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Hi we're Joel & Lia and this video is
about dating in the UK we get lots of

questions all about UK based stuff and
one of the questions we get with

regards to moving to London or living in
London is how do you get a date? Yeah and

a lot of people ask are we dating, we get that question quite a lot
which we're gonna get into in the video

stay tuned! It's complicated, we'll reveal everything! Are they married? So many people assume, they jump straight to marriage I get
texts being like oh I love you and your
wife and I'm like ... texts?! Oh not texts, DMs, yeah messages on

Instagram. Slide into my DMs. I'm like you didn't even go
for girlfriend you just went straight

for wife so before we get down and dirty
okay so before we get to the action so before we
get to the juicy bits so before we get

to the juicy bits I need to tell you
that this video is actually being

sponsored by Wingman. Wingman are an app
that help your best friend play

matchmaker to find you a date so I'm
here teaming up with Wingman to help

find Joel the perfect date because I
love him this isn't about me it's about

my best mate. It's all about me! *sings* not too much.
so Joel give us a little rundown so far
of your London life and your dating

existence in London okay cuz a lot of
people want to know a lot of people want to know. And this is the video you have ALL

been waiting for. Watch to the end to find
out how you can win a date with me

basically I hate dating
I hate romance I hate love I don't

really like until recently I don't want
anyone in my life like I don't need

anyone to complete me I'm very much like
a lone wolf whatever so I

think in my life I've been on two dates
no you've been on more than that, okay maybe when I was a teenager but

that was like doesn't really count -
like friend zoned. Since being an adult

since being an adult I've been on two
dates so I'm gonna help you Joel I have

downloaded this app you might have
already seen we did a little post on our

Instagram about the people I've been
swiping left or right for Joel and the

reason I'm doing this for him is because
Joel doesn't like dating he's too lazy

to go on the app no you're not that lazy
and also you're probably - you read into

things too much yeah I'm scared a bit I
think because I don't like- I have

downloaded some apps before and I just
get fed up with them because I'm just

like I swiped because I liked you and
you haven't matched with me so you obviously

don't like me back well the trick is to just forget about all these things, so I'm handling all the swiping. That's the thing so then I won't even know because you're
handling it all so I won't know if someone's
swipe no to me exactly. For anyone who

isn't familiar with the dating app it
goes like this

people's faces appear on the screen who
are also single and looking for a date

and usually the person who's looking
would swipe right for yes and left for

no but with Wingman your best friend
does that for you I'm filtering out

people who I absolutely know won't be
right for my amazing best friend and I

am selling him on the app by writing his
profile for him you are the kindest guy

anyone is ever gonna meet I've said not
to be messed around with the person you

meet needs to have a bit of banter yeah
if they were Plain Jane they're just not

gonna get further than five minutes. What if they're vanilla oh there's nothing worse
than someone vanilla. Vanilla is an insult. Have you ever been on a date
though because you've used apps in the
past have you ever been on a date where

it's just bombed oh yeah 100% oh really and
you've been like you've got no

personality I'm scared to talk about it
because I know they watch the channel, so now you've just given it away

It's YOU. If you're watching... it's you. Yeah, you know,
sometimes you turn up and
they're very vanilla or the chemistry's

just not there so really this is actually
more scary for you because if I turn up

on a date and they're vanilla then I've
got you to blame, oh don't put it on me, Joel, I am an incredible Wingwoman

I am basically I love playing
cupid in life, I've already set up

people that are getting married next
year that was me I set that up I was

born for this job
it's never been more right and who

better yeah to sell than you oh it's true
because also whoever it is that I end up

with in the future
has got to get along with you like

you're a huge part of my life so it might
as well go through you in the first

place. They're gunna have to deal with me. And they're gunna have to not get jelly.
like "you're spending way too much time with Lia" no I'm not okay business partner, yeah business/best friend
Exactly, I've got a lot of work to do and
you know you can just enjoy the rewards

