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Hi, everyone. I'm Jacqueline. 嗨,大家好 我是Jacqueline
I'm now here at Nanhua District. 我現在在南化區
This is the largest district in Tainan City. 這裡可是臺南市面積最大的區,
What are some of the interesting places in this district? 想了解這裡藏著什麼有趣的地方嗎?
Let's go check it out! 我們去一探究竟!
Wow! This is a magnificent building! 哇! 真是宏偉的建築
People said there is a huge tortoise deity inside. 聽說裡面有一隻很大的神龜
Come on! 走!
Let's go check it out! 我們一起去看看
If you visit the Yushan Baoguang Temple in April, 四月來到寶光玉山
you'll see cherry trees in full bloom at the entrance. 你會發現門口種滿了美麗的櫻花
In fact, these trees are called pink shower trees. 其實這是花旗木喔
They are also nicknamed cherry trees of Thailand. 花旗木又稱泰國櫻
Look at the beautiful flowers! 這片花海真是美啊
No wonder a lot of people came here to take photos! 吸引不少朋友們來搶拍喔!
Wow, this tortoise is huge! 哇,好大隻的烏龜
Have you noticed that the tortoise 而且你有沒有發現這隻烏龜的頭
has a head similar to a dragon? 是龍的形狀呢
That's because tortoises are said to be the children of dragons. 聽說這隻烏龜是龍的孩子
Also, you may notice that 而且你會發現
there is a large stele on its back. 它身上背著一塊非常大的石碑
Let me explain this! 這就讓我來解釋吧
Jacana! How come you are here? 哈小雉你怎麼突然出現了!
I was looking for my buddy. 我剛剛在找我的朋友啊
And I saw you from the above, so I came to say hi. 剛好在上面看見你 就下來打聲招呼
Can you tell us why there is a stele on the back of the tortoise? 那你能解釋為何神龜背著石碑呢?
A tortoise with a stele on its back 這隻背著石碑的神龜
symbolizes enduring suffers and insults 象徵忍辱負重的精神,
in order to accomplish a task. 才能成就大業
Besides the tortoise in the water, 這裡除了洛水神龜
there are many interesting attractions here. 還有許多有趣的景觀
Let's go check it out. 快去上面看看
Right behind me is the main palace of the temple. 在我身後的這個地方就是主殿
It's 35 meters tall, 它有整整35公尺高
and the view from here is really fantastic. 從這裡看出去的景色 真是非常漂亮
In addition to the architecture, 這裡除了可以欣賞建築外
there is a memorial park here. 還有紀念公園喔
With the breeze blowing over, 吹著自然的風
you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries 看著優美的風景
and stay in harmony with the nature. 與大自然共處在一起
It feels just so good. 真的非常舒服
When you visit Nanhua, 要是你來到南化
make sure you come to the Baoguang Yushan Temple 一定要來寶光玉山
to appreciate the arts and sceneries 看看裡面的藝術景觀、風景
as well as the religious tradition and history. 去了解這地方的信仰與歷史
You can also take a walk at the temple. 或是走在裡面散散心
They are all great things to try. 都是非常不錯的選擇
When it comes to specialties of Nanhua District, 說到南化區的特產
besides mangoes and red turmeric, 除了芒果、紅薑黃之外
brown sugar is also an important local product. 黑糖也是重要的特產
Brown sugar is made primarily from December to March, 黑糖主要產季是12月到隔年的3月
and busiest time is around the Chinese New Year. 農曆過年前後也是黑糖製作最忙的時間
If you miss on-site brown sugar production, 如果你錯過黑糖加工時間
don't worry. 也沒關係
You can buy it at local supermarkets run by the farmers' association. 農會的超市都有販售喔
You can't leave Nanhua without souvenirs. 來南化區當然不能空手而歸囉
I'm going to get some more packages home 我要多帶幾包回家
because I like brown sugar very much. 我非常喜歡黑糖
Mangoes are a must-eat in the summer time. 夏天一定要來吃芒果
In addition to mangoes, dried mangoes here are also worth trying! 除了芒果,這裡的芒果乾也很厲害!
They taste like a concentrated version of mangoes. 吃起來好像整塊濃縮的芒果
You should come and try one yourself! 一定要來吃喔!
Many people like to have somesticky sticky rice sausages or sausages for afternoon snacks. 很多朋友下午點心喜歡吃大腸 香腸
There is a very famous restaurant in Nanhua, 南化有一家小吃非常厲害
and lots of tourists come to Nanhua for it. 很多朋友慕名而來
The sticky rice sausages and sausages are all handmade 這裡的大腸 香腸都是手工製作
by the pork stand nearby. 貨源就是隔壁的豬肉攤
You can see how the sausages are made right at the stand. 在豬肉攤可以看到原料的製作過程
They are completely natural, 保證真材實料
and you can even smell the freshness of the meat. 而且現場還可以聞到陣陣香味
If you visit Nanhua, 來南化玩
make sure you try the sticky rice sausages and sausages here. 一定要來這裡吃大腸 香腸
The sticky rice sausages are made by the stand in a traditional way. 他的大腸是自己灌的 古早味
The sausages are tasty, too. 香腸也很好吃
If you want to try the best part of the sticky rice sausages, 如果想要更好吃的
tell the restaurant you want the two ends of the sticky rice sausages. 可以挑大腸頭或是大腸尾
They are chewy and crispy. 這部位的皮很厚也很脆
The sticky rice sausages is awesome! 這大腸也太厲害了吧!
