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Honza, no, no, no, no no, please no!
Welcome to Matějská pouť.
Prague's, Czech republic's biggest fair, biggest amusement park.
We are on the highest attraction, I don't know why, because I am scared of heights, but we are gonna show you all around here.
The entrance is 1 €, but it's only on weekends.
During weekdays it's free, so FREE!
The one attraction not to be missed is this huge wheel.
We call it the Russian wheel.
Definitely worth it and you can see all the other attractions, so then you can pick what you wanna do.
If you're with a girl, you definitely have to shoot her a rose at the shooting range.
So, let's give it a shot, literarily.
10 shots are for 2 €.
Shooting range score 3 out of 10 .
Not bad... pretty bad.
By far my favourite rollercoaster in the world.
This rollercoaster has been here for 42 years.
It is unbelievable.
I remember when I was the little kid, I would always cry here as I was scared going up with my dad.
But, oh, I love it.
Oh boy, here we go, here we go!
I like how the safety signs are only in Dutch.
You should see Honza right now!
Let's go.
Nothing to see here.
1 €, small beer.
And there would be no complete trip to Matějská pouť without a beer and a langoš.
I don't know the origins, correct me, if I'm wrong, I think it's Hungarian and it's as greasy as John Travolta.
Michael Schumacher!
And when you're on the fair, you have to buy gingerbread in the shape of heart and it says "Z pouti" – "From fair".
If you turn this into a GIF I'm gonna kill you!
We were here on a weekday, so it was actually quite empty.
It's gonna get much more crowded, but it may be a more fun, to go on weekend.
But then you have to pay the entrance, which is 30 CZK.
The two of us spent in total 30 € for today for everything you saw – food and the attractions.
The price is varying from like 2 € to 5 € for the basic ones and like 10 € for the big ones.
So, how to get here?
This area is called Výstaviště, it's an exhibition place, and number 6 , number 12 and number 17 trams go right here.
Btw. before or after the fair, you can visit the National gallery, which is right there and we did a video about it, an episode, look it up!
Another Honest Guide Challenge for you, guys: take a selfie with any of the attractions or on the attractions.
Please, safety first!
And post it to our Facebook page fb.com/honestpragueguide.
Thanks for watching, good bye.
Hit the subscribe button, because we are almost up to 30 k subscribers, which is awesome!
No need to teach you a Czech word today, because you've heard so many of them: cukrová vata, horská dráha, Matějská pouť, langoše, lístek.
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Prague's Scariest Roller Coaster (Honest Guide)

5830 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on June 15, 2019    Ingrid translated    Evangeline reviewed
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