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  • So my brother worked at a gym for kids, and he was their teacher and stuff.

  • And one day, a kid found a kitten outside and gave it to my brother.

  • My brother took it home and just showed up with a kitten at the house.

  • He said, "Her name is Azula."

  • You know, like that character from Avatar who goes crazy and tries to kill everyone.

  • Yeah, so we called her Azula, and my mom was like.

  • "Now, now, we can't keep a cat, we just... Aaah."

  • So we start feeding her and playing with her, and soon Azula was part of the family.

  • Except one day, when I was playing with her... I saw something.

  • "Hey, these two round things look like testicle..."

  • So, Azula was actually a dude!

  • "Aw, we have to change his name."

  • And personally, I didn't like Azula, it just wasn't sticking.

  • So we thought we would call him "Mr. Darcy".

  • You know, that character from Jane Austen's book where he ends up marrying that girl?

  • I never watched the movie.

  • But that name wasn't really sticking either.

  • And while all this was happening, we had a French foreign exchange student living with us.

  • (Who, by the way, is the person I'm visiting in France right now.)

  • And she didn't know the word for "kitten". She just called him "baby cat".

  • And that's the name we decided to call him. "Baby Cat".

So my brother worked at a gym for kids, and he was their teacher and stuff.

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How we Named Our Cat: Day 13

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    Adam Chang posted on 2019/05/23
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