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I think if you had to fix on one thing
that Jane Austen does that's special to

her that was extraordinary at the time
she did it because nobody's ever done it

before and which kind of characterizes
the kind of the audacity really of her

fiction it's the way that she she allows
the consciousness of her characters to

sort of change the direction of her
narrative so the way she percolates her

narrative through the minds of her
characters there's a name for this

actually but it's not a name that Jane
Austen had in her armoury it's called

free indirect style but that name was
given to this technique much much later

in the history of the novel and in the
early 19th century when Jane Austen was

writing it was a technique that nobody
really tried before in Sense and

Sensibility what it means is that a lot
of the time the narrative when it's

being most sort of judicious and
judgemental it's not reflecting Jane

Austen's point of view so much as
reflecting Elinor's point of view her

consciousness of what's going on and
it's the reason I think people sometimes

think that Elinor who is after all only
19 years old these rather sort of

preternaturally judicious and even
moralistic because the really crucial

judgments in the novel come from her and
not from the author and I often think

that the great thing about Jane Austen
is that unlike some other wonderful

novelist Dickens or George Eliot she's
not really there in her novels at all

actually it's it's a characters
viewpoints and judgments that as a

reader you're asked to to see and her
views are kind of wonderfully obscured

and this technique goes through all her
picture and she develops it for the

first time in Sense and Sensibility but
then it becomes more and more

sophisticated in her later novels
perhaps the most sophisticated use of it

is in
a fourth novel Emma where most of the

novel is seen through the iron eyes of a
heroine who is mostly wrong about

everything and so when you read it you
are sharing in her delusions I mean in

her misjudgments and that's something
that is very characteristic Boston to

her heroines even Elinor even wise
judicious Elinor are often wrong about

things only partially informed about
things coming to conclusions which are

either hasty or provisional and you have
to share their viewpoints and she has

this sort of amazing technical ability
to make you do so.

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Jane Austen's Writing Style and Voice

82 Folder Collection
S.H. published on June 7, 2019
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