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Okay, n'then let's welcome
our E1A's drama!
Okay, let's welcome E1A's
\"Sorrow of the Young Bloody Werther\"
Good evening...
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
today we're gathering here
to witness the classical romance,
the dullest story in human history,
“The Sorrow of Young Werther”
written by Wolfgang Goethe.
This story had been told many times,
and today we're going to adapt it extremely;
Our version is totally on crack
and going to drive Goethe crazy.
The story started when Werther was packing up his backpack.
Werther, come down stairs!
Werther? Werther! Where are you?
(Go down stairs)
(Open the door)
Dad: What the HELL are you doing?
Why don't you answer me?
Werther: I'm packing up! Don't you see?
Dad: Why? Where are you going?
Werther: Anywhere, but here.
Dad: There is the flu outside! Here's the mask!
Werther: Oooh, I know,
ahh! n'give me back my health ID card!
Dad: Here you are.
Werther: Woohh! Thanks Dad!
(End of the first act)
Narrator: Werther opened the door
and took the nonstop to the W town.
What he didn't know is
the residents in W town
were infected by the X-hydra virus
and transformed into ZOMBIES.
Scene2: Werther went to the W Town...
(Suspense sound)
Werther: It's so weird!...
Hmm... some doors are not even closed!
The public security is... SOOOO GOOD!
But... Where are the people?
(The Zombie's coming)
Oh my God, are you drunk?
Hey guy?
Hey dude! you are not my TYPE!
(More and more zombies' coming)
Charlotte: Come with me if you wanna live!
(Knife-waving sound)
Take out the grenade in my backpack!!!!!! HURRY!!!!
Werther: Okay! I got it! I found it!
Charlotte: NOOOO! You idiot!!!!! Pull out the pin first!
Werther: Oh yeah, sure, I know that...Ah..
Charlotte: Wait! Did you just throw out the whole...?!!!
(At the Ruin in W Town)
Werther: Am I dead? Ohh Yeahhhh! I'm not dead!
Charlotte: Shut up! They might still be outside.
Werther: Oops, sorry.
Charlotte: There must be somewhere out.
Werther: Ah... Who are you?
Charlotte: Charlotte.
Werther: Auh, and I'm Werther by the way.
I'm from the big city.....
Charlotte: LISTEN!
All we need to do RIGHT NOW
is to get out of here
or WE WILL DIE! Understand?!
Werther: You should control your temper!
(Charlotte is trying to find somewhere out)
Charlotte: Oh, no! We're screwed!
So, why are you here?
Werther: I have no purpose in my life,
so....I left my hometown.
Charlotte: Well, you surely made a big mistake.
Werther: Not sure about that.
Do you think someone will save us?
Charlotte: Yes. There might have a rescue team come
if Albert had found me missing.
Werther: Albert?
Who's Albert?
Charlotte: Not important.
Werther: Okay.
Hmm... Do you want to talk about you?
Just to.... kill time!
Charlotte: Oh!
My mom...
was killed.. by a zombie.....
Werther: Charlotte....
If you wanna talk about that,
I will talk with you.
Charlotte: She was bitten, so...
she wanted me to shoot her head
before she got infected...
Werther: So.... did you do that?
Charlotte: I have to!
Or she would become a zombie!
Werther: Oh... Charlotte,
I am so sorry...
Charlotte: Lotty. You can call me Lotty.
Werther: Lotty!
If you need me, I'll be there!
Charlotte: Thanks! You're so sweet!
We still can't get out of here!
Narrator: At this moment,
both of them thought
they're going to die there.
And then,
there is some noise outside the ruin.
Charlotte: Shh!
Someone is coming!
Albert: HEY Y'ALL!
Charlotte: HAIYAH!
Albert: Wo! Wo! Wo!
Don't use that thing point at me!
It's me, Honey!
Charlotte: Ohhh, Albert...
Albert: And... this is?
Werther: I'm Werther, and I'm from a.....
Albert: Okay, Go search this area!
Albert's army: Yes, sir!
Albert: Alright,
after my army finished the searching,
they will protect us and send us back home.
