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If you want to make a purchase in the mobile game call unkilled.
you may notice there's bundle call coop gadget stock.
it contains 30 rockets, 25 medicines, 15 Adrenalines, 4 resurrections.
cost 4500 golds.
is it worth it to buy let's find out!
there are two option in the normal purchase.
single and bundle
let's look at the single first.
to purchase as single, rocket cost 50 golds,
medicine is 100.
Adrenaline is 50.
resurrection is 250.
total 5750 golds.
if you purchase as bundle, they will give one single item for free.
for example, you buy 4 resurrections, you will get one for free.
the other 3 item is to buy 5, get 1 free.
there's something you have to notice.
to purchase as bundle, we don't allow any Decimal point.
to reach this amount
you have to buy 5 bundle for rocket, cost 1250 golds.
4 bundle and one single for medicine, cost 2100 golds.
2 bundle and 3 single for Adrenaline. cost 650 golds.
as for the resurrection
no matter single or bundle, it doesn't have any difference.
so that total 5000 golds.
in conclusion, it very worth it. it saves 500 golds.
but why they said it saves 1200 golds ?
because they calculate as single.
I sure no one will want to spend over one minute to do that.
so that's all for today.
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is it worth it to buy "coop gadget stock" in the mobile game call "unkilled" ?

298 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 24, 2019
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