Yeah I will, I'm excited to see who you match for me, oh it's a very specific type
it's not all about image either, it's about what they say

about them so if they've not written any
bio straight away gone yeah wasn't Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set up by a mutual friend
and they said that in an interview and
everyone was thinking my god I wish I

was that mutual friend. Imagine
the responsibility being like, I set up

these two people that the world are going
crazy over crazy about showbiz meets

royalty. What friend was that?
Who knew, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, like who are they? Who have they got in their phonebook?
That's amazing and I can't say it was me. Do you know any Royals? No I know people who are like ancestors. That you can set me up with?
no no one worthy of you. okay, thanks. so this
isn't about me but I love that I'm involved, you LOVE it! I love it so much and I think what I
really want to help you get out of this
yeah is for you to not have

the nerves of going on a date with someone and for you to not resent just getting
yourself out there a bit, yeah I think that
will take away some of the nerves is

thinking that you're on it you're
sorting out there's no pressure for me

to like be on my phone like twice a day
just to check like just start swiping

like that bits done for me then they
arrive to me and they've been

filtered. It's so celeb isn't it? I just get my matches sorted out for me. You love anything
that's celeb. Any service
that suggests an element of celebrity is

so up your street. It's not even necessarily
about it being celeb I just like no faff

I just like giving the faff to other
people and being like you deal with this

yeah just come back to me once
there's like something solid. If you've got a best friend who's

willing to take on a bit of admin fun
admin not boring admin, then I can't think of anything

more perfect than this match making app.
also it will keep me accountable to you

because you'll be like have you spoken
to that person like that you've matched

with because you
know that this happened so yeah there's

no escape you can't lie and say oh no I've not had any matches because you know. I'm filtering that.
yeah we're not gonna give away too
much guys but Joel has got a couple of

dates lined up he's going red he's had a
lot of interest on the app but who knows

maybe if you sign up for the app you
might find yourself on a date with Joel. It will be

so weird to like turn up one day and have
someone be like oh I watch your YouTube

videos because also that's so awkward
yeah I just don't like the fact that

someone could recognise you. yeah I just
find it really cringe yeah already I'm

like when I talk to people I'm like I
just make YouTube videos. Yeah I said that you were in the

entertainment business
so on your profile entertainment. media and

entertainment which is true it is
true. they don't need to know that

you're a vlogger no and that's not lying
that's just protecting your privacy it's

true so guys for anyone who's watched
this and learnt a lot about our dating

lives or Joel's dating life because this isn't
about me yeah you keep saying that but you

keep linking it back to yourself. I love it Joel, I love it. I Love it! I hope that this video's been entertaining, we
constantly get questions about us yeah

and so you have the answer, we're not
together. Someone even asked

the other day they were like... because we've
said no it'd be weird if we dated they're

like is it weird because you haven't
dated. We're like no, that makes no sense!

we're not siblings we're not together
we're not cousins we're not married

we're best friends it's possible for a
boy and a girl to be really really

close friends and not want to bang
despite sitting on a bed, we sit on a bed every week but it doesn't mean anything! It's just completely platonic. This is the 21st century guys, get with it.
Get with it, get online, get matching get with
it yeah online get your best friend to

get online yeah download Wingman if
you're in a big city like London then

get yourself on the app even if you're
in the states, if you're in a big city

yeah I would highly recommend Wingman oh
definitely me too it's a load of fun it

makes things a lot less scary on my
behalf and it's fun to involve your

friend and like have that sort of thing
to talk about because so often it's done

in private oh and it can be a very lonely experience,
we've not spoken about how depressing it

can be oh yeah but this is like make it
you and your friend, there's

something to talk about you're not
sitting there whilst I'm looking at the

menu and you're swiping and I'm not at
all part of your world it's all secret

and it's yeah
why should it be a secret exactly

exactly it shouldn't be it shouldn't be
and it's not anymore and it isn't. Coz I know all your names, Sandra, Zoe, Hayley great well we'll

keep you guys updated thanks Wingman for
sponsoring this hopefully we'll find the

one. See you next time. if you want to follow our instagram
its @joelandlia on all the platforms i'm

still waving. I'll see ya later
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Dating in the UK!

167 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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