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well it's definitely an honor to be on
the show and being like the long longest

standing artist on the lineup it's just
it doesn't feel like it the show feels

like a really next-level thing and
pretty stoked about it we think the

whole set up is really a sake we've just
seen either and we are really excited to

be here at YouTube space first time I
got in there I was like damn this is

like a living room I want to be there
with other Creators and I felt like home

this will be the first kind of life just
me at the front performing it rather

than behind the depths performing it is
a lot more daunting I mean I live stuff

is always scary but this kind of life is
much more scary because it's not just

your singing it live in front of an
audience it's then gonna be on the

internet forever this is the first time
where I would be seeing to attract so

it's just kind of a new experience for
me our households been great I was

pretty nervous in the beginning because
it's the first time for me like

performing in front of a crowd I'm gonna
be performing all stops now in two parts

one parts is the acoustic part with MIDI
piano keyboard I'm just gonna play the

melody and the chords and the second
part is on the launch pad slice up the

whole track into 500 pieces so every
time I press the button it's just a tiny

piece so I have to time it perfectly we
are going to perform all waiting and

perfect in the first time together so we
actually made an extra introversion and

metric transition for that so are we
gonna have the last pipe Vienna on earth

the large hat I don't think we expect it
to be our first well live screen I think

we're gonna keep our minds clear at
least we try to and just concentrate on

what we are yeah what we love doing the
NCS never have I felt this the response
have been incredible the feedback is

just great it's it's really nice to be
honor on a new label and we just felt

like it was a good fit this track for us
is I don't think it's like anything that

we've previously released so it's always
good to put out something that's quite

different but I think
covin generally we've always been very

lucky to crossover genres and just
change what we're putting out and the

responses are always really really nice
so for us it's good to know that we can

carry on that way when I song right I
just write about things that are going

on in my life currently for the subt Act
song want you I met my boyfriend like

two days prior to that wrote a song
about it this lost guy dreams is I wrote

about my dad he recently passed away
from cancer the track just felt like it

should be about that it was a really
emotional track a really big track and

had to give my dads in the spotlight
perfect ten I honestly wrote that in
about ten minutes because when I'm on a

roll I kind of just keep writing but
yeah the song is really just about

embracing imperfections and because of
your imperfections that makes up who you

are and I wanted to kind of make
self-confidence anthem to not only help

myself but help anybody who wants to
listen to a song has lyrics that really

mean something so I've had a few fans
messaged me on Instagram

basically just saying I love the song it
really helped me through you know I was

having a bad day or it helped me through
some difficult times and it's surreal to

me how just again like me writing lyrics
and actually mentally help someone and

if I can keep doing that for as long as
I can that is ideal

what's next with me an NCS I hope to
continue the great work relationship

that we have it's been four years now
and it's been an honor to be part of the

family maybe in two or three years an
album I would absolutely love to work

with some of the people who have been
part of the family

Chris Linton and Yvette they're both
super talented Harley bird is another

one William Black was great to work with
and I really hope to work with him again

and Armand Hammer is a huge one for me
too so hopefully all these projects will

be coming out within the next year or so
and I'm just so excited for 2019 thank

you and yes of course we try to create
some birch with with NCS we can

collaborate with them we have such a
good relationship with them we really

like the the work they do others so
we're just gonna keep reliving it's just

very inspiring to see new artists coming
up and also all daughters still bringing

new sounds and be a big part of the

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NCS Reloaded _Behind The Scenes

148 Folder Collection
James published on May 11, 2019
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