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  • My name is Rochelle, Rochelle Liu and I'm a senior at the University of Iowa. I graduate in May 2011.

  • I'm majoring in English and minoring in Chinese. I studied in Beijing, China

  • during summer and fall 2009.

  • And I guess I went abroad because I was a Chinese major at the time,

  • and so I was trying to

  • get ahead

  • on my Chinese classes. In a way to get rid of a year and a half of Chinese

  • within the six months, which I did. And guess another reason I wanted to go to China

  • to kind of get a feel of my Chinese roots.

  • I was born in America so it was

  • something I really, really wanted to try-try to understand in a way

  • my best experience wasn't necessarily

  • my program while I was studying abroad

  • um, it was that month between the summer semester and the fall semester.

  • I got to meet my extended family, and they live in a very, very like rural areas of

  • China.

  • I got to see how people in the countryside lived, how they conserved water,

  • how they kind of just passed their time.

  • I also got to zipline off of the Great Wall. I didn't know we could do that, and so when we were

  • presented the opportunity

  • that was the first thing

  • that my friend and I did

  • when we visited a section of the Great Wall.

  • My advice to students studying abroad is to be open-minded,

  • because if you go in thinking that it's going to be exactly like America or like

  • it's going to be exactly like it is on the TV shows

  • or in fiction books, it's not

  • you're going to be disappointed or it's going to be very hard to adjust.

  • Being open-minded and being

  • open to the idea that people are different and it's okay for them to be

  • different

  • makes the study abraod experience so much more fun and rewarding in the end.

My name is Rochelle, Rochelle Liu and I'm a senior at the University of Iowa. I graduate in May 2011.

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Study Abroad in Beijing, China

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