tree -- Episode 3

82 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 16, 2019
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