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Aw, my little backyard garden!
Oh, it seems like only yesterday that I planted you.
Well, time for your pruning.
Holy cow! How long has it been?
Two-and-a-half years?
Well, don't worry, garden. I'll get you straightened out.
Shouldn't be too tough.
Just gotta make it across the yard to the shed where I keep my heavy-duty gardening tools.
I'll have you all cleaned up in a jiffy.
Shed...where's that shed?
It's as if this endless tangle of vegetation keeps shifting, changing, playing tricks on my mind.
The bugs here have grown huge.
And even the plants have developed a taste for flesh.
At night, it feels as if something else is there.
Some kind of creature, watching me.
Or maybe it's just my imagination.
By day, I forage for food.
Most of the plant life here is poisonous.
Forcing me to survive on a diet of grubs and worms.
Of course, those are poisonous, too.
Last night, it was back, the creature.
It seems to be growing bolder.
I fear that if I don't find that shed soon, this place will be the end of me.
The creature!
No wonder I haven't seen you around the house.
You've been out here in the yard for several months apparently.
You weren't stalking me. You were protecting me!
The shed? Where?
Come on, boy. Let's mow.
Aw, my little backyard garden!
All pruned and precious and back to normal.
Now, let's go hire a gardener because we're never coming out here again!
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My Little Garden | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

5538 Folder Collection
jasmine published on June 18, 2019    jasmine translated    Evangeline reviewed
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