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I think I'm going to get that one again
And get that one again
We got that one
And we got this one
This isn't very green (matcha)
(brown sugar boba pearl milk + cream mousse)
It tastes A LOT better this time for me!
(brown sugar boba pearl milk + cream mousse)
It's better than last time, innit?
You not agreeing?
It's not sweet. I prefer it when it's hot!
(dim sum time)
woop woop woop woop woooop (too excited for food lol)
Food shopping at London's biggest Chinese supermarket
I think I'm going to buy this
Changed my mind!
This train terminates at Stratford
mum, dad, brother, sister
It's so sunny today!
You guys look so cute from this camera shot
With the lovely cherry blossoms in the background
That's a really nice view here!
Doesn't feel like London...
vegan patisserie...
(playing games together)
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daily life vlog - london's biggest chinese supermarket & other london things

131 Folder Collection
TT published on May 2, 2019
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