Charlotte: Oh. Werther: Huh.(don't give a damn)
Narrator: And so the sudden attack is over with Albert's rescue.
What a bunch of lucky bastards they are!
After going back to Bakery street,
Werther realizes that
there is something between Charlotte and Albert.
(At the Bakery Street)
Albert: So “Weirdther”,
you're not from here, aren't you?
Werther: Why did you know?
Albert: 'Cause you don't look like one.
Nobody would casually hang around outside the wall
that block the ZOMBIE.
Charlotte: Hey,
I think we probably need to talk about... the flavor of the cake!
Werther: Cake?
Wow, whose birthday?
Charlotte: Hmm... Albert: It's our WEDDING CAKE,
Lotty has promised me since she was five.
(At the Bar in W town)
Zombie-Bartender: Ahh...
(At the Bar in W town)
Narrator: After being in the W Town for several months,
Werther had getting used to the life behind the wall in W Town.
Werther found that he was totally into Charlotte,
trying to forget all about her by getting drunk,
and he bumped into his best friend, Wilhelm.
Werther: Bartender?
(Knocking the table)
Zombie-Bartender: Here you are.
(Wilhelm's coming)
Wilhelm: YO, YO! Werty!
Werther: Hey!................ (Drunk)
Wilhelm: Wilhelm!
Werther: Yah! I know you, my dear friend!
Why are you here?
Wilhelm: I came for you bro,
to see if you're still doing well!
Werther: I think I already mentioned that on the letter.
you forget?
Wilhelm: Come on, bro!
It's modern century, nobody use letter anymore, okay?
Werther: Huh~
Wilhelm: Hey! (Knocking the table)
(Wilhelm ordered a can of beer)
So...... what's with you? You don't look good!
Werther: I don't want to talk about that...
Zombie-Bartender: Sweet babe, Here's your booze!!!!
Wilhelm: So, what's with you?
Is about love?
Werther: How do you know?
Wilhelm: I've see “THINGS”, bro.
So, tell me about her.
Werther: Her name is Charlotte.
And she is a....... Zombie Killer!
Wilhelm: Oh, that's hot.
Werther: But she's already engaged with someone else.
Wilhelm: Woooo, that's.... harsh..
Werther: And that guy is very OLD!!
What does he think he is?
President of the United States???!
Wilhelm: Werty, Werty, Werty, LOOK! LOOK!
I think... you need to get “HARD”!
Werther: Hard?
I think I am very HARD~ Do you want to see?~~~~
Wilhelm: Nono, not the “hard” that you're thinking of!
I mean: you should be bolder and stronger!
Werther: So, what should I do ?
(Rap! 3,,,2,,1!)
\"I heard there is a school \"
\"that teaches people martial art\"
\"and the way to fight with zombies.\"
\"I mean, you going to there for training yourself,\"
\"making yourself harder,\"
(Wilhelm shocked)
\"and coming back here\"
(forget the lines n freeze on the stage)
\"and coming.. 靠北\"
\"and YOU can GET your girl!\"
Zombie-Bartender: Ra!! Slaughter House!!
Werther: Sounds great!
Wilhelm: Come on BRO!
You need to get hard! Tell me WHO is the MAN!
Werther: I'm the man~
Wilhelm: I can't hear you~
Werther: I'm the man~~
Wilhelm: What are you~?
Werther: I'm the man!
Wilhelm: WHAT ARE YOU!!!
Werther: (Knocking the table) I'M THE MAN! I'M THE MAN!!! (Running away)
Zombie-Bartender: Hey! Sir! YOU HAVEN'T PAY!!!!
(Zombie-Bartender is now mad as a wet hen)
(Wanna use the bottle to kill Wilhelm..) (And Wilhelm find that his wallet has no money..)
Wilhelm: Auh... Do you take cheque?
Zombie-Bartender: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
(Werther left W town and sign up for the Slaughter-House academy, )
(the world famous killer school who train students to kill zombies.)
(It's really far far away the W town..)
(nearly there...)
(At the Slaughter House Academy)
Corporal C: Attention!
Sergeant H: Attention, class! I am Gunnery Sergeant H,
your head commander.
