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Yes, a child does have a say to a certain extent.
It's one of the factors that the court's considering in the best interest of the child
That being said, the courts are very hesitant to have a child come in and testify that I
want to be with dad, I want to be with mom.
They really want to keep the kids out of this is as best they can.
So in Colorado we have third-party evaluators, that the court can appoint, to come in and
talk to the kids and give the kids a voice.
So in Colorado we have a child and family investigator or we have a parental responsibilities
evaluator, those are two neutral third parties that will come in and talk to the parents,
talk to any collateral parties, and we'll talk to the kids about, you know, how the
situation is going for them, how they'd like it to go in the future, so that's the
way that the kid's input typically comes in.
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Do Children Have a Say Regarding Parenting Time in a Denver Divorce?

124 Folder Collection
Caurora published on May 4, 2019
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