B1 Intermediate UK 103 Folder Collection
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It's Easter break
Easter holidays
So I'm going to go home today!
I got given a creme egg
for free
by the train station
I'm lost!!
I foundddddd ittttttt
(Kanada-Ya, ramen restaurant)
(Macaron ice-cream @ Yolkin)
It's so cute!
People miss you apparently!
Do they?
Why are you more popular than me on my channel?!
I don't know...
I think it's because I'm likeable
Am I not?
Are you saying I'm not likeable?
I'm laughable!
Oh you're laughable. (Totally misheard lol)
@ flat iron
roasted aubergines
and some chips as well
omg it's so hot in here
oh ma gawd- it's so hot!!!
(music) #nowplaying fang wu - endlessness
Let the games...
I was going to say that
Let the games...
3, 2, 1
Go! Let the games begin!
(Having a drawing competition)
Tell them how many you did. How many did you do?
How many?
I drew...
A pizza- you can't really see it
It's really bright
It's a bit bright
(fake Cockney accent imitation) Bit bright innit?
(fake northern england accent) bit bright!
(fake cockney like accent idk lol) bit bright innit!
I drew a pizza...
Some chips...
An apple...
A banana...
An icecream...
A hotdog...
Oh! You knew-
And it's supposed to be a bowl of rice lol
I couldn't see that
Ok, my one is only two!
One is very big
So this first one is...
A hamburger
And this one is...
A watermelon
(imitating her) A watermelon
I only did two
I ...AM...
I like to be on the telly!
Turn up the beat!
Turn up the volume!
Turn up the music!
Come on!
It's the end of...
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daily UK life - ddu du ddu du

103 Folder Collection
TT published on April 27, 2019
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