It's chewy, 口感非常的扎實
and the skin is quite crispy. 皮吃起來很脆
It's a new experience. 讓我眼睛一亮
No wonder so many people come here just for this dish. 難怪這麼多人遠道而來就是為了這一味!
In addition to sticky rice sausages and sausages, 除了大腸 香腸
the bamboo shoot soup here is also a must-try. 筍仔湯也是必點美食喔!
There are a number of good dishes waiting for you! 還有其他美味等你來發現囉!
If you want to get an overall understanding of Nanhua, 如果你想快速的認識南化
don't miss out Nanhua Visitor Center. 那麼你一定要來南化遊客中心
You can find all kinds of information about Nanhua here. 裡面有大大小小關於南化的特色
Come on! Let's go check it out! 走!我們一起去挖寶吧!
At Nanhua Visitor Center, 當你到了南化遊客中心
you'll see 你會發現
a lot of installment arts 外面有許多景觀建設
symbolizing specialties of the place. 這些都象徵著南化的特有名產
They are so cute! Aren't they? 是不是都相當可愛呢?
Mangoes, brown sugar, and honey 芒果、黑糖、蜂蜜
are all important products of Nanhua. 都是南化重要的特產
At the visitor center, 在遊客中心你可以看到
you can see how they are processed and produced. 它們的生產與加工過程
On this wall, 而這面牆
you can see information of different kinds of mangoes. 介紹了許多芒果的種類
It's interesting. 真是有趣
On the other side of the visitor center, 在遊客中心的另外一邊
you can find products 有販售南化農民
made by local farmers. 自己製作的產品
Here, you can get to know the products better 能夠了解相關知識
and find delicious snacks. 又能滿足口腹之欲
We're just so lucky! 這真是太幸福了
Do you know? 你知道嗎?
Nanhua Visitor Center has a special feature. 南化遊客中心有一個超棒的地方
The whole architecture is a green building, 就是它的建築強調綠色環保
and there is no AC here. 這裡沒有冷氣
It's hard to imagine that simply breezes coming in from windows 只有窗戶讓空氣對流
can help the building stay cool. 在室內竟然非常涼爽
Nanhua Visitor Center 南化遊客中心
uses solar power. 除了有太陽能發電
And the grassland outside 外面的草皮
can be used for water preservation. 也是作為環保儲水用
Through the rainwater-harvesting device, 雨水透過集水裝置
rainwater is kept in the storage system underground. 會流到地下的集水系統
The architecture is beautiful on the outside and green on the inside. 這真是內外兼顧綠色環保的建築
After seeing the specialties and features of Nanhua, 認識了南化的特產與特色
we're now going to visit 現在我們要去看
the most iconic animals in Nanhua. 南化區最具代表性的動物
They actually appeared in the installment arts in front of the visitor center. 提示一下在遊客中心外面有景觀裝置
Do you know what it is now? 你猜到了嗎?
That's right! The Formosan macaques! 沒錯 就是獼猴
I'm now at the natural reserve for Formosan macaques. 我現在在野生獼猴保育區
Please keep in mind that 首先要提醒大家
you must be careful when visiting these monkeys. 看猴子的時候一定要小心
Don't make big moves or sounds, 不要有太大的動作、聲音
or they may be scared. 去驚嚇牠們
Also, don't feed them processed food. 也不要帶著加工食品餵牠們
You must keep your personal belongings well 隨身貴重物品也要放好
and protect them from being stolen by the monkeys. 不要被猴子偷走了
Ok! That's all of the notices we need to know in advance. 好! 注意事項都講完了
Now, let's go see the monkey! 現在我們就去看猴子吧!
