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The Lord is knocking at the door.
But how will He knock?
How is the Lord going to knock on the door?
Please come in.
We've come today to share with you the words that the Holy Spirit has for the churches.
Words spoken by the Holy Spirit?
Please go ahead!
Pastor Jia,
shouldn't we also be trying to listen for the voice of the Lord?
If Eastern Lightning really is the work of the Lord and we refuse to listen,
won't we miss the Lord's return?
As we wait for the coming of the Lord,
we must hold close to the Bible.
There's no need to listen for God's voice.
Sister Yang,
if the Eastern Lightning people come knocking again,
whatever you do, don't open the door for them!
The pastors and elders don't want us to see you.
You had better leave.
Getting into the kingdom of heaven in our belief in the Lord
is determined by whether or not we can accept the Lord's work in the last days.
I feel like the Eastern Lightning's preaching has some truth in it.
We should look into it further.
We can't keep letting the pastor control us.
For something so important, why do you blindly obey the pastor and elders?
I think it's important to hear more of what God has to say.
To hear the voice of God, we must listen with our heart and spirit.
Like two minds thinking alike.
The words of God are truth, they have power and authority;
those with heart and spirit can definitely feel it.
The work of God is so authentic, so practical.
Those who can hear the voice of God have met the Lord's second coming
and then raptured before God's throne, attending the feast of the Lamb.
These people are the wise virgins and the most fortunate of mankind.
Only now am I able to see
that God continues sending people
to knock on the doors of those who thirst for His return,
to bear witness for the words of Almighty God,
and finally open the door of my heart,
allowing me to hear the Lord's voice and welcome His return.
I'm so thankful for His salvation!
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The Mystery of the Return of the Lord Jesus | Gospel Movie Trailer "Knocking at the Door"

91 Folder Collection
Sean Lambert published on May 15, 2019
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