From now on,
And Corporal C will always keep his eyes on you.
Do you maggots understand?
All Students: Yes, Sir..
Sergeant H: Bollock! I can't hear you!
All Students: Yes! Sir!!!
Werther: Goddamn!
Sergeant H: Who said that?
Well, If any of you think that you can talk in my back,
Werther: Sir, I said it, sir.
Well, no way. What do we got here?
A class clown, I suppose?
What did you say to me, BOI?
Werther: Sir.... I said your fly is open..!
Sergeant H: SHUT UP!
Well, what's your name, soldier?
Werther: Sir, soldier Werther, sir.
Sergeant H: I keep my eyes on you, soldier Werther.
Werther: Yes, sir.
Sergeant H: And now, class, hear my words.
The training start in five minutes,
if any of you DING-DONGS want to rest,
All Students: Yes, sir!
Sergeant H: At ease!
(All the students are now do the warm-ups)
PL: Hey, clown boy!
Werther: What??
Ashley: We're just curious that WHY YOU ARE HERE.
Werther: Auh.. None of your business!
Ashley: I mean... Why people \"LIKE YOU” can be here??!
PL: You see, this school is set for nobilities, not for the losers.
Werther: Ohhh, ME?
Then what makes you guy worth it?
Ashley: My father is the mayor of Big city,
and I have bloodline with King Arthur~~
PL: And my father is the loyal highness of the Great Britain,
and I'm his first born daughter,
which means I will be the QUEEN soon~
Werther: Hauhh, really?
Wowww!! (Claps) Auh how how
If that so,
then my father is “John Cena”,
who's gonna kick both of your asses,
and punch your daddies to space!
(Happened to fight)
Corporal C: Heyheyheyheyhey! What are you rookies doing here?
PL: Nothing, sir.
Corporal C: Then both of you get back to the team,
you only got TWO minutes left!
PL&Ashley: Yes, sir.
Corporal C: Hey! I only ask you one question.
What brings you here, soldier?
Werther: Like everyone else, I wanna kill the monsters.
(the class bell's ringing)
Corporal C: And then that might not be easy,
there are hundreds of people around here that have the same purpose.
If you want to be special, you need to impress us,
but most importantly, impress yourself.
Werther: I'll do my best, sir.
Corporal C: Than go get them, tiger.
Werther: Yes sir!
Sergeant H: Time's up, you maggots!
Get yourselves ready to FIGHT!
All students: Yes, sir.
(All of them are practicing to FIGHT with the ZOMBIES)
Narrator: Cough!
Narrator: After two months of training,
Werther has been well trained,
and finally, the academy receives him and his classmates to their very first mission.
Werther and three students arrives the destination, and they are waiting for the zombies' comings.
James: Be careful, there could be zombies anywhere.
Werther: Hey, guys!!!
Auh~ I just wanna say, I'm very glad to meet you guys in these three months.
DC: Yeah, me too.
Stella: Anytime, bro.
James: Guys, here they are!
(ZOMBIES are coming)
Stella: Alright, zombies. Say hello to my little friends!
Stella: Wow, that is easier than I thouaaAAAhhhh!!
DC: Stella! NOOOO!!!!
James: There are too many of them. Fall back!
DC: I don't care! They killed my friend!
(Zombies: Raaaa!) (DC: Ahhh!)
James: Werther! RUNNNNNNN!
Werther: No, I won't leave you guys!
James: No! go back to school n'tell my mom I love her
and the porn under my bed is not mine...ouch!
(Zombies: Arrrr!! Raaaaaaa!)
(Werther pick up the KALISHNAKOV AK47)
Werther: Okay, you know what?
Screw this, I don't even like fighting.
(Werther go away the ruin)
Narrator: And so Werther, the chicken, left the war he was suppose to fight,
and then he quit the school, he went back to the W town.
To seek his very first crush, Charlotte.
(At the W town)
Werther: Okay. I finally get back to the town.
(There is a resident in W town coming)
Narrator: Werther inquires something of Charlotte from several citizens, but he accidentally finds out that Charlotte is married to Albert.
Werther: Wait! WHAT?!!!!!!! (SHOCKING)
Are you serious?
I don't believe it.
I am going to ask her by myself.
(Werther runs to Charlotte's house)
(Doorbell is ringing)
(Birds are tweeting)
Charlotte: Who is it?
(Birds are fucking tweeting)
Werther? It that you?!! Come on in!
do you...
do you really marry to.. Albert?
Charlotte: ...Yes,
But... Werther, I am so glad to see you again!
Werther: But you don't even like him!!
Charlotte: Listen!
I have to do this,
This is what I have promised my mom before she dead.
So... I think we should not meet anymore.
Werther: FINE!
I wanna last hug...
Charlotte: What!?
No...no..!!! What are you doing!?
Are you crazy!?
Werther: Okay!
Narrator: After knowing that Charlotte refuses his any visiting,
Werther is sad.. and depressed....
He breaks down and decides to suicide.
Werther: I'm gonna kill myself now.
(The zombies saw that there is a human beings in front of the wall, trying to break through the wall to bite him.)
(Werther didn't die, it was a blank!)
You stopped me from pursuing my love, and now.. even suiciding?
(Werther tries to use the rope to hang himself)
(And.. then the rope snapped.)
Werther: Okay! FINE!
If you want me to do this,
I'll just jump into those zombies.
Narrator: Werther go to the wall of W town, where there are zombies outside. Looks like he's not joking at all.
(Werther is going to fall himself into these zombies)
Wilhelm: No! stop!
Werther: Why?!!
Now you(disturbs me)? Why is everything so goddamn screwed up?
Wilhelm: Werty! Bro! You are so young!
there are plenty of girls in this world.
Don't give up a forest for one tree!
Werther: Maybe you are right!
Let's go home!
(Zombies: Rahh!!!) Werther: Ahhhhhhhhh!
(Zombies: a! Rahh!!!)
(Zombies: Ra!! a! Rahh!!!) Wilhelm: Broooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Narrator: And so Werther DIE...?
(Wilhelm go into meet the zombies, trying to save Werther's life)
(Sadly, Wilhelm was died from the zombies biting, and Werther......................................)
Narrator: Werther....didn't die..for real...?!!??
Charlotte: Hey-Yah!
Charlotte: Ohh! Look!
What a sexy zombie head!
(Ohh, there are some noises)
Charlotte: Who's there?
Zombie-Werther: Lotty...
Charlotte: Wait! wait! wait!
It's me! Charlotte!
Zombie-Werther: Lotty......
Charlotte: Yes! You remember me, right?
Zombie-Werther: Auhh.. ahahh... ah....
Charlotte: ... I'm so sorry..that..... that I make you like this....
Zombie-Werther: ahahh...
Charlotte: What?
Zombie-Werther: RAAAA!!
(Zombie-Werther: ahahh.......) Narrator: Finally, Werther turned into THE ZOMBIE,
all result from his depression to this world.
If you find you are in a depression,
please call 0800-788-995. (Suicide prevention line 請幫幫-救救我)
(Werther makes a phone call...)
(And ringing....................)
(Still ringing....................................)
Werther: I'm depressed.....
Telephonist: If you find you are in a depression, plz....
(Du du du du........)
: plz....DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!
-----COME ON!! LET'S DANCE!!!!!-----
(everyone go panic and running away)
Hey! Wait!!!!! wait!! wait!
Zombies: Rahhhh!!!!!! a! ra!!! Sergeant H: Ahhhhh!!!!
Zombies: Ahh!! Rahhhh!!!!!! a! ra!!!
Sergeant H: Hey! WHAT THE HELL?!!!
Zombies: Ra! ra!!! Sergeant H: What the hell!!
(Charlotte accidentally pulls off Zombie-Werther's hand; Werther died eventually.)
Charlotte: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-----THE END-----
(Werther is resurrected)
(He stands up)
(Keep packing up his stuff...)
(Kicks the zombies head)
(Running back home to see her dear dad)
-----Behind the Scenes-----
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Learning English from the funny English Drama "The Young Bloody Werther" - Adapted from "The Sorrow of The Young Werther"

433 Folder Collection
李承霖 published on May 18, 2019
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