The natural reserve for macaques in Mt. Wufeng 五峰山野生獼猴保育區
is the only reserve for macaques in Taiwan. 是臺灣唯一的獼猴保育區
The place is home to more than 200 macaques, 這邊棲息了大約200多隻猴子
and most of them are docile. 猴子多半溫馴可愛
In addition to the Formosan macaques, 而烏山除了臺灣彌猴棲息以外
the mountain is also home to a variety of wild animals. 這邊還有許多野生動物
There is a shop 在保育區旁邊
besides the reserve. 有一間小小的商店
It sells snacks and water 販售一些食物與飲水
for tourists. 給觀光客
Remember! 但記得
The food is not for the monkeys! 這些不是給猴子吃的食物喔
Over the years, the monkeys here 猴子長期居住在這邊
have found a special way 已經跟店家和當地的人
to get along with local residents and stores. 有特殊的相處模式
When monkeys feel hungry, 因為猴子常常肚子餓
they used to go to orchards and steal away 就會偷拿農夫
fruits grown by the farmers. 辛苦栽種在果園的水果
Therefore, some of the residents here will 因此這邊的人偶爾會主動地
feed the monkeys with peels 將自己不要的水果果皮
and leftovers of fruits. 或果肉餵食猴子
This way, the monkeys are taken care of, 讓他們既能得到照顧
and residents can live in harmony 也能維持一個
with the monkeys. 與他們共存的平衡
Wow! There are lots of monkeys here. 哇~ 真多猴子
When they hear sounds of vehicles 而且當牠們聽到車聲
or humans, 或是人類的聲音
they climb down the mountain to get here. 就會從山上下來
As you can see, there are adult monkeys 你可以看到有成年的猴子
as well as new born ones. 也有剛出生沒多久的猴子
They are so cute! 真的超可愛
Formosan macaques are the only 臺灣彌猴是臺灣唯一的
primates in Taiwan. 靈長類動物
You can see a lot of the female monkeys 來到這邊你會發現很多
have red butts 猴子媽媽屁股紅紅的
because they are in their 那是因為他們現在
estrus period. 正屬發情期
Macaques feed mainly on fruits, 而獼猴的主食是植物的果實
but sometimes they eat insects and bird eggs. 偶爾也會吃昆蟲或鳥蛋
The natural enemies of Formosan macaques 臺灣獼猴的天敵的是
used to be large carnivores, 大型的肉食性動物
such as clouded leopards or large raptors. 例如雲豹或是大型猛禽
As clouded leopards have become extinct 但因為雲豹已絕種
and raptors are decreasing in number, 猛禽也漸漸減少
the macaques don't have too many natural enemies now. 牠們已沒什麼天敵
The rapid reproduction rate has turned them 所以繁衍的速度也讓牠們
from protected wild animals to regular wild animals. 從保育類變成了一般動物
When you visit Nanhua, 要是你來到南化
don't miss out the chance 不要錯過跟猴子
to see the monkeys at a short distance. 近距離相處的機會
But keep in mind that 大家也要記得
we should protect the environment 愛護這個環境
and shouldn't feed wild animals 不要隨意餵食
or litter around. 不要亂丟垃圾
Come here and get to know more about 一起開心地來認識
the cute animals at Mt. Wu, Nanhua! 南化烏山的可愛動物吧
I'm now here at the Yushan Community. 我現在在南化的玉山社區
Communities in Tainan are developing rapidly, 臺南的社區發展非常活絡
and each community has its own features. 每個地區的特色都不相同
Today in Nanhua, we're going to 在南化區這裡要帶大家去了解
check out the social welfare and care systems here. 社區的福利與關懷照顧
As you walk around, you'll discover that 來到這裡你會發現
houses here scatter around at a longer distance. 走一段路才會看到一間房子
To take care of seniors in the community, 為了方便照顧社區的長者
there is a shuttle bus to take everyone to the community center 設有交通車帶大家去活動中心上課
so that seniors don't have to stay home alone. 讓長輩不會孤單一個人在家喔
Come on! Let's go join the class! 走! 我們一起去上課囉!
As Taiwan is an aging society, 在高齡化社會的臺灣
youngsters usually move to other cities for work 因為晚輩到外地工作
and seniors are often left home alone without care. 家中的年長者缺乏照顧
This is why community centers 所以社區活動
are very important places. 是非常重要的存在
In addition, the community center 除了是活動中心
is also a place for seniors communicate with 也是大家能彼此交流的
and see each other. 一個集會場所
In the community, 請問這個社區
what are some of the services you provide 除了辦免費的運動課程外
in addition to free exercise classes? 還會有什麼其他的社區服務?
We provide congregate meal services, 我們提供老人共餐
on-site visits, 關懷訪視
phone interviews 電話問安
and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. 還有健康促進等活動
In addition, the community also holds calligraphy courses 除了這些還有舉辦書法課程
and recycling rewards activities 資源回收物兌換活動
to help bring local residents together 凝聚社區的居民
and take care of each other. 互相關心照顧
The community center is the second home of the seniors. 社區是居民的第二個家
After the class, 長輩在這邊上完課
the center prepares meals for 活動中心也會準備飯菜
seniors to get some food 讓剛運動完的長輩
after exercising. 能夠補充熱量
After the meals, 吃完飯後
seniors can brew tea and chat with each other here. 又能在這邊泡茶聊天
It's such an attractive way of living, isn't it? 是不是很有閒情逸致啊
Communities in Nanhua are full of energy. 南化社區讓我感覺充滿活力
They hold activities on a regular basis 他們會定期舉辦活動
and provide care services for seniors. 來照顧年長者
A balanced focus on both health and entertainment 除了注重健康 也注重娛樂
ensures that everyone in the community 讓大家能夠在這個社區
can have a great day. 享受美好的一天
Nanhua is indeed a lovely place. 南化真是一個可愛的地方
In addition to the special products here, 除了特產很吸引人之外
Yushan Baoguang Temple and natural reserve for Formosan macaques 寶光玉山與獼猴保育區
are all great places for taking a walk. 也都是很棒的散步地點
When you visit Nanhua, 來到南化
don't miss out these attractions, 千萬不要錯過這些行程
and you'll definitely love this place! 你一定會愛上這